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Magic Mirror Photo Frame Price and Full Review

Magic mirror photo frame price

Magic mirror photo frame price and in-depth review is available in this post. If you like antique items, then this product is best choice for you. This is the best item which you can show to your guests, friends and relatives.

Price for normal magic mirror photo frame is Rs. 350/- and for other variety like heart shape is Rs. 450/-, more options are available like LED light frame worth Rs. 550/-.

Whether you want to decorate your own pic in it or you want to gift to someone, magic mirror is one of the best gift items. You may definitely aware about photo frame, yes wooden frame or plastic frame. Those types of frames are just simple.

But we are talking about magic mirror photo frame. We will talk about different varieties with reasonable price in this post.

Magic Mirror Photo Frame Price Comparison

Magic mirror photo frame price´╗┐ comparison

You may have bought normal wood or plastic frames for your photos. Medium sized frame price is similar to standard magic mirror. But large size frames are costly than magic mirror frame.

Different types of magic mirror has different price like heart, LED light and clock. You can get it at cheap price if you buy it in bulk.

Magic Mirror Photo Frame With Clock

Magic Mirror Photo Frame in Clock style

Clock magic mirror frame is best for classic items. With the beauty of your photo in mirror, a beautiful clock is like an addon or extension.

As you can see in above image, it look like classic antique piece.

This piece contains 1 round shaped photo, it is about 6 inch of diameter in size.

One of the main benefit of this magic mirror is that you can replace your photo anytime by yourself.

You just make print your 6 by 6 inch diameter size photo, then you can put into the magic clock frame.

If you don’t know how to get print your photos for different magic mirror frames, just scroll to How to get your photo prints.

Magic Mirror Photo Frame Heart Shape

Magic Mirror Photo in Heart Shape

Heart is the symbol of love, and when you put your lovable pictures in heart, it becomes more awesome and charming.

Magic mirror photo frame in heart shape can be your lovely symbol. Your glowing photo with glowing lights around make it more awesome.

In this type of frame, you can use couple pics, your boyfriend/girlfriend pics, it could be your son or daughter to which you want to show your love.

You will find an electric wire cable in it. After plug in to the electric board and make switch on, you will find your glowing photo inside the mirror.

When you switch off, it will turn to simple mirror which you can use to see yourself.

You can choose various designs, colors and styles for heart shaped magic mirror in affordable rates.

Magic Mirror Photo Frame With Led Light

Photo Frame With Led Light

It is an another version of magic mirror frame. This version can be in different shape like heart circle or square.

This frame includes beautiful LED lights surrounded it. This will make your frame more glowing.

LED lights also has many varieties and colors. These lights are in different styles and designs and its price is not so much high.

This LED frame doesn’t take much electricity load, means this will not hurt your pocket.

How to get your photo prints for all types of frames?

After purchasing any type of magic mirror, you will have to print your photos. Definitely photo is the main part of this theme.

Now, if you are confused about printing your photos, then let me tell you about this.

You can take your photos by your cell phone, as it doesn’t need high quality images from digital camera.

After taking your pics, just measure out your mirror frame in inch. It is usually around 6×6 inch or 6.75×6.75 inch.

Your photo will be printing in 8×10 photo sheet, snd remember your photo should be in round shape for round frame and heart shape for heart frame.

For best quality, get your prints from photo lab, don’t use prints from mini photo printers.

See how to set your photo in frame.

Unboxing Video

If you are unaware how to setup or want to know more, see unboxing video and find out more about this product.

In this video, you will see 2 types of frame. Rectangle shape and circle shape.

Find out how you can put your photos in both frames and all about it.

This video is taken from a Youtube channel “Technical King ANKUR”. Let’s watch the video.

Magic Mirror Photo Frame Wholesale

If you are a retailer of gifting products, and you want to buy magic mirror in wholesale for your shop then you can purchase it in bulk in less price from many dealers online.

This product is available only for Indian buyers. We don’t send this item outside from India.

If you want to purchase single piece of this item, then you can navigate to the product linked to other pages of Amazon India sellers, listed above.

For inquiry about buying this product in bulk, you can navigate to our contact page for more information.

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