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Magic Speed X52 Drone Price in India 2023

Magic speed x52 drone price in India

Magic Speed X52 Drone details are available here in 2023. Now a days, there is a trend of capturing video with drone in wedding events and it is popular in India.

Magic Speed X52 Drone price is Rs. 3,999/- in India in 2023 but its result is less effective in compare to branded high quality drones.

In this post I will give you some information about Magic Speed X52 with additional details, read further.

Magic Speed X52 HD Drone Review

Today we are going to be doing a review of this magic speed X52 HD drone, all professional machine currently provided to us by gear based.

Firstly we are going to be doing a quick unboxing of this magic speed drone and light one all do a complete flight test as well but let’s just look through the packaging it says it is a barometer control which means it does have altitude control trajectory flight.

I am assuming this just for normal flying it does advertise a camera yeah one key return real time transmission to your mobile phone and one key take off and landing the top of the box is nothing if it’s bottom of the box.

We have a couple of safety statements etc on the side. You just have the transmitter and they can control it with your phone on the back. You got many features in low price drone and it is very affordable in India.

It is just another copy of white magic speed x52 drone and the different colors that it is the latest version and that this one should be white if that marking is correct but it is very faint.

Let’s go ahead and just open it up quick see what’s inside manual which seems pretty extensive a number of pages to the manual transmitter decent sized transmitter feels a little plastic key but that’s normal fleeced white great puck copters.

Little cotton use unit, four USB screw driver and additional props this is going to be your bubble phone holder and a vibration dampener.

The camera unit with its little antenna for Wi-Fi transmission attached there.

So obviously you have the ability to attach this or not. Magic speed X52 drone has a capability to tilt using that seems to be a normal panel top camera and it has awesome price.

So nothing fancy that’s actually a fairly standard talk battery single cell three point seven volt really good squeeze it in here.

The landing leg landing gear and some pop guards with screws and the topix actually says full lying twice and you can see that little bit more close up on the bottom of magic speed drone we have a on-off switch.

I am going to assume that is where the camera is going to be plugging in landing gear will attach.

It is very light and it does feel a little plasticky but it is very rigid props or stuff that’s a little bendable.

So hopefully they do not break easily should you have a disaster and a bit of a crash.

The door for the battery tops in fairly tight and that is where you would attach the first you would attach the vibration dampener and then the camera to that.

This article was about Magic Speed X52 Drone details and its price in India.

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