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Meade LX600 Telescope Price in India With Details 2023

Meade lX600 telescope price in India

Meade LX600 Telescope details are availableĀ here in 2023. Meade is an advanced company that makes telescopes and its models are very popular in India.

Meade LX600 Telescope price is Rs. 5,27,770/- in India for 12″ (without Tripod) model. There are more models with different size. See full rate chart below.

LX600 TELESCOPE – 10″ F/8 (NO TRIPOD)Rs. 4,52,370/-
LX600 TELESCOPE – 16″ F/8Rs. 14,32,504/-
LX600 TELESCOPE – 14″ F/8Rs. 7,08,712/-
LX600 TELESCOPE – 10″ F/8Rs. 4,74,990/-
LX600 TELESCOPE – 16″ F/8 (NO TRIPOD)Rs. 13,94,810/-
LX600 TELESCOPE – 14″ F/8 (NO TRIPOD)Rs. 6,78,555/-

Meade LX600 Telescope Features

There it is the Meade LX600 Telescope rather large wolf and I walk down a minute DVD instruction manual a whole bunch of parts.

The eyepiece get a good shot where all this stuff goes that way if there’s something wrong I will know where to put everything in that corner hole right there.

That’s the finder scope and here’s the cable. This package well bubble wrapped in plastic and takes here to the side is another set of Allen wrenches in a small bag and up at the top is the auto star controller.

We have an eyepiece holder and the inch and a quarter diagonal. This is amazing that I have great telescope with amazing price.

The mean standard probably a serious four thousand or whatever okay something pretty interesting and I like it they put this very piece of cardboard or pressed board very hard quarter inch thick that was over top of the front of the scope right here.

Apparently if anything hit the box hard its not going to come through into the OTA so thats a good feature I like that.

So I got to get the book out now figure out what I got to do to get this on the tripod and well go through all the other pieces but on take a break under this piece to the side.

This is for the X wedge and it fastens on with two and had a priority one human ship. You know it is a popular model that is being used in India.

We had to tap these with a tap so then once I did that it went on really smooth just some crud was in there and they must have painted after they tapped the holes and things.

You can see from some of these other threads theres some goop down in them. I am not even sure these are even used but I think they probably are with the wedge.

I don’t know for sure I haven’t got that for yet so anyway next step number assembling the wedge onto the tripod again threads or gooped up absolutely we call it.

So I am tapping these holes and yes I am going through the wedge opening but there’s plenty of room that you don’t even touch the wedge.

The wage is still loose by the way so we can get to these holes so far we have got the wedge on the tripod and the base on the wedge.

We have had a few issues though I must say most of them have to do with shoddy workmanship.

This post was about Meade LX600 Telescope details and its price in India.

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