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MM Fun City Raipur Ticket Price List 2023

MM Fun City Raipur ticket price list in 2023

MM Fun City Raipur ticket price list details for 2023 are available here. MM Fun City is the largest water park in Chhattisgarh.

MM Fun City Raipur ticket price list in 2023 starts from Rs. 400/- per person for families and there are more entry fees charges for a single person.

Today in further post I will provide you full rate list and opening time of MM Fun City. You can check their official site for online ticket booking and room Charges. You will also get more valuable information about the water parks.

MM Fun City Raipur Ticket Price List 2023 Chart

Here is the price list chart of MM Fun City.

Ticket TypeWeekdays PriceWeekends Price
Per Person With FamilyRs. 400/-Rs. 450/-
Single PersonRs. 500/-Rs. 550/-
Child Below 2.75 FeetFreeFree

MM Fun City Opening Time

Weekdays TimeWeekends TimeRestaurant Time
10:30 AM to 7 PM10:30 AM to 8 PM10:30 AM to 10:30 PM

Top 10 Theme Parks in Asia

Leading economies in Asia are experiencing rapid growth, with increasing disposable income.

It’s no surprise that the amusement park industry is thriving in the region.

In this article, we take a look at the 10 most popular theme parks in Asia based on the Themed Amusement Association annual report.

While giants like Universal and Disney have yet to dominate the Asian top 10 in the same way they dominate the North American list, their strategic expansions, such as Shanghai Disneyland, ongoing expansion of Tokyo Disneyland, and the debut of Universal Studios Singapore, indicate their focus on the Asian market.

Metropolis Hakkeijima Ocean Paradise, Japan

Located in Yokohama, Japan, Metropolis Hakkeijima Ocean Paradise is known for its unique setting jutting out into the ocean.

It offers free entry to the park, with attractions charged on a per-ride basis.

The park features one of Japan’s largest aquariums, as well as outlets, restaurants, a dockage, and a hotel. Its best rides make use of the park’s distinctive ocean location.

Like SeaWorld parks in the United States, Ocean Paradise combines marine exhibits with traditional amusement park attractions and hosts a variety of live shows.

OCT East, Shenzhen, China

OCT East in Shenzhen, China, is one of the country’s oldest amusement park resorts, opening its doors in 1985.

It consists of two subparts: Knight Valley and Tea Stream Valley. Knight Valley features actual rides, including a replica of Edo Disney Sea’s Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Tea Stream Valley, on the other hand, is primarily a mobatorium.

Night Valley offers a scenic fencer ride that carries guests up a hill, where the park’s major rides are located, including a log flume and a wooden roller coaster named Mountain Flyer.

Monkfish World, South Korea

Monkfish World, located in Seoul, South Korea, is a massively popular resort known for its borrowing from Disney’s parks.

It includes the world’s largest indoor amusement park and large outdoor parks centered around a Disney-style castle.

The park features impressive rides like Verona’s Fury, an enhanced motion vehicle ride similar to Disney’s Indiana Jones Adventure.

Monkfish World has its own mascots, Lodi and Lori, a pair of human raccoons, adding to its unique appeal.

Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

Nagashima Spa Land, situated in Kawana, Japan, is known for its variety of extreme thrill rides and budding water park.

Its location near the ocean provides a stunning backdrop for its lineup of coasters and attractions.

One of the park’s highlights is the Aurora Wheel, a massive rotating Ferris wheel standing at a height of 295 feet, offering breathtaking views.

With its thrilling offerings, Nagashima Spa Land is a popular destination among thrill-seekers in Japan.

Urban Center Disneyland, Hong Kong

Urban Center Disneyland, located on the reclaimed island of Lantau, is inspired by the original Disneyland in California. Guests enter the park via Main Street, USA, leading to iconic attractions like Sleeping Beauty Castle, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Adventureland.

While some of the rides in Toy Story Land are themed flat rides, the park’s unique offering is Grizzly Gulch, featuring the impressive Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars roller coaster.

Although Hong Kong Disneyland has faced challenges in meeting attendance targets, expansions like Toy Story Land and Mystic Point demonstrate the park’s commitment to growth.

Everland, South Korea

Everland, South Korea’s largest amusement park, is operated by a subsidiary of Samsung Cluster.

It is additionally home to the facility and a water park. It attracts the embrace of many roller coasters, which are spread across many themed lands, including the European Journey, Magic Land, and Yankee Journey.

Among Everland’s biggest attractions, square measures Mystery Mansion, a haunted mansion; Cell Shoot ‘Em Up, a ride; a log fume, and the Zootopia animal exhibit.

Predictably, given its owners, the park can jointly host many robot-themed rides.

Ocean Park, Urban center

Ocean Park, located in urban center, remains the foremost widespread amusement park in urban center, despite growing competition from the increase in urban center Disneyland.

The park has continually invested heavily in new rides and attractions in recent years, including a sprawling rainforest steam space.

This holds a rapid ride through a jungle setting and is sitting at the side of associated degree building in animal exhibits.

As its name suggests, Ocean Park is a sea world-style hybrid of a subject park and a marine life center.

In 2011, the park opened the Real Mountain, featuring Bollinger and Malabar-built roller coasters, and another new land, Polar Journey, debuted in 2012.

Universal Studios, Japan

Universal Studios Japan opened its gates in March 2001 and proved to be an immediate success, pulling 11 million guests throughout its first year in operations.

While visit numbers have fallen from those initial highs, the park has continued to expand with additions like The Superb Adventures of Spider-Man in 2004 and Hollywood Dream – The Ride in 2007.

Similar to the Universal Studio parks in Hollywood and Sunshine State, Universal Studio Japan imports several widespread ride ideas from the company’s North American parks, including the illustrious Jurassic Park ride, a water ride, and Shrek 4D journey.

It’s currently the sole park within the world still to host a classic Jaws ride and swollen it up with distinctive attractions, with the addition of Spinning Coaster Area Fantasy – The Ride in 2010.

Edo DisneySea, Japan

Edo DisneySea, located in Japan, debuted in 2001, while fans in North American nation were wailing the underwhelming debut of Disney California Journey.

Guests of the Edo Disney Resort were enjoying the 2001 gap of Edo DisneySea.

It had been everything that California Journey wasn’t – full of costly attractions, extensively themed, and self-praised unimaginable attention to detail.

No surprise, it has been the foremost costly amusement park ever engineered at a price of some four billion. As its name suggests, the Idle Disney Resort’s second amusement park features a transport theme.

Once coming into Veil Mediterranean Harbor, guests can explore six themed ports: American City District, Imaginary Creature Lake, Oberyon Coast, Lost Water Cost Delta, Port Discovery, and Mystery Island.

While neighboring Edo Disneyland borrows most of its ride’s ideas from Disney’s North American nation parks, Edo DisneySea features several original rides of its own, including the Journey of the Middle of the Park dark ride, the Storm Rider machine, and the innovated Aquatopia boat ride.

Look out, in addition, for distinctive versions of the Tower of Terror and the Indiana Jones Journey at the site of the park’s attack, the Fantasmic pyrotechnic show construct.

Edo Disneyland

Edo Disneyland, an associate degree bold move, Disney united to make its first amusement park outside of North American nation at identical time that had been constructing Epcot at Disney World.

Edo Disneyland through option the gates in April 1983 and it’s owned by the Oriental Land Company that licensed the attractions and characters from Disney.

It has tested to be a spectacular success and is presently behind solely the Magic Kingdom and Disney because of their third most well-liked amusement park within the world.

Covering a 115-acre plot, the Neurosol Edo Disneyland is analogous modest to the first Disneyland in California and Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

It features a chain’s normal air transportation system layout through the guests and or Avia World Bazaar, rather than the standard Main Street U.S. From there, they will reach the Adventure Westland, Tokyo Disneyland’s equivalent of Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland, along with the smaller Creature Country and Toontown.

This post was about MM Fun City Raipur details and its ticket price list in 2023.

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