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Mojo Lens Price in India With Details 2023

Mojo lens price in India

Mojo Lens details are available here in 2023. Mojo is an international company which is making advanced super lenses for future.

Mojo Lens price is still not released in India or any other country until its launch. Mojo Vision is aiming to complete its production and launch soon.

In this post I will share some knowledge about Mojo Lens from its official source.

Mojo Vision – The AR Contact Lens

Modern technology promises to keep us more connected but in surrounding ourselves with screens and devices it feels as though we have lost something.

Imagine if we could replace our screens with something that informs without distraction, could we see differently more clearly, could it help us find that invisible edge when we need it most or allow us to connect in crucial moments providing vital information in an instant.

Here introducing Mojo lens the world’s first augmented reality smart contact lens. Its price is not still confirmed yet in India or globally.

Put Mojo lens on in the morning and throughout your day you will have access to timely information without losing focus on the world around you.

Mojo lens is designed not to bombard you with data but to elevate your vision by providing the information you need exactly when it’s needed all while letting you look like yourself when it’s not in use.

The technology just fades awaywe call this concept invisible computing.

Mojo’s invisible computing solution will be a platform that gives you everyday superpowers and an invisible edge throughout your day but before it does any of that it first has to be a great contact lens that improves your natural vision even when it’s off.

Mojo lens built-in display will give you augmented reality wherever you look.

It even works with your eyes closed putting you into an instant VR world. You will get superb contact lens at amazing price in upcoming years from Mojo.

The applications are nearly limitless from being able to see in the dark or low light situations to augmenting your memory with instant information showing you real time translations or giving you a virtual teleprompter.

One of the first medical applications of Mojo Vision is using AR overlays like edge detection and contrast enhancements to help people with vision impairments such as glaucoma and macular degeneration building the world’s first AR contact lens is a systems engineering problem and therefore had to innovate in many different areas.

The lens includes thin film biosafe batteries to power the system as well as motion sensors to enable the world’s most accurate eye tracking.

They have also developed an extremely low power image sensor that’s used for computer vision and scene detection but at the heart of the Mojo lens is the world’s smallest and densest dynamic display.

With this we can display crisp text photos and video in a package that’s less than half a millimeter in diameter.

We are often asked how do you control Mojo the answer is with your eyes it turns out that your eye is an extremely accurate pointing device with our built-in eye tracking in each lens.

We believe we have unlocked the ultimate hands-free user interface.

I like to say if it doesn’t break the laws of physics then it is possible and proving that something like Mojo lens is possible motivates us each and every day to invent the future.

Ultimately we believe that we can help people achieve their potential without sacrificing their humanity, that’s the promise of invisible computing.

This post was about Mojo Lens details and its price in India.

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