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Morbi Tiles Price List PDF 2022 – 2023

Morbi Tiles price list PDF in 2022 and 2023

Morbi Tiles price list PDF details for 2022 and 2023 are available here. Morbi is a Tiles production hub in Gujarat state.

Morbi Tiles price list PDF starts from Rs. 90/- per box for ceramic wall tiles with size 200mmx300mm in 2022 and 2023.

In this post you will get to know different types of tiles with rate list and you will also get information about the tiles and related materials.

Morbi Tiles Price List PDF 2022 and 2023

Here is the price list chart of Morbi Tiles.

Ceramic Wall Tiles Price

SizePrice per box
200x300mmRs. 90/-
300x450mmRs. 130/-
300x600mmRs. 195/-

Ceramic Floor Tiles Price

SizePrice per box
300x300mmRs. 120/-
400x400mmRs. 140/-
600x600mmRs. 255/-

How To Tile Over Tile

I’m going to show you my system for tiling over tile in your shower.

Listen it’s a secret the contractors don’t want you to know you can do it yourself you can do it in one day we’re gonna go from this bathroom to this bathroom.

Truth is most bathrooms in this world are not malfunctioning they’re just ugly or maybe they’re getting old to the point where you’re starting to get a little bit of mold creeping in around the corners but there are ways that you can solve this problem and here they are.

Step number one make sure your walls are solid if you’re good to go then you can tile over tile.

Now this is something contractors don’t want you to know you know if you have a bathroom is starting to get a little old and ugly you bring in a contractor.

The first thing they’re gonna say is tear it all out let’s start over from scratch because that’s the only way they can make any money.

I’m gonna show you my system to do this job yourself in one day for under $200 all right let’s get started.

So one of the reasons why we’re redoing this shower is because of the tile itself there was a time when you could buy an expensive ceramic tile and just glue it to the wall and it would perform really well for a lot of years but now everybody wants to have a waterproofing system.

You need to understand what that does is all the water that goes through the grout and get some behind the tile it’s now it’s collecting and behind the wall and you’ll see the discoloration that’s happening in these tiles is because there’s water sitting in behind the tile trapped by the waterproofing system and it has no exit basically when you add the silicone for the decorative purpose it also seals the water in.

So what we’re going to show you in this post is not just how to tile over tile but how to keep the water from accumulating behind your back wall.

We’re going to show you all those secrets right now so before we go through the seven steps I’m just going to talk real quick about the materials are gonna need get yourself some latex gloves the products were using today if you let them dry on your skin.

It’ll be there all week I always have a roll of electrical tape you never know when you’re gonna cut yourself and this is an amazing band-aid finally grab yourself a disposable kit this is one of these cheap things from Home Depot come to the cheap cage a couple of roller sleeves and throw away brush the products were using here they’re really difficult on your painting here you don’t want to use good painting gear.

This was like having $11 to decent sleeves are gonna college at 12 so just buy something you can throw in the garbage and we done with it.

When you’re done just not worth the hassle all right that makes a lot easier to get on all right now we are gonna go step one is prime the walls there is no other step leading up the step one you just get the brush out and you go any kind of glazed tile you’re gonna need a primer if you want to avoid using a primer you can always get a sixty grit sandpaper put it on an orbital sander and you can take the glaze off of your tile.

You can scratch it up real good so there’s a surface there to bond to with the waterproof membrane which would be step two but let’s just focus on this for now we are using eco prime grip that product.

There now this one pale see only size that comes in is the smallest size it’ll probably prime five or six showers and a couple of back splashes so same product.

I use in the kitchen backsplash video it is awesome stuff it’s also a little bit runny now the goal here is to get this primer on the tile it’s not about getting it on thick and some of getting it uncontrolled so it’s not running all over the place the goal here is to just get it on try not to push too hard.

It’s a little runny it’s gonna make a mess you can see this already you want to have your paper towels around clean as you go if you don’t it’ll be there for a long time.

We’re using the old 90% rule which basically means if 90% of the wall has coverage then that’s a good result once you have all your walls primed.

You can use the little brush that comes in the kit then you can do your inside corners as well go right over all your existing silicon.

So the reason we’re using the parameter and let’s face it the waterproof membrane is pretty sticky stuff.

It’ll probably bond flying to the tile but it’s not gonna hold the weight of the tile that you’re installing and that’s the key.

So you really don’t want to skip this step so like I said you either set yourself up with a sanding machine where you can get rid of the glossy surface so that your cement has something to bond to or you use this product because you want to make sure that after your said and done your tile stays put there.

It’s not a great paint job but the goal here is not to do a painting job it’s to prep the surface.

So it’ll have something to bond to in a wet area you want to vote in ninety percent of vision remember the products were using they’re all gonna be pretty sticky but this is just designed to make sure that we have left bond to hold the weight of the tile.

So we’re good up against the edge I didn’t paint that because we’re actually gonna cut this away it’s part of my next secret and then we just got to give this about 20 minutes or so to dry and then we can waterproof okay so step two and step three are basically the same step one is remove your plumbing fixtures.

Then you can put on your waterproofing layer now today we’re using aqua defense this is a matte by-product and I use it because I’m buying all my cements from the same supplier and they carry the whole map Highline you might be using a red guard there are probably four or five other major manufacturers and have their own supply chains all over North America doesn’t really matter which one you use but if you get a roll-on waterproof membrane you are good to go.

Alright this membrane rolls on very similarly to the primer product if the secret here is in order to be a continuous membrane you really got to make sure you get in all the nooks and crannies don’t leave any white spots on your wall.

You want as thick as you can subjective to the how much of this you actually need on a back wall this high up I think as long as you got the can open and you’re painting.

You might as well waterproof the entire scour but important to note definitely the bottom two feet you definitely want to use your two coats you definitely want it nice and thick and this is a two coat application.

Basically what we’re looking at here is get your first coat on and when it dries you’ll tell the difference right away it actually changes color and that’s how you’ll know that it’s ready that will go much darker.

This post was about Morbi Tiles details and its price List PDF 2022 and 2023.

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