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Mother Dairy Ice Cream Price List 2022 – 2023 Chart

Mother Dairy ice cream price list 2020, 2021 and 2022 with Chart

Mother Dairy Ice Cream price list details for 2022 and 2023 are available in this post. Mother Dairy is a Noida based company specially known for milk products and ice creams in India.

Mother Dairy ice cream price list starts from Rs. 60/- for vanilla scoop in 2022 & 2023 and it has premium flavors like Butter Scotch Sundae that cost Rs. 160/-.

In further post you will get all related details like rate list of different flavors of Mother Dairy ice cream, check the chart below.

Mother Dairy Ice Cream Price List 2022 & 2023 Chart

These are the best flavors from Mother Dairy with rates.

Mother Dairy Ice Cream FlavorsPrice 2022 – 2023
Vanilla ScoopRs. 60/-
Strawberry ScoopRs. 60/-
Chocolate ConeRs. 70/-
Butter Scotch ScoopRs. 90/-
American Nutty DelightRs. 100/-
Kesar PistaRs. 100/-
Fruity-N-NutRs. 100/-
Mix Ice CreamRs. 100/-
Kesar AlmondRs. 100/-
Chocolate ShakeRs. 130/-
Strawberry ShakeRs. 130/-
Black Currant ShakeRs. 140/-
Banana SplitRs. 140/-
Chocolate SundaeRs. 150/-
Choco Chips SundaeRs. 160/-

How to Make Ice Cream Like A Michelin Star Rated Restaurant

Hey everyone I am here with chef Alfonso Marquez Ramirez and we are here in the kitchen and he is going to show me how to make ice cream like Mother Dairy which is something that with the warm weather.

I am something I am craving you are probably craving and we can actually make this at home which is amazing and I don’t know how to do that so full disclaimer I am a complete ice cream novice.

But hopefully chef Alfonso will be able to help me and help anyone make ice cream like Mother Dairy at home yeah so ice cream is not as intimidating as you might think it is I mean you are gonna need an ice cream machine or some sort of ice cream spinner to make high quality flavor like Mother Dairy but the base and getting it all prepared is super easy it s you know it s a few ingredients you got your eggs pastry chef.

Well the thing is i just started doing pastry right so like I have messed up Mother Dairy ice cream a million times i ve worked out the kinks so that now i can tell you guys how to do it and now you know you know cooking s cooking right.

You know we dance it up a little bit and and make it a showcase but the ingredients are basic right you just you can go get these anywhere you know as long as you have an ice cream machine you are good to go you are so okay so ice cream machine is one of the main things yeah you are going to need to make good flavors like Mother Dairy that got it what would i need to get started.

The easiest would be to order an extra machine online cuisinart has them for a couple hundred bucks uh it is a little pricey but you know it s an investment it s compact put it away bring out we want to use it we re gonna need our thermometer you can get a digital one or just any you know the uh you know the little dial on it i like to use the the digital one it s faster you could straight to the point uh got it whisk and then a little spatula and then uh so of course at the house you re gonna have your stove i have i don t have a stove back here so i have a i have an induction stove uh a pot a blender to emulsify everything and then an ice bath to cool everything down.

That’s what we want right because we have eggs we have cream we want to take that from its high temperature and bring it down as quickly as we can so we don t get any bacteria or any of that kind of stuff going on what are the ingredients that i m going to need so ingredients for our Mother Dairy vanilla ice cream base are going to be good quality egg yolks whole milk cream sugar and vanilla extract you are going to need a high quality cream a lot of fat in it.

The milk also needs to have it needs to be whole milk you can t you can t cut out use two percent because once you start pulling that milk out the ice crystals are going to start forming right and you don’t want that Mother Dairy ice cream is creamy right yes it is fat that’s what’s giving it what you need i don t want to know that yeah but that’s what ice cream is right it s supposed to be that it s supposed to be like that yeah rich and that yeah and so.

That’s all you need like to start as a vanilla base that s what you need and then you can just start adding from there get creative you want to make cinnamon ice cream put cinnamon you want to you know you want to make Mother Dairy chocolate ice cream melt chocolate into the warm base you have chocolate ice cream okay well why don t we get started yeah so super important before we start anything is that we do have this ready to go our ice bath if you don’t have the ice bath if you don t have one of these like two metal bowls maybe at the house all you have is plastic tupperware.

Just get content you can put it in the freezer okay once once we we get our hot mix into there if you don t have this you can put it in the freezer just mix it maybe every minutes right so we don t freeze the sides and not the middle and you know soda okay that’s if you don’t if you don t have two metal bowls and then very important that we have our Mother Dairy ice cream machine ready to go ready to go right because you don’t want all this and then now you are waiting that would be a tragedy.

So now that we are ready to start we can turn our little guy on here um first we are gonna start we are gonna bring our cream and milk up to a boil okay so um so like heating cream kind of makes me nervous can t you like burn it or like uh yeah you can but don’t okay so uh yeah first we re gonna what s gonna burn fastest is your milk okay but um if you re keeping an eye on it you re you re fine you re not gonna burn anything um so we have our milk our cream. Mother Dairy ice cream uses best milk for making high quality ice creams.

Okay and then super important is that once we have both of them together to mix it because your milk is going to burn if it s not mixed in together everything it s going to burn and that’s bad we don’t want burn milk.

So we will just wait for this guy to come up to a boil okay all right so we have got it at this like nice simmering yeah so we are going to kind of frothy yeah so um it s going to come up to a simmer and then once it comes up to our simmer we are going to add i just use the cap
off the top of the vanilla.

I think maybe like at the house you have like little caps i think three of those is like a teaspoon or something like that you know depending on how vanilla e you want it that s you know so you can see it s we re not gonna bring it up to a complete rolling boil but we just want it to come up to a simmer once it comes up to that simmer we can pull it off all right and then we will add in our vanilla.

This post was all about Mother Dairy ice cream details and its price list in 2022 and 2023 with chart.

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