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Customized Coffee Mug and T-shirt Printing

Mug and t-shirt printing

Printing is not limited to paper only. We also provide customized Mug Printing and Customized T-shirt Printing services.

You can gift personalised mug or t-shirt to someone or you can use them in your daily life with your prints on them.

Now a days, it becomes trend to wear stylish printed t-shirts, and having awesome printed coffee mugs at home and office. You can have any type of print on mug and t-shirt, whether it is your own photo print, or any customized text.

What are the Price for Printing Mugs and T-shirts?

For Mug – If you order single piece of mug for printing, then it’s price would be Rs 350/-

If you order multiple quantity, minimum 5 mugs at once, then it’s price would be Rs 300/- per piece.

For T-shirt – If you order single t-shirt for printing, then it would cost Rs 550/-

If you order in bulk, minimum 5 t-shirts, then it would cost Rs 500/- per piece.

Will Customer give the blank Mug or T-shirt?

No, you don’t need to give blank coffee mug or t-shirt for printing. We will provide the mug and t-shirt with printing at the offered price.

T-shirt printing

The color of T-shirt will be white, but we can print any color or style on it. Whether it is your photo, or any kind and color of printing stuff, you can use on your T-shirt.

There are 2 types of mugs for customization. One is simple white mug on which we can print any photo, design or text with any style.

Black magic mug printing

2nd type of mug is black colored magic mug. After printing your stuff on magic mug, you will see nothing, but plain black color on empty mug. But after you put coffee, tea or hot water in it, your print will appear on outside the mug. That’s black magic mug.

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How much time it takes to print?

It takes usually 2 days, all process from designing to printing on coffee mug or t-shirt. We don’t offer online service for printing mug and t-shirt, so you will have to come at our photo lab.

Send enquiry now for Mug and T-shirt Printing at contact page.

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