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Nano Diamond Battery Price in India With Details

Nano diamond battery price in India

Nano diamond battery details are available here. This is the future battery which can automatically charge and could last up to 28000 years and this will be available soon in India.

Nano Diamond Battery price is not released in India because this project is under construction and this super battery will be available in 2023 in the market.

If you want to dive in to get more details about Nano Diamond Battery then go to its official site and get all related news and information and stay tuned for the updates.

Nano Diamond battery explained

Day by day the world heads towards a cleaner and greener future.

Nuclear energy is one of the most power rich clean energy sources, however it produces waste that must be stored to protect the people and the environment from harm because of the nature of nuclear products.

This storage must be undertaken for thousands of years until the waste becomes safe.

At our company NDB (Nano Diamond Battery) we asked ourselves what if we could recycle that nuclear waste into something good.

Globally there are thousand of million cubic meters of nuclear waste.

The price of products and cost to manage and dispose of those by products is over many billion US dollars.

Utilization of radioactive waste has not been thoroughly investigated.

At NDB (Nano Diamond Battery) we propose to reuse nuclear fuel by recycling it to extract radio isotopes. This enables the nuclear option to remain sustainable for the long term and promotes a clean energy source in a safe and secure environment.

Isotopes from the recycled nuclear waste release a high level of energy particles.

At NDB we said to ourselves what if we could harness that energy semiconductors such as synthetic diamond or similar materials could be the answer to this question.

The energetic electrons released from radioactive decay would scatter and deposit energy into the host semiconductor.

This would generate a shower of electrons that generates power from the Nano Diamond Battery, the isotope together with the host generates electricity on its own.

We can make a battery that bleeds electricity from recycled nuclear waste. This saves a tremendous amount of taxpayers money by eliminating the need to store nuclear waste best of all because of its long half life.

This new battery doesn’t run out or need to be replaced during the lifetime of the device.

NDB is coated with a non-radioactive material that prevents radiation leaks due to it being one of the hardest materials on earth.

This is extremely safe and tamper proof with no moving parts and it will be available at good price in India and all over the world.

It is a clean and green energy solution and when fully expended it turns into harmless bio-products.

This battery provides a solution which will effectively self dispose nuclear waste.

Here’s how the NDB works, dnv the base structure of the Nano Diamond Battery is a collection of semiconductors metals and ceramics which are able to form an omic and schottky contact different dopins enhance the structure.

Nano Diamond Battery works with techniques currently utilized in the semiconductor industry ion implantation of the radioisotopes to the base structure is performed by using an ion implanter.

The host semiconductors are grown by using plasma enhanced techniques such as chemical vapor deposition, a technique used to make computer chips and other nano devices.

Metal sputtering will also be used, Nano Diamond Battery is a new type of battery that goes against natural instinct.

It is a battery that does not run out during the device’s lifetime and can be used in almost anything that requires a battery.

This battery can be used in electric vehicles, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, drones, hearing aids, watches, health monitors, cameras, satellites and even sensors.

Nano Diamond Battery as a decay voltaic is an improvement over photovoltaic solar panels instead of using the sun to generate electricity.

It will use radiation from decay if used to power houses any excess electricity could be sold to the grid.

We are thinking to install Nano Diamond Battery onto electric vehicles as a mobile power source. This will allow consumers to power their cars using Nano Diamond Battery and also when the car is parked selling electricity to the grid which will help cope with the ever increasing national electricity demand but that’s not all because NDB doesn’t need to be replaced.

It is ideal for applications that are hard to reach or best left alone such as pacemakers and implants another use of Nano Diamond Battery in hard to reach places will be to power space electronics such as those on board a rocket.

By installing NDB onto a spacecraft it could support the electrical needs such as providing power to the cockpit thereby assisting its launch into the upper atmosphere.

NDB can be used in the spacecraft to also power communications console controls and other auxiliary electrical needs when no longer needed by the rocket the ndp could then be used to power satellites and space stations.

The Nano Diamond Battery could be used for disaster relief aid to power survivor identification drones and radiation monitoring systems.

After a nuclear disaster NDB’s technology could also be scaled to act as a high power stationary or mobile power plant so what are the risks.

This new type of battery is an emerging technology so there are specialized technical challenges that will need to be addressed, fortunately NDB’s technical team has multiple nano technologists with the right expertise to bring NDB to life.

The next milestone include the development of a commercial prototype certification and the initiation of mass manufacture which would create jobs and wealth.

Nano Diamond Battery can take any shape or form due to its thin film structure, however the mass produced products will come in either chipset form or in modular dnv stacks when high power is required the mass produced.

We plan to enter the vast trillion US dollar energy market with our ground breaking technology which will give our company the ev ebitda valuation of billions us dollars.

Pre-ipo to summarize NDB is a clean and green technology made of recycled nuclear waste, it does not run out and has applications in almost anything that requires a battery.

The Nano Diamond Battery will provide sufficient benefit to both society and environment both financially and ecologically.

This post was about Nano Diamond Battery details and its price in India.

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