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Nikon Coolpix P100 Price in India and Camera Details

Nikon coolpix p100 price

Nikon Coolpix P100 price and full camera details are available in this post. This is coolest camera at the launched time with 10.3 megapixels for printing amazing prints up to 16×20 inches, and this was the biggest size from this budget camera.

Price for Nikon Coolpix P100 is Rs. 20,490/- without lens and external flashes. You will get battery, charger, usb cables and handbag with it.

In this post, I will give you information about Nikon coolpix P100’s full details and accessories info and this will help you to take decision to buy this camera.

Nikon Coolpix P100 Release Date

Coolpix P100 was launched in the market in the month of March in 2010. It was first camera with 10.3 MP within that range. Nikon has many varieties of models in Coolpix series and after this model, there are tons of other models released.

Nikon Coolpix P100 Features

Coolpix P100 has 26x optical wide angle zoom, lens started 26 mm. It is SLR (bridge) camera with weight of 1.06 pounds.

It HD enabled 1080p movie recording feature with 3 inch LCD and 10 MP CMOS sensor.

It includes D-Lightning feature, image stabilization and manual shooting mode, has ability to adjust shadows, highlights and contrast while shooting.

Coolpix P100 has 2.0 USB connectivity with HDMI feature.

It’s dimension is 114.4 x 82.7 x 98.6 mm.

See more features of this Coolpix P100 camera on it’s official website.

Coolpix P100 Accessories

Nikon coolpix p100 accessories price

Here, you will get information about best accessories to be used with Coolpix P100 camera, which you can find on Amazon at affordable rates.


Best battery to be used with this camera is Nikon EN-EL20a. It is a rechargable Lithium-Ion battery. This type of battery provide high energy density and low discharge can be found in various electronic items now a days.

EN-EL20a battery has 1110mAh capacity with 7.2 V it can be charged via Nikon battery charger which we will discuss in this post.

This battery has weight of 40g only which is very light weighted.

We can take 250 images on a single charge with this battery in this camera.

Price of the battery is Rs 1050/-.

Battery Charger

There are variety of battery chargers in the market but vhbw is the best battery charger for this camera and all similar camera series. You can charge battery from outside of camera. It is a USB charger, you don’t need to pull out your battery from camera.

This will save your time and you can charge your camera anywhere like in the car with USB cable plugged in to car.

When USB cable plugged in the camera, an indicator light will be turned on with red Or orange colour. When indicator will turned to green, charging will be completed.

Output current of charger is DC 0.6A and input is Input: AC 12 V, 220 V.

Price of the charger is Rs. 1199/- .


Best lens for Coolpix P100 id 67mm lens. It is wide angle lense with minimum focal length of 18 millimetres.

These lenses gives best shots in day or night with good pixels.

Cost for these lenses is approx Rs. 5400/-.

Memory Card

Sandisk 16GB and 32GB extreme SD cards are best suitable for Coolpix P100 in affordable price. Sandisk is the best company in memory card industry.

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