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Nikon D200 Price in India and Camera Features

Nikon D200 price in India

Nikon D200 camera details and features are available here. This camera is full of latest digital photography functions and it is popular among the photographers in India.

Nikon D200 price is Rs. 14,900/- in India (body only) and if you want lens with it, you will have to pay more charge according to lens.

Nikon D200 is still used by lots of photographers in India but this camera lose its fame beacause of latest digital cameras. In this post we will get to know different features and useful guide of D200.

Nikon D200 Release Date

Nikon D200 first came out back in November 2005 and it won awards.

When it came out it was a great camera and it is still relevant.

It’s got 10.2 dx format sensor in low price in India, so it’s not full frame and although the size might make you think otherwise against other sort of full frame cameras around.

Nikon D200 DSLR Feature

Nikon D200 features

Nikon D200 is not actually that much bigger, I am going to be a walk around of the camera and just explain the features and stuff what you are going to get and then I will sort of summarize at the end.

I am assuming this camera for two years now and it’s just great at affordable price in India.

So let’s have a go around firstly this is a kind of, it was an intermediate body so it is a lot better quality than you know some of the more amateur bodies like D60 or even moving up to today’s digital cameras.

Nikon D200 got a magnesium frame top and which is a bump on top and it is fully with the CSI.

It’s great you have got stay around the side you have got a obviously shuttered and you have also got an aperture down for manual control.

So you have got two dollars rather than a shift key and you got a beautiful spongy shutter button so unlike on the new cameras where it is like a click.

Nikon D200 is more like a pro camera with lowest price, sort of beautiful sponge to focus and then click to shutter.

It’s nice and you got your on, off and pour round to light up although mine set up always like up.

To defer your A mode, dial here which you can go through your SI shutter priority aperture full manual and back to program.

You have got an exposure compensation button here so if you are on program or aperture or shutter, you can hold it down and dial in your exposure compensation.

Just like on any other camera you have got two buttons here you have got a depth of preview, feel sorry a depth of field preview button and a custom button.

You can set a custom button to do a whole bunch of features in Nikon D200 camera.

The depth of field preview button something you don’t get a lot of new cameras but it is great, I mean if you are in like aperture priority mode and when you look through the finder especially on something like up 1.8 lens.

You see in the lens wide open whereas actually what so you are not seeing the depth of the field if you hold this button down.

What it does which I thought if you can see is it shuts the iris, that means you can actually see the depth field you are going to get.

When you look through the finder in Nikon D200, it makes your view significantly dark.

I can’t really tell there but that’s what it does basically coming around the back.

Here you have got AF on which if the cameras in out is in selective focus will make the camera focus and so you can hold this one down to focus then you just push that to fire some people.

Then here you have got a EEO and a FL which is auto exposure lock and auto focus lock.

You can hold that down and it will stop your metering there, I mean you can’t see the X or Z.

You could hold that down and it will lock it at, if I let off obviously it’s going to read really cool my exposure little pills.

Here you have got exposure like where you are drawing your exposure from so you have got midpoint.

You got the whole frame or center point which is exactly on your focus point, I like to have mine Center weighted but each to their own moving around you get this nice little D200 pad.

Here shouldn’t I sponge you feel which you have got a lock as well you can lock it or unlock it.

It is great for flicking back through your photos and stuff you know it’s a straightforward stuff moving down.

You have got your focus selection here so I have mine on Center Point although you can move it around on that one.

Let’s center way to focusing then you have obviously full frame up that’s also select and that will be an average of the frame folk.

Down here you have got a button which flips open the card port and this camera takes one CF card in that port and its obviously fully weather sealed and come back round.

Here you got your menu buttons all sorts of things there delete, you got a bracketing option which when Nikon D200 camera is on what you can do is you hold down your bracket and you can set it to do three say or five and you can set to do.

There you go five seven or up to nine I think so do frames above and below obviously one exposure about you above and below coming up around here we have got what’s called the three kings you have got quality white balance and ISO.

The great thing about Nikon D200 camera is it gives you all the functions on the outside and it is amazing because it is available at low price in India. After digging the menu for your white balance but here you have got it.

So you have got obviously auto at daylight wrestling whatever they are and then for manual setting but you can also say you are on auto.

You can use this dial like a warmer and Plus, it is cooler so that will make your photos call or I like to shoot a little bit warm.

So I always have it on minus one and got a button for ISO which obviously you can select your ISO.

Nikon D200 obviously goes right down to ISO, I have got no idea what high is but to be honest with you anything beyond on this particular camera is going to give you quite grainy results .

In my opinion it is in terms of iso forms is not as sharp as the latest bodies but you know apart from that niggle which doesn’t really bother me because I have got a lens.

So you can shoot low light conditions anyway and the other thing you got is quality.

Obviously you can set a raw or JPEG high low medium that kind of thing you have got a button here which locks this dial and you can sit between single shot so or you can go up to a continuous low.

So I linked up to continuous high which i think is three or four frames per second cause you remember and then you have got timer and program as well and timer can be set between two, five, ten, twenty, thirty or whatever you want and move around.

In Nikon D200 we have got some flaps here for video out so you can put it out onto the screen that kind of thing again or weather sealed and nice down here you have got a PC port never actually used it to be honest.

This is for external lights, first you go work that kind of thing coming around from.

Here you have got the upper to the button that removes the lens I mean we all know how that works but you have got your focus here.

So you have a manual focus, selective focus or continuous focus. These features are great in lowest price camera like Nikon D200 and it’s suited for photographers in India.

I will see on continuous focus as you have press it all just continue focusing that clapping and coming up the camera.

You have got a pop-up flash which is incredibly bright, in fact most of time too bright but great thing is you got a dedicated button here which allows you to set like how powerful you want the flash.

Whatever you can set fire the rear of the shot slow beginning red eye in other words but recurrence great.

So if you are doing those long exposures of the nice kind you want to fire from you get a subject sharp you can you can do that and because it fires at the rear of the frame.

If you like so however long you got say had some seconds it will fire the flash at the end.

It is quite a cool feature and off so you go stand hot sure on the top what else is there.


At the bottom of Nikon D200 we got battery slot here which takes one mighty battery at awesome price in India.

I will say the battery life on this particular camera isn’t amazing.

You will get probably hundreds shots in roar in my experience and maybe a thousand JPEGs.

A lot of people use one of these which is an external battery grip.

It takes two batteries now see the ones in the D200 camera and makes you actually dive last way longer wait longer than put in that battery in there after it’s dead.

I think it’s the way that the battery actually is used up, it lasts longer if you put two in rather than using one and on the grip you have got the autofocus and you two dials front and back and we will see shutter and then switch for and I think that turns the light on and off.

More Features

I think actually and that’s great all that makes it the camera a bit BT to be fair all.

Nikon D200 camera is fantastic, if you have been shooting on a amateur body for a while and you want to get into sort of really learning how to shoot go for something like this because it gives you everything.

You are ever going to need on the outside of the camera which is just brilliant.

I mean you don’t get that in a deep or whatever so it’s gonna teach you a lot and the other great thing about these lens about what is rather is obviously this is an FS lens.

It certainly can take five mil, this is a newer lens but you can use this body with older AF lenses and it will still autofocus because it’s got the driver built into the body.

You get that with cameras like newer versions and things like the ninety which are kind of higher spec bodies but you don’t get that in a lot of the cheaper consumer bodies so that’s really a great feature and well worth considering because it allows you to buy like secondhand but much cheaper glass.

You pick these cameras up for around about two three hundred quid on you buy the milan and they are really worth the money.

I would say well the other other things you can sit up yeah the only downside to it that I have ever had is if you shoot a lot in burst mode.

So if you are shooting in RAW in Nikon D200 particularly and you shut off say lots of shots the buffer will be going for some time trying to write that I mean that wrote pretty quick sits in JPEG but you put it in raw and it can take some seconds.

That’s the only thing to consider and obviously when that bottle fills up the camera is completely out of action but yeah all in all great camera were worth your money.

This post was all about Nikon D200 camera features and deep information about its price in India. Share your experience with this camera in comments below.

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