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Nikon D40 Price in India and Camera Features 2023

Nikon D40 price in India

Nikon D40 price in India and camera details like specifications and accessories are available in this post in 2023. This is one of the best model of Nikon camera, widely used across the world.

Nikon D40 price is Rs. 34,500/- in India (body only), and there are more kits available with camera including extra charge according to it.

Nikon D40 camera is mostly used by Indian wedding photographers, and this was one of the best camera at the time when it was launched. In further reading I will give you all information like its launching, features and accessories.

Nikon D40 Release Date

Nikon D40 camera was released on March 6, 2007 with 6 megapixel of maximum resolution. It was much better than Nikon’s older versions.

Now a days, there are many DSLR camera with high price and quality but D40 was best at that time in low cost.

Small level photographers in India still use D40 for small events in villages or in house event like birthday photography. It can also be used for small photos like passport size.

Nikon D40 Features

Nikon D40 is 6 megapixel camera in low rates, still used by many photographers in India and across the world. It has 3D color matrix and 420 pixel sensor (Multi-CAM530 – 3 area). Sensor type is CCD, format is APS-C and size of sensor is 23.70mm x 15.60mm.

D40 store images in 3 file formats, that are JPEG, RAW and NEF. This camera captures image in 3 different resolution:

  • 1504 x 1000 (1.5 MP, 3:2)
  • 2256 x 1496 (3.4 MP)
  • 3008 x 2000 (6.0 MP, 3:2)

Sensitivity range of ISO is 200 – 1600 plus HI 1. It’s ISO is custom with minimum shutter speed and maximum selectable ISO.

D40’s speed of continuous shooting is 2.5 fps in JPEG, that is very impressive speed of clicking photos at that time when it was a new camera. Still it can cover many small photo events.

It has 2.5″ LCD monitor with 230,000 pixels and x0.8 magnification. You can bright screen when shooting in dark by using inbuilt flash.

It support SDHC external memory card with capacity over 2GB.

D40 support USB 2.0 with mass storage device support.

It provides automatic red eye reduction inbuilt tool, due to this facility you don’t need to do hard work in Photoshop editing.

It also has many filter and effects to make your picture more fancy. These inbuilt tools reduce the dependency of using other photo editing softwares for making your pics more awesome.

It’s body is very compact, smaller and light weighted than many other popular Nikon cameras.

Weight of 40 is around 737 g. Its size is 5.0 x 3.7 x 2.5 inches.

Minimum shutter speed is 30s and maximum mechanical shutter speed is 1/4000s.

Flash range is 17.00 m and max flash sync is 1/500s. There are more option for using external flash in D40.

There are 5 modes of flash in this Nikon D40:

  • Front curtain
  • Rear curtain
  • Red-Eye
  • Slow
  • Red-Eye Slow

Best Lens for D40

Nikon d40 lens at low price

Best suitable lens for D40 camera is Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX.

Lens mount is Nikon F and focal length of this lens is 18 – 55mm with zoom ratio of 3.06x.

Aperture range of the lens is f/3.5 – 22 (W), f/5.6 – 38 (T), doesn’t have integrated ND filter. Normal focus range is 28 cm to Infinity.

Price for Nikkor 18-55mm lens is Rs. 8,550/- in India. This lens is available online at Amazon and similar shopping portals.


D40 EN-EL9 battery

Nikon D40 support EN-EL9 battery. EN-EL9 is a Li-ion rechargeable battery for some digital cameras of D series.

These premium batteries provide enough power and extended life even it cold or hot condition.

EN-EL9 battery generate energy of 7.4V and 1100mAh power. It takes 5 hours from discharge to be fully charged.

Price for En-El9 battery is Rs. 1150/- in India.

Battery Charger

Power battery charger for EN-EL9 battery is MH-23 charger. Nikon itself make this charger. It is light weighted charger with 0.3 Pounds.

MH-23 charger can be used with wide range of Nikon camera models. This charger is made by Japan.

Price of MH-23 charger is Rs. 2000/- in India, can be found on mostly all shopping sites online like Amazon or Flipkart.


Nikon D40 doesn’t have internal storage but lot of SD cards can be used in it. You can use memory cards with storage from 64MB to 32GB in it.

If you would ask me to choose one of the memory card from all options, then I will choose Sandisk 32GB memory card, because with maximum storage, you can store more loving memories of you in the form of photos in SD card. Sandisk is one of the top SD cards company in India.

Nikon D40 is a medium quality camera. You can cover small and medium events with it like ring ceremony, school functions or other small events in home. We can use this camera for printing of small size photos like post card, 4×6 and 5×7. This is high quality camera in affordable price, provides high quality images.

This post was about Nikon D40 price in India and camera Features 2023.

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