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Nikon D5 Price in India and Camera Specifications

Nikon D5 price in India

Nikon D5 price in India and camera features and specifications details are available in this post. It is latest technology camera from Nikon, which is the king of all digital cameras.

Nikon D5 price is Rs. 2,75,000/- in India for body only. It is also available in different packages with lenses and kits accessories.

Here in this article, I will give you all information about this product, like its launching, features and specifications, accessories and kits of Nikon D5 camera. You should know all details deeply before buying any product online. In this blog, you will get information about different photography products.

Nikon D5 Release Date

Nikon D5 was released on 6 January, 2016 to succeed D4S camera model. It was designed  20.8-megapixel of image sensor with less noise.

D5 is still one of the best camera of Nikon and photographers use this camera in big events like wedding or engagement in 2021. It is DSLR camera that clicks HD images. You can use it for outdoor photography and shoot HD photos.

Nikon D5 Specifications

Nikon D5 is a digital camera with 20.8 million effective megapixels. It can be used for clicking ultra HD images.

It has image sensor with size of 35.9 mm x 23.9 mm. Format of sensor is FX and sensor type is CMOS.

This camera supports storage media of Compact flash Type I, compliant UDMA and memory type is XQD.

When we are talking about ISO Sensitivity, its ISO is 100 – 102,400. It can also be set to approx. 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, or 1 EV (ISO equivalent to 50).

D5 captures 4K UHD at the highest quality of 3,840×2,160 / 30 fps. Minimum quality is HD 1,280×720 / 50 fps. Monitor size is 3.2 inches diagonal.

This camera has dust reduction system with image sensor cleaning and image dust off data (optional NX-D software required).

Nikon D5 support 3 types file format listed below:

  • JPEG (Fine, normal and basic compression)
  • NEF (RAW) – compressed, lossless compressed, or uncompressed
  • NEF + JPEG – single photo recorded both NEF and JPEG formats.
  • TIFF (RGB)

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Autofocus and Metering

In this post, when we talked about D5 price in India and its launch date, I will give you deep information about this product. I will be going over the new autofocus and metering systems in the stills photography instalment.

I went over the basics of the new system high density AF points of which are selectable cross type sensors, which are selectable and an increased area coverage of over the D5.

Now lets start by looking at the continuous autofocus area modes and give a quick definition of them.

Since many photographers who are not familiar with Nikon D5 advanced AF system may stick with the single AF point when tracking a moving subject.

When they will actually get better results by using one of the more dynamic systems that lets the camera help out especially if the subject is moving erratically group mode was introduced with the Nikon D5 and uses a diamond shaped pattern of points to track a subject think of all five points working together as a larger single point.

This is great for tracking single small subjects in the frame reducing the likelihood of the camera accidentally focusing on the background.

The dynamic area modes used to be nine points on the Nikon D5, but thanks to the higher density AF now available on the D5.

This means that if you re using the point dynamic mode you will initiate focus with one AF point and the surrounding points will help out.

If the subject strays off that initial AF point dynamic mode AF offers a little bit more accuracy of focus for sports such as football or subjects such as birds and trees used dynamic.

Generally most photographers use a smaller area which gives them more control, so point is a great place to start but it all depends on how erratic your subject is moving in.

Sighs in the viewfinder with larger more erratic moving subjects being suited for a larger number of points.

Nikon D5 tracking is a very useful tracking mode which not only uses a brightness contrast and distance information to track a subject, but color as well that addition of color makes it incredibly accurate when tracking subjects that are quite different than the surrounding background.

With the D5 you can select whether you want the camera to use face detection when tracking in allowing the camera to be even more precise one major added benefit of tracking is the AF point initially selected is not constrained to staying in the same spot.

If your subject moves this means that as your subject moves throughout the frame you will actually see the AF point follow it anywhere within the AF limits allowing you to change composition mid shot without having to redo autofocus.

So now that I have talked about how Nikon’s AF system work lets look at what makes it specifically faster on the D5 first off there.

This AF system makes camera smarter than ever, but with advanced technology, price of cameras are going high even in developing countries like India.

Now a dedicated auto focus specific processor giving enhanced response to moving subjects especially for subjects that tend to change directions suddenly the dedicated processor combined with refined algorithms will improve overall subject acquisition speed and tracking performance.

There is also the ability for the photographer to customize that performance based on the type of subject they are shooting by going into the auto focus section of the custom settings menu and selecting setting a three focus tracking with lock.

You can choose between a couple of new options whether your subjects movement is erratic or steady.

An example of a steady subject is someone running the meter dash compared with a running back in football which is a very erratic moving subject and how long the camera will take before switching focus to a new target.

Think of a running back suddenly blocking the view of the quarterback.

If you want the camera to instantly focus on the running back select quick but if you want to wait for the running back to pass all the while staying focus on the quarterback.

Choose slow other than the dedicated AF processor, one of the other reasons the autofocus and specifically the face detection on the Nikon D5 is much more accurate is because of the brand new metering system.

The D5 uses a pixel RGB sensor up from ninety one thousand pixel sensor found on the camera, that is much faster and allows smaller faces to be detected than before. This high quality sensor makes the camera very advanced that competes more high quality camera with high price.

So when you combine a more accurate metering sensor a faster specific AF processor almost triple the number of active autofocus points and more customizable options.

The D5 should be the choice for any professional photographer wanting top of the line autofocus performance.

Video Capabilities

This new megapixel CMOS sensor in the new D5 is talked about in the stills photography part of our video series but a lot of people forget that the imaging sensor that allows you to shoot still photos at incredibly high ISO also translates into amazing video quality at high ISO and both facility you will get in this camera which will reduce cost.

There is so much competition for camera models in India and it also increase price. So this camera is good for you and will prevent extra cost.

This is very important for videographers who are shooting with low levels of available light.

This new sensor along with the high speed processing of X speed v enables the D5 to record UHD 4K video files at either or high frames per second.

The UHD 4K video is a dot by dot readout, so there will be a crop almost equivalent to DX meaning that both FX and DX lenses can be utilized when recording 4K files recording.

4K video can be written either to the camera memory card or to an external recorder at that point it will be a bit four to two uncompressed file when shooting in the flat picture control and recording to an external recorder.

These new 4K video files will provide a great starting point for any editor.

There is a couple of good reasons why you should shoot in 4K even if you don’t expect to use the full 4K file cropping panning or zooming.

Since 4K is almost the equivalent of a four standard files, you have a lot of room in which the crop or pan through your video while still retaining Full HD quality downsampling for sharpness and noise.

When done properly, a down sampled 4K file will appear sharper and cleaner than the same video shot natively for those that don’t need the resolution of 4K video.

The Nikon D5 also has crop mode which has an angle of view equivalent to three times the focal length used other than the dedicated movie mode.

4K is also available when recording built in time lapses. Built in time lapse is a great feature that enables you to create a MOV file straight out of the camera with no need for processing hundreds of images into a time lapse.

The D5 gives you the flexibility to adjust the interval between shots, select the length of time the camera will shoot for and even calculate how long the final time lapse will be to add motion to your time lapse.

Before you would normally require a motion controlled slider but by shooting in 4K, you can pan or zoom and still output a full file that introduced some amazing features for videographers including auto ISO, power aperture and high light display.

All of these features are now included in the new Nikon D5 with best price in India. But it also includes a new feature smooth exposure compensation by programming the preview and function buttons to be positive and negative compensation.

You can lock in the shutter speed and aperture values and then use the buttons to smoothly adjust the exposure of a scene by increasing or decreasing the ISO, all of this can be done while recording and will be completely smooth.

Nikon D5 Top Features

There are some big changes in here we are talking, major autofocus improvements, low light capabilities and a first of its kind offering for Nikon users who love DSLR video stick around and we will talk about the top reasons why you should upgrade at first glance.

You can see that Nikon has kept some of the great design features we love about the D5.
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right, it has a tough environmentally sealed body and the same nice feel in your hand the camera weighs in just over three pounds which is just five percent more than the previous model.

We are also seeing small improvements to both the back LCD display and the easy to use larger buttons.

The LCD has seen a resolution increase from 0 to million dots and they have also added some touch screen functionality for text input and reviewing images.

You can swipe left or right to move between shots and zoom in on pictures by pinching additionally.

The ISO button has moved up near the shutter button from its old rear location and you have got two extra custom function buttons bringing the total count to three versus.

Just one on the D5 lets take a look under the hood, so to speak and walk through where we found the real feature improvements to be hiding first up the new D5 votes a staggering AF points.

That’s exactly three times more than what shooters got with the D5, it also operates with a completely new dedicated AF processor.

The first of its kind in a nikon DSLR don’t get us wrong, the Nikon D series had very good AF that are available in good rates in India but the improvements in the D5 or something everyone can benefit from nikon has also responded to past criticisms about AF area coverage and we do see slightly better distributions across the frame.

The sad part is for some normal or slower lenses, you can’t leverage the full power of those new AF points. If you find yourself in low light situations listen up the D5 has a native ISO range from one hundred to two thousand four hundred.

You can thank the new exceed processor for that pretty nice, but wait there is more the upper limit of the ISO is expandable to three million.

Yes all those zeros we all know that not too many of us ever use the extreme upper end of the ISO range on our cameras, but it is nice knowing that we have got more Headroom for acceptable images even shot at one or twelve thousand eight hundred.

The D5 is the first model of Nikon DSLR’s available across world and in India in affordable price to support 4K video, currently you can record internal 4K at up to 2400 frames per second for up to three minutes oddly.

This is not a limitation shared with the D5 which will record just shy of minutes of 4K footage.
However rumor has it that Nikon is planning to release a firmware upgrade that will remove this minute cap making the 4K option much more usable footage can be written either to the cameras memory cards simultaneously to an external recorder.

This is really helpful when you are recording uncompressed output, so you still have a backup should something go aware in your external recorder.

You can also play back your 4K footage via the HDMI to a compatible display, another neat addition is the built in microphone now records in stereo with high levels of sensitivity adjustment.

The D5 can shoot fast real fast, lets just say if we had to suddenly take to the trenches on a shoot the Nikon D5 would be our weapon of choice it can blow through rolls of ammo at a whopping 2400 frames per second in high speed continuing all while maintaining auto exposure and autofocus capabilities.

This is a whole frame more than the D5 if shooting high speed is your thing then you are in for another treat.

The D5 can jump up to 2400 frames per second with the mirror but keep in mind that auto focus and exposure adjustments will not work, you can still monitor your framing while doing this by using the live view on the back LCD screen.

The fifth reason you would want to consider upgrading to the Nikon D5 is the increased battery life the battery lasts for roughly seven to eight hundred more shots.

That is about a increase needless to say it is pretty significant. Above was all features and information about Nikon D5 that is available in in India in low price.

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