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Nikon D70 Price in India and Camera Features

Nikon D70 price in India

Nikon D70 Price in India with camera details and features are available in this post. This camera was built in the beginning era of digital photography.

Nikon D70 price is Rs. 44,500/- in India (body only), and there are more extra accessories available with camera including extra cost.

Nikon D70 is still using by lots of photographers in medium level events in India. In further reading, I will give you all related information about this camera and more details about some skills of photography.

Nikon D70 Release Date

Nikon D70 camera was released on September 7, 2006. It is digital single-lens reflex camera with  6.1 effective megapixel.

Nikon D70 Features and Guide

Nikon D70 guide

Getting started with Nikon D70 camera in full auto mode, before you can take any pictures you will need to mount a lens charge and insert your battery and insert a memory card to mount or install a lens.

Make sure you hold the D70 camera in one hand the lens in the other then line up the white dots on the camera and the lens.

Insert the lens and turn it gently counter clockwise.

Take great care not to scratch the lens by allowing it to make contact with anything.

To charge your battery insert it into the charger, then plug the charger into the wall jack a tip.
It takes about two hours to fully charge your battery, your battery will allow you to take about pictures.

To insert your charged battery simply open the battery compartment then slide in the battery.
Note always power off your Nikon D70 camera before inserting or replacing your battery or memory card.

One more tip about your battery, if you are shooting in cold weather you want to put your battery in your pocket and keep it warm, so it will hold its charge longer.

To insert your memory card open the memory card cover and insert the card.

Your Nikon D70 camera stores pictures on an SD or secure digital memory card that is available in low price in India.

These cards are available in varying sizes from megabytes to one gigabyte or more the larger the cards memory capacity the more images you will be able to store.

Before either deleting or copying the images to another device like your PC’s hard drive it is necessary to format your compact flash card to work with your camera before you can start taking pictures.

Don’t reformat your card unless you have already copied the images to another device.

Reformatting your card will erase all the images, your nikon camera will operate faster if you periodically reformat your memory card rather than simply deleting images from it.

To free space for more picture taking to format a card insert a card and then switch the camera on press the menu button select the menu that looks like a wrench select format then press the ENTER button, select YES and press ENTER again.

To operate Nikon D70 camera turn the power switch to ON and the mode dial to auto.

Set the focus mode switch on the camera to AF and if you have on the lens to aim your camera at the subject and make sure at least one of the focus points is over that part of the subject you want in focus.

Press the shutter halfway down and hold it until a focus confirmation light shows yellow and you see a focus point flash red, then press the shutter.

The rest of the way down to take the picture, your picture will show on the LCD for about two seconds.

In auto mode, D70 camera automatically selects one of the several focal points for you.
The one closest in distance to the camera you can specify which single focus point the camera will use as follows.

Press the points on the multi selector to select the focus area, all focus areas are indicated with brackets and the active one is solid.

The selected focus area is also indicated on the control panel by an icon, this will allow you to select precisely which part of the image you want in focus.

It will also make the Nikon D70 camera operate just a little bit faster, cheapest in affordable price in India.

Taking pictures in the auto mode to get a general feel for using the camera to view a picture image press the playback button and then the left or right points on the multi selector button and to step through the images stored on your memory card.

To delete an image that is being displayed on the LCD press the delete button, confirm that you want to delete the image.

Viewing the picture on your LCD each time you take a picture and remember with digital cameras there’s no pins so take as many pictures as you want and simply delete the images that don’t turn out.

Here are some concepts of digital cameras like Nikon D70. Now that you know how to use your camera in full auto mode allow us to discuss some of the basic concepts of digital cameras and photography.

So you have a foundation to learn how to use your camera in much more powerful than creative ways to begin a digital camera is comprised of four main parts.

First a lens which magnifies an image focuses that image and determines how much or how little light will enter the camera.

Second a shutter assembly which reflects the image into the viewfinder so you can see it and which opens when you press the shutter button for a very precise period of time, in order to expose the image sensor to the focused image.

Third an image sensor is a silicon chip that like film in older cameras is exposed to an image and precisely records that image so it can be converted into a digital file for storage on a memory card.

Fourth a memory card stores images and tell the images are archived on a PC hard drive or burn to a CD and deleted from the memory card.

It may be convenient to use multiple memory cards when one card is full simply insert a new one and continue shooting pictures.

Memory cards can be used to store images either permanently or temporarily although the least expensive way to archive your images is to burn them to a high quality CD and then store them in a safe cool and dry place.

To remove your memory card simply open the memory card compartment and press the memory card in to eject it.

A word of caution handle your memory card with care and never remove it.

If the access light on the camera is “On”, you will want to get into the habit of protecting your great photos on your Nikon D70 camera from accidentally being erased.

To do this simply press the play button then the left or right points on the multi selector and when you find the photo you want protected press the protect button to exit the playback mode press the shutter button halfway down.

Nikon D70 is widely used camera among the photographers in India and as you have seen above, it has great price.

Photography Skills for Nikon

Learn photography skills with D70 camera

Here you will learn some skills of photography with Nikon camera. If you still have not purchased this camera, you should get as Nikon D70 price is very low in India.

Digital photography is based on several main concepts by understanding these well, you will be able to understand nearly every other photographic concept even if you are doing photography in India.

Exposure is the amount of overall lightness or darkness of a photographic image, if your nikon camera has too little light the exposure will be dark and it will be hard for you to see the details in the image.

If your camera like D70 camera has too much light the image will be blown out to white to see detail.

Exposure is controlled primarily by two things, the lens aperture or opening.

The duration of the shutter opening or shutter speed measured in fractions of a second in Nikon D70 camera.

The longer the shutter speed the more light will reach the sensor and hence the lighter the image.

One way to better understand the relationship of aperture and shutter speed on exposure is with an analogy consider the proper amount of light or exposure to be like a full bucket of water.

Then consider a water tap from which you will fill the bucket to be the aperture or opening on your lens finally consider your Nikon D70 camera’s shutter speed to be like the amount of time you will leave the water tap turned on the more.

The tap is open the more water will come through the hose into the bucket and hence the shorter amount of time you will need the tap to be open conversely if the tap will only open a small amount and water is only trickling into the bucket you will need to leave the water turned on for a much longer period of time.

The shutter speed not only affects exposure but it also affects clarity during action.

A fast shutter speed will freeze a moving subject in your picture whereas a slow shutter speed will appear to blur a moving object in average price camera in India like Nikon D70.

Fast shutter speeds are therefore useful for taking pictures of sporting events, slow shutter speeds are useful for taking pictures of waterfalls or car lights at night giving a very interesting image.

Just as important to understand are the secondary effects of aperture a small aperture not only lets less light reach the image sensor tending to make a darker exposure in Nikon D70 but it also makes the entire scene from near to far appear more sharp or InFocus, this optical phenomenon is called a long depth of field.

This is useful when photographing a subject in front of a mational Monument where you want both and focused a large aperture, it has the opposite effect only the subject of focus will be in focus.

This is used extensively in portrait photography as it helps to literally focus attention on the subject.

This post was all about Nikon D70 camera features, details and price in India. If you have ever used this camera, share your experience in comments below.

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