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Nikon D7000 Price in India and Camera Features

Nikon D7000 price in India

Nikon D7000 price in India and camera specifications details are available in this post. Nikon’s camera are best and widely used in Indian market, so I will provide you every details for its products.

Nikon D7000 price is Rs. 39,950/- in India (Body only) and for extra accessories to be used with it, you will have to pay more.

If you want to learn photography deeply and want to know about camera D7000, read this article till the end and check out other related posts too. In further reading you will know about its features and external equipment, now let’s talk about its launching.

Nikon D7000 Release Date

Nikon D7000 was released on 15 September 2010. It was first 16.2-megapixel Nikon camera. It was powered by EXPEED 2 image processing technology.

D7000 was and still mostly used by wedding photographers. When era of digital camera is in the beginning in India, D7000 was one of those camera that was using widely.

This camera is DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex).

Nikon D7000 Features

This is one of the top camera in its time at affordable rates. It is 16.2MP (million pixels) and CMOS sensor. Its body is made up of magnesium alloy.

Nikon D7000 includes 1080p HD video recording feature with mic jack option available for external microphone.

AF system (39 point) with 3D tracking is also a great feature.

This camera has another good feature of 2 SD cards slot in which you can add 2 SD cards at a time and can increase storage of camera. It supports SD, SDXC and SDHC memory cards.

Slot 2 can also be used for backup storage or separate storage of copies made using JPEG + NEF.

Size of LCD screen is 3.0 inch with with 921k dot.

In this camera, default format of image is JPEG, everyone know about JPEG because it is standard and most basic format in every camera. You can choose other formats of image (12 bit or 14 bit) RAW format.

Continuous shooting per frame view can be go to 6fps.

Nikon D7000 has inbuilt feature of dust reduction system like image dust off reference data in which optional software (Capture NX 2) is required and another feature image sensor cleaning, you will get all this in no cost.

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Along with camera, you may want to know about its accessories, because with more useful equipment you can do a pro photography.

So let’s discuss about accessories of Nikon D7000 camera within lowest price.


Nikon d7000 lens price

There are many lenses to be used with this camera but AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4 D is the best one. This lens is best suited with D7000 model of Nikon with focal length 50mm.

Minimum aperture of this lense is f/16 – 22 and maximum aperture is f/1.4, having full frame format compatibility.

Its minimum focus distance is 1.48’/45cm and maximum zoom is 0.15x, auto focus feature is also available.

Price of AF NIKKOR lens is Rs. 17,850/-

Weight of AF NIKKOR lens is 230g.


En-el15 battery for d7000

EN-EL15 is best suited battery for Nikon D7000 camera. It is rechargeable Li-Ion battery. You will get this battery with 1 month warranty.

There is 1 drawback of this battery is that it become heated when we use it regularly. It is advised to switch off camera when not using it, so that battery will be automatically cool down.

We can also use this battery in some older and newest version than D7000, as it is compatible with many camera models.

EN-EL15 battery is but costly but it is best one, price is Rs. 2,999/-.

Battery Charger

LP is the best brand of battery charger for EN-EL15 batteries to be used in Nikon D7000 camera.

Price of LP charger is Rs. 3,290/-, and these chargers usually doesn’t have warranty of refund or returnable product. But these are trustable and are best option to be used with this camera.


Nikon D7000 doesn’t have internal storage, so that it needs external storage in the form of SD cards.

There are many companies of memory card in the market, that’s why it is difficult to choose good suitable memory card. Memory cards from most of the companies has defect in term of speed and storage.

I have best option for you, that is SanDisk Memory card of 32GB. SanDisk provide good speed in their memory cards and there is very low chance of being coruptted SD card in SanDisk. It is SDHC flash type memory.

Price of SanDisk 32GB memory card is Rs. 495/-, this may be up or down by location.

Lens Cap

For protecting your camera lens from dust and being cracked, you would need strong lens cap. For AF NIKKOR 50mm lens, you can buy Nikon lens cap in affordable price of Rs. 225/- from Amazon or Flipkart online.

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