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Nilansh Water Park Ticket Price List 2022 – 2023

Nilansh water park ticket price list in 2022 and 2023

Nilansh Water Park ticket price list details for 2022 and 2023 are available here. It is located in Lucknow in India and is famous for fun.

Nilansh Water Park ticket price list starts from Rs. 400/- for kids in weekdays in 2022 and 2023. Charges are little bit high in weekend and holidays.

In further reading I will give you full price list in details for Nilansh water park, so keep reading.

Nilansh Water Park Ticket Price List 2022 and 2023 Chart

AdultsRs. 500/-Rs. 600/-
KidsRs. 400/-Rs. 500/-

Here is another chart for timing schedule.

11:00 am to 11:00 pm11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Now let’s go deep into the water park topic. Let’s find out the top water parks in the world.

15 Best Water Parks in The World

It is summertime and that means you need to get your swimming and splashing on before it gets cold again here’s some of the wildest water parks in the world you can visit.

1 – The most insane slide at this Beach Park in Brazil since one of the scariest water rides in the world in Sanya this waterslide reaches a height of meters and if you take it for hour go you d be sliding down at a rate of miles per hour from the top of the slide to the end where you meet the pool below you would only need about five seconds to experience the entire thing that s just how fast miles per hour down a slide is it ranks as one of the world s tallest waterslide standing at a height akin to a story building.

2 – Though while this park in the East the Wild Wadi waterpark try saying that three times fast I know I m not Wild Wadi Park located in the United Arab Emirates sits right in front of the Burj Al Arab it opened its watery doors in featuring three pools as well as different water slides one of those pools and includes a heated and cooled wave pool that s one of the biggest in the Middle East as well as once featured the largest waterslide found outside of the continent of North America until it was replaced so that two other rides could take its place.

3 – A cool time on the water found in the midst of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida. The popular park is home to one of the most highly rated water parks in the world Blizzard Beach Millennials if you don t want to feel old don t listen to the next part Blizzard Beach opened in want to hear something funny or at least moderately funny most of the rides and other attractions at the beach sit on the artificial mill named Mount Rushmore a mountain with a clever name that is about feet or meters tall.

4 – Right in Wisconsin now the name Kalahari make this sound like you ll buy this place and some sort of African landscape like the desert except you wouldn t because the Kalahari resort and Convention Center is located in a few different places Oh
I owe Wisconsin Pennsylvania and Texas the first one opened in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin the theme throughout the water park resort takes from a southern African aesthetic so that the visitors can truly feel like their summer warm and not in Wisconsin.

5 – In aqua adventure why not another alliteration they re quite fun but probably not as fun as the Aquaventure waterpark of Dubai they advertise themselves as the best waterpark in the city and with their record holding water rides it s harder than I them that title the Aquaventure waterpark is it part of the Atlantis palm resort a cousin to the much older and much more well known Resort in the Bahamas which we ll get to later.

6 – Water in Hawaii what would it place like Hawaii kneel water park for the entire place is like a scenic water park but hey if you ve ever visited the wet n wild in Hawaii you probably wouldn t be complaining held is one of the best water parks in the United States Wet n Wild Hawaii used to be called Hawaii water s adventure park everybody s favorite ride is a tornado a power slide where its riders drop into a tunnel and rotate around and around until they get released out of the tunnel and into the pool.

7 – Pumped for a pump house the Jay Peak resort has a place called the pump house indoor waterpark and it s ranked as one of the best water parks in America inside this aqua fun house as a surfing simulator calls a double barrel flow rider as well as a slide called the LA chute which measures about feet tall it s not all hyper adrenaline attractions though if you re feeling more sophisticated and want to relax you can go sit in one of their hot tubs and enjoy a drink.

8 – Getting biblical travel back thousands and thousands and another thousand years to biblical times to the great flood and Noah s Ark another famous waterpark you ll find in Wisconsin is the Noah s Ark waterpark which bands about acres of land the park is home to one of the scariest water slides in the world the scorpions tail which sends you down about feet in about five to eight seconds.

9 – Loves every moment that s a slogan for the so named Dollywood Splash Country a waterpark that drew its name from none other than Dolly Parton inspired by her childhood pastime of swimming through the rivers of the Great Smoky Mountains it was made as an addition to the Dollywood company theme park which opened in.

10 – Club scary fun and lazy lounging when you think of Bali Indonesia you probably think of the exotic setting interesting culture and the relaxing resorts there you ll still find a relaxing resort type of feeling at the park known as waterbomb Bali we suggest a ride down the lazy river you will also come across rides called fantastic for the kids and smashdown for those looking to get a thrill on their way down to the water really the name smash down says it all.

11 – An enchanted ride when you hear the word enchanted you might think of a magical place like Disneyland and colorful lights and maybe people dressed up as fantastical beings you probably don t think of a water Safari located in Old Forge New York the enchanted forest water Safari used to be named the enchanted fourth of Vienna Rhondda enchanted forest water Safari includes a ride called Amazon which takes visitors on a tube ride down a jungle enchanted indeed.

12 – We around the world located inside the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta Canada is the largest indoor water park in all of the continent North America can both its world water park as the biggest the park having open to the public in one of the highest slides includes two twister built to be a whopping feet tall or meters tall not far off as the wave board holding about fifty point three liters of water the maximum capacity of a place like this caps at people.

13 – In the middle of the desert it seems the UAE has a few water parks to its name and you would too if you were country situated in the middle of a desert dove is the leader water park in the whole of the Middle East gasps water parks beam is based around the fictional story of Dana a girl who set on a quest to find a lost pair that disappeared during a storm. How many parks have an epic back story like that.

14 – The most popular part of course if the theme park has the name Six Flags in front of it then it s gonna be popular no matter what a place like Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Garner s a mix of reviews for one everyone loves going there but that brings us to there s too many people the lines get really long at Hurricane Harbor but if you want to find that magical hour with short lines don t forget to check out the Banzai Pipeline waterslide as well as something called the Python plunge.

15 – Playing with water monkeys a very big drawing Pony for visitors to the clipped amusement park are the water mega monkeys found up the section of the park that s named water mania exclamation points in everything you ll find this amusement park and none other than the desert of Albuquerque New Mexico the only outdoor water park in the city now back to the water monkeys water manias mega water monkey ride was made for thrill seekers while their little squirt is more for toddlers.

This article was about Nilansh Water Park details and its ticket price list in 2022 and 2023.

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