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Omron BP Machine Price in India and Features

Omron BP machine price in India

Omron BP machine details are available here. Omron is a Japanese company that build Blood Pressure (BP) and other electronic machines and supply its products to other countries like India.

Omron BP Machine price is Rs. 1,850/- in India. You can use this device for measuring blood pressure and pulse rate.

In this post I will provide you useful information about Omron blood pressure machines and their uses.

Omron 3 Series Blood Pressure Machine

We are going to review this Omron series blood pressure (BP) monitoring system.

Let’s have a closer look at the box. The front of this BP machine box shows the device and it is not the wristband version.

It says it is doctor recommend and that’s true my doctor did recommend this Omron machine easy OneTouch use.

Well we will see about that in a few minutes. Here on the side of the box there is another reference to its accuracy.

It has a wide range cuff for people with an arm circumference of some inches again one touch use and irregular heartbeat detection.

This will be interesting to see if it picks up my PVCs and it will automatically store the last uses in memory and a reset even after removing the batteries.

Instead of reading of the contents section I will show you what’s in the box but it does say that the four double A batteries are not included.

There’s a year warranty and its price is great which is nice to see just keep your receipt now here on the back of the box there is a massive sticker covering up the products biggest selling point in India.

How easy it is to use, I was more interested in reading this sticker and understanding why it is there more than anything else.

So let’s pop this box open and see what is inside. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using Omron BP (blood pressure) machine.

You should always write down your results on paper so that you can go back and look at the history if needed.

Make sure you are relaxed when you are using one of these.

Your throw off the results if you are working out prior to taking a reading, try to take your results at the same time every day for consistency and finally don’t move around or pick at the cuff while you are taking a reading that will throw off the results.

Let’s have a look inside of the box getting started guide a unit itself which measures four by five by three user manual in french and english and the cuff.

The quality of the shoe is really good and I can see this last in a long time.

The holes on the cuff is about some inches cuff itself is five and a half. There is a step plastic or rubber in here to prevent the cup from coming apart totally put the diameter of the cuff and its widest.

Common complaint about this device is that isn’t wide enough so keep that in mind if you are going to purchase this device but its price is low in India.

So the instructions right here and on the quick guide indicate that the tube needs to be at the inside part of the elbow.

I am assuming these blue pieces go together here there is a rubber seal inside so that it goes in it also comes off fairly easily.

Let’s put the batteries in so there is no power button but that button to start and stop button will actually activate it and turns out.

I can feel the the cuff filling with here so that’s one display down is right now and after a quick look in the manual you see that E one means that the cuff is applied to loosely or in this case not at all.

That’s just turning it off again turn it back on it’s not tight at all normally when you go to a doctor or to a drug store and use the buy pressure monitoring system.

It is very tight on the arrow so here is not tight at all.

It seems to be done let’s relax and the poll seems extremely high and we just do a reading myself some of allis actually and not let’s try this out again.

It sounds much tighter as previously mentioned this device has a neighbor that our heartbeat detector built-in.

I have PVCs and at the time of taking this reading I was able to feel my PVCs but the device did not pick them up otherwise we would have seen an indication in the top middle of the screen.

So this device will not pick up any PVCs as an irregular heartbeat. The pulse is obviously higher than what I expected.

I try the device one more time but this time on the other arm so I have used the device three times.

If you click on the pencil paper icon it will show you the history and you hit it once and it shows you the last time you hit it again.

Omron 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor (BP Machine)

As the medical field continues to change I decided to invest in an omron series blood pressure machine, this machine has amazing low price in India.

This is model BP, after doing much research and investigation it has led me to this specific model being the most accurate blood pressure machine.

Some of the features include advanced accuracy, bluetooth connectivity, comparison display, easy wrap, comfit cuff, two user mode, advanced, extra large digits with black light, irregular heartbeat symbol, memory storage.

A high symbol and an AC adapter in the box, they have a quick start guide an instruction manual, four AA batteries, an AC adapter, an easy wrap comfort cuff and the blood pressure machine.

The cuff seems to be very well made, it will fit arms to some centimetres.

On the side of the unit you will find the DC port where you can run directly off wall power.

The unit also runs of four double AA batteries that are included.

The omron is also bluetooth capable, it works with apple health samsung health and google fit.

Due to the terms and conditions when using the monitor via bluetooth I decided against it but I will demonstrate it because you can use this without using bluetooth and entering any information or having any of that information tracked and monitored using the omron is very easy.

You can run it off batteries or use the included wall adapter. You simply slip your arm into the cuff and you want the cuff to be level with your heart.

It just velcros down, you want to rest your arm with your palm face upfeet flat on the floor and your back straight.

You don’t want to talk or move while the test is conducted, you can select user one or two and then you just hit start.

You will see your readings, pulse, diastolic blood pressure, systolic blood pressure and you will have your prior readings on the left hand side.

Irregular heartbeats will be here which I don’t have any and the time and date will be here.

If you want to see your prior readings you can hit the notepad right here and arrow through those readings, it will save readings as for storing the device. I recommend storing it all together.

I personally keep mine in an old shoe box. The cuff and the cord can be disconnected here but I have read many reviews that complain that this piece breaks very easily making the device useless.

So to avoid this issue I just keep it plugged in and keep it all together overall I am happy with the quality and ease of use with the Omron 10 series blood pressure machine and I am also happy because of its low price in India.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor – How To Use

Here we are going to do a demonstration on Omron blood pressure (BP) monitor machine.

If you are looking for a very reliable brand this is one of the best brands in the Asian market right now.

Someone wants you all is the standard model that has put pressure and happy and it is an economy model compared to all the other unknown models out there.

It has a pressure and you are happy and there is only one memory.

So when you open it actually comes just let the monitor batteries and the cuff.

It looks like this and the cap okay this cap is a standard size from medium to large sized arms.

When you get this you put in the batteries here and then I just hope this to the whole here was very simple to use and there is only one button start and stop.

So how do use it is this one this always outwards facing up and we put this here you see here.

Adjust it in the middle and then all you have to express that blue button, so when you are doing your project try not to talk all the more you will affect your BP readings.

You can last at the politics around fifty seconds or so.It all has to be back then so it is going to happen.

This is my pressure reading so you can see here does this ask why is a systolic BP reading when your heart is pumping that okay and then it is a diastolic when your heart is relaxing.

Calm relax and then here the pulse is how many heartbeats in one minute, mine is normal.

This post was about Omron BP machine details and its price in India.

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