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Oppo Air Glass Price in India With Details

Oppo air glass price in India

Oppo Air glass details are available here. Oppo is a well known brand for mobile industry and they are presenting their new product Air Glass which is becoming popular in India.

Oppo Air Glass price is not released in India or in any other country but it is estimated that Oppo will fully launch it in 2022 in China.

If you want to get more details about Oppo Air Glass, then go to its official site and stay tuned for latest updates.

What is Oppo Air Glass?

Oppo Air Glass is a future gadget from Oppo (Mobile Phone Makers) in which we can do almost all things like a smart phone of today.

Earlier today we joined the Oppo inno day which is an annual event show casting bridge rules and reviews across the brand’s entire product line and in the last few years we have seen some products, some very new products such as new AR glasses and a very decent reliable concept form and so on.

The first product coming out on the event is the Oppo Air Glass which is the first existing reality smart glass offering from the brand.

The glass applies a pretty futuristic design and what really impresses it is the weight.

It is extremely lightweight weighing less than grams, it has a single glass design with a micro projector and micro led which looks pretty cool at first glance.

The glass can deliver up to nits in brightness which makes sure that it can work well under different lighting conditions it s powered by the snapdragon wear soc.

It features functions like a weather reminders schedule reminders a help app and a teleprompter which is useful for speeches and presentations in addition.

You can also use it as a real time translator, now it supports two way translation between Chinese and English and bran promises that Chinese, Japanese, Korean translation will be offered in the near future.

Its interaction includes touch voice hand gesture and head movements like a not a audio shake but at this point the class is not available for playing video or for gaming.

So it probably is designed as a useful expanded reminder for smart watch and smart phones.

The glass is going to launch in first season of next year and by far we have no further information about the pricing another important technology revealed on the event is the maori silicon x imaging mpu chipset.

The My silicon x mpu was opposed first self designed and self developed chip manufactured from tsmc nanometer process today we experienced it for a while and found that the imaging improvement was pretty impressive compared to the sample shot on the MI ultra.

Where to buy Oppo Air Glass After Launched

After the launched of Oppo Air Glass (of course it will be launched in China as Oppo is a Chinese company) it will be available worldwide on almost all online e-commerce store like Amazon, Flipkart, Indiamart, etc.

Oppo Air Glass Expected Price in India

There is no official announcement for the price of Oppo Air Glass in China, India or anywhere in the world and it is expected that it is soon going to be launched in 2022 first in China.

Oppo Air Glass Features

This is the detailed topic on OPPO Air Glass.

When thinking about Oppo Air glass we will always think of those bulky ones but this OPPO Air Glass is totally the opposite, of course OPPO says this is assisted reality.

Glasses not augmented reality meaning it projects D information into your field of view rather than overlaying D objects onto the real world.

So don’t even think about it using to watch some non sense videos my folks.

But how’s it, from my limited time with it, there are some features that I really like.

First is the feather like weight, it weighs only 30g. You can literally carry it anywhere you want and it will be available in affordable price in India.

Second is the elegant and modular design. OPPO said it was inspired by the cicada wing.

Just check it out you got a speaker at one end. The magnetic charging contacts in the middle and a mic beside it.

A touch area on the other side and of course the spectacle lens And if you are wondering how the OPPO Spark Micro Projector looks like, here they are very small, but it is capable of up to millions of nits peak brightness.

Definitely it looks elegant and high tech and at the same time it is low profile.

I know I am a crazy man who always wants more attention from the public but some guys like you maybe just want to keep low profile when using in real life.

Here you go, no bulky main body, no wires, this is perfect, also it is modular designed.

You can either use one or two lenses.

Third is the intuitive operation, you just attach to your glasses frame and connect with your phone. You swipe on the gesture control area and that’s it.

You can also operate through voice hand tracking and head tracking as well as via a Smart Glass app on a smartphone running Oppo’s color OS or above.

For sure you can adjust some specs like the size of text etc on the phone app Since it’s assisted reality what it can do is you can use it for notifications and directions or features like teleprompting and real time translation.

Though I haven’t had much time to experience that.

The display is monochrome with some levels of grayscale depending on the mode, so the Air Glass isn’t going to be beaming rich content into your eyes.

During my test I also found the content seems a bit blurry and off the center but yeah since what I was experiencing was a prototype.

So I will just wait to see what the final version will be which will be available in the year 2022 in China, let’s see when it will be available in India.

Last you may care about is the battery life, Oppo says it should last for 3 hours of active usage and 40 hours on standby, that’s really not bad.

Will Oppo Air Glass Available near Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Telangana

Yes, these states of India is profitable market for Oppo company as it confirmed from its mobile phones sale, so Oppo Air glass will be available in Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

Unboxing and Hands-on

Smart glasses are likely to become the third screen in our smartware life.

Oppo unveiled their newest product the oppo air glass and it will be in market soon with amazing price. It is an assisted reality smart class that works with oppo smartphones and smart watches.

We finally got our hands on one so without any further talk let’s go and check it out.

Right before we get into it let’s quickly unbox it first.

So opening up the box we are greeted with a mirror with the same shape as the oppo air glass itself underneath.

That is an oppo branded notepad then right after that we have the unit itself docked in its charging station.

Right after that is the usb type-c cable for charging and there is also a protective case included here on the side of the box hopping over to another box and lifting up the lid we are greeted with another thin box with a microfiber cloth and the eyeglasses.

Now taking a closer look at the oppo air glass it has a single lens design and is paired with a magnetic frame.

It is actually a pretty straightforward looking device that is made out of a high grade polycarbonate material up front.

We have the glasses with a wave guide display that uses a micro led projector screen hidden by a black tint in the part of the glasses found on the sides are the touch bar oppo logo and the connector pins for mounting onto the glass frame and for charging which is also surrounded by two microphones.

Then moving over to the tip of the oppo air glass we will find the speakers which are essential for taking up calls and you can also use it as your earphones or personal speaker.

The air glass didn’t cause any irritation when worn for long periods of time which is excellent especially when you are using this device when presenting or just casual use additionally an eyeglass is included in the package wherein you can customize it to suit your eye grid.

If you have any moving over to the waveguide display it uses a monochrome micro led projector which produces sharp text and elements.

Now to pair up this device you have to have an oppo smartphone or oppo smartwatch and then install the smart class app from the smartglass app just like any other bluetooth devices.

Just pair it up and you are good to go, once paired you can toggle notification by tapping the air glasses slim touch bar or simply by nodding your head and then tap it again or shake your head to close them to switch between apps.

Simply swipe the touch bar as for its features.

The airglass is used for navigation, translation, teleprompter, calendar, weather, fitness tracking and more.

We tried using it outdoors and the micro led display can still be visible even under broad daylight as it can produce brightness for hardware.

The oppo airglass sports a qualcomm snapdragon processor which help keeps things running smoothly on the spectacle.

Unfortunately we don’t have the exact battery capacity but according to oppo this device can go for up to 3 hours of continuous usage or up to 40 hours of standby time which is relatively accurate during our testing.

The oppo airglass only works hand in hand with an oppo device running caller os or above however it will surely be compatible with most android smartphones and even ios devices.

When it hits the market with failed attempts in the past from other companies like google one can see the potential that this technology can bring from using it as an alternative to smart watches to seeing and managing notification as well as listening to videos.

A bit more privately at this point, there are still a lot of things that can be improved in terms of both appearance and functionality.

If you are wondering about the price the oppo air glass is currently in its testing stage and will be available in the market anytime soon as for our friends at oppo.

The device will have its limited release in the first quarter of and it will firstly available in mainland china.

This post was about Oppo air glass details and its price in India.

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