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Photo Clip String Lights Price With Best Features

Photo clip string lights price

Photo clip string lights price and full details like different varieties of photo lights product is available on this post. If you like to decorate your home, then definitely you may heard about photo clip string lights.

Price for photo clip string lights is Rs. 350/- per piece for normal quality, if you want more advanced features like more lights and clips then price may be Rs. 700/- per piece.

If you are hearing first time about this shining product, and you are totally unfamiliar to it then let me introduce this to you. In this post, I will tell you some of varieties, quality, best location to set photo lights, best rates and many more information and you can buy online.

Photo Clip String Lights Price (Online vs Local)

You may also find photo clip string lights at your local place but price may be very high and you won’t get varieties. This is not a common product which you can find at your local market.

When we are talking about buying online like from Venusprints, you can get many beautiful varieties at very affordable cost.

Price for this product may be double of online product. You may get discount on buying product in quantity online.

LED Photo Clip String Lights

Photo clip string lights price led

String lights connects with each other and you can see long wire of lights. Same in photo clips, there is a long wire of lights, in which there are many clips for holding each photos. After clipping total photos in string, you will get brightest experience of decoration.

This is surrounded by LED bulb. These lights are very beautiful and brighter. These lights and photos together will make your home shining like stars.

Photos clipped with these LED lights get amazing star like view. If you decorated these LED in your room and the room lights are off (when you are in dark), then you will get most beautiful decoration in your room with these photo lights.

You can turn off your regular lights when you turn on these photo lights.

These lights doesn’t hurt your pocket in term of electricity bill. This will consume very little charge. Price for LED photo lights may be double of normal photo clip model.

Fairy Lights with Pegs & Photo Clips

fairy photos peg

You may heard the term fairy. Fairy is beautiful creature with small wings and natural light on it. You can find fairy in fantasy stories.

Here these photo clip are so called because it looks like fairy.

This product is hooked on the wall, you can select anywhere in your home.

These lights will depend on hooked pegs in wall, this is bit different from normal photo clip product.

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Fairy Decoration for Bedroom

Fairy bedroom

These fairy lights with photo clip can be settled up in your bedroom or your children’s bedroom. This beautiful decoration is best suitable for kids, whether a girl or a boy.

Even if you are teenager or younger adult, this beautiful decoration will make glow your bedroom, you will feel like in fantasy world after you set fairy photo lights in your bedroom.

You can decorate your bedroom with this fairy product in very affordable cost, and you can change scene of decoration whenever you want.

Photo Clip String Lights DIY

photo string lights DIY

After you purchase this product, you want to learn how to set up this amazing decoration on your home’s wall.

It is not so hard to set these wire. They are just wire with plug in, you can set these lights as you do in Diwali festival. But for photos, you have to print out same size photos for it, for example – you can print out 5×7 inch size photos.

Putting your photos to this product simple, you will find many clips in it, in which you can hold your photos and your beautiful decoration of your glowing photos is ready.

Setup Fairy Photos in Bedroom (Video)

As this product is beautiful and amazing to glow your bedroom, it is not difficult to setup anywhere. You can set by yourself without any problem.

This video is taken from Youtube channel “roc“. This is short look of how to setup string lights in your bedroom.

Price of this product mentioned in this post are very affordable in the industry. I hope you will get benefit after reading this post. It is very good to know about any product deeply before purchasing it.

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