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Photo Keychain at Low Price – Personalised Gift

Photo keychain price

Photo Keychain price and useful details are available for you in this post. Keychain is very useful part of any key to prevent it from being lost. Printed photo on it makes it more valuable.

Price for normal single sided photo keychain starts from Rs. 100/- and for double sided could be Rs. 200/-, it increases with quality and different types of variety, could last to Rs. 800/-.

There are many types of photo printed keychains in the market like magic, wooden, 3d crystal, acrylic and LED lights. We will get to know about all varieties and learn about printing on it in this post.

Photo Keychain Price Comparison

Photo keychain price comparison

There is not so much difference in price of printed and normal keychain. If we buy a normal printed model, then its price will not be high than non-printed model.

If we buy wooden or acrylic then there are many types of keychain without photo in same rates. These are made up of various materials and various beautiful designs.

So cost difference is somewhere up and down but with many varieties of both types, there would be no difference.

Magic Photo Keychain

Magic photo keychain is a variety where your photo will be shining like sparkle. There are amazing shades in this magic product.

You will find a QR code, when you scan that code, a song will start playing. This can be lovely gift to give someone special with lovely song. You can choose your song.

This product is specially for couple in which you can add couple’s photo. This is a unique gift item mostly given by a girl to the boy because this mostly matters to boys.

Price for magic keychain is not so high, as it deserves because of its uniqueness. You can get it as same as double sided model.

Check out trending product in Indian market Magic Mirror Photo Frame.

Wooden Model

Here is an another printed product made of wood. This is totally made up of different types of wood on which photo can be printed.

There are many shapes, designs and sizes available in this product. You can choose any shape from round, square, rectangle or any types of available shapes. After that your photo will be transformed and printed in that shape.

As I have already said that price for mostly varieties are same, so you can get wooden printed keychain at same rates as magic model.

3D Crystal with Light

This is a 3d model product, looks like crystal and has feature of colorful lights. Your photo will be printed in the crystal. You will see amazing effects on photo when you will use light on it.

There are variety of colors in crystal, you can choose any color, when you pass light through it, your crystal photo will glow according to any color in it.

You can gift 3d keychain to anyone like friends, father, mother, children, husband or wife. This product will be suited for all.

In all types of keychain, your photo should be cropped close up. Try to use half pic or face close up pic instead of full picture.

Acrylic Model

This keychain is made up of pure acrylic plastic. Acrylic is well finished material, that is used in many product categories all over the world. Shining is unique in every acrylic product. Acrylic products are well known in every printed Industry due to it’s beauty.

Acrylic keychain has many shape and size. You can use it for business purpose, like you can use your brand name or logo inside keychain.

Price for acrylic is same as 3d photo keychain, that could be more costly with better quality and size.

Photo Keychain Double Sided

double sided print

In normal and cheapest models, there could be option for 1 photo, but in high featured models, you can get photo in double side means you can use 2 photos in double sided keychain.

This feature is available in some costly variety. It is up to you, which one you want to choose. But full featured keychain’s price is not so high which you can’t afford.

This product is under gift category but you can use it personally, or you can use for promoting your business brand without using so much efforts.

There are many ways of adding photos in both side. You can add couple photo in both side and if you want to give to a single person, you can add photo on one side and quotation on another side.

How to Print Keychain at Home?

There may be 2 ways to set photo in keychain. One way is that you make a print on paper according to the holder size. Some has holder in which you can set your photo print.

Other way is sublimation printing on keychains. This type of printing is related to mug and t-shirt printing.

Here is a video of printing any photo on keychain at home from YouTube channel Fresh Inventions.

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