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Photo Lamp with LED at Low Price

Photo lamp at low price

Photo lamp with LED lights is one of the best gift in low price in Indian market. If you love to give gifts to your lovable ones and you also love personalized gifts, then this will be suitable in your gift list.

Photo lamp price is Rs. 1,299/- in India, and there are lots of varieties in this product in very affordable rates.

A photo lamp do work like a night bulb. It is the great alternative of boring night bulb with your lovable pics. In this post, I will give you all information related to lamp of different varieties like rotating, cube and music lamp with customized pictures.

Photo Lamp – Βest Personalized Gift

This item is in the category of personalized gift item. You can check out various customized gifts here on this blog.

Photo gift is a personalized gift with memories attached in it. Suppose you want to give a customized gift to your friend, then you will put your friend’s photos in it.

For more examples, you can see lots of customized gift items on this website.

Here we are talking about personalized photo lamp. We can use this gift to give lovable ones and this is an item which you can give to anybody you want, like your friends, husband/wife, love, daughter, son or anybody else.

You can use single big photo, couple pic or collage in it. Every size will be suitable in it. Along with photos, you can add lovely quotes in it to make its look more attractive because quotes make any design more awesome.

Photo lamp will be suitable in dark place because it will glow with LED lights and this require darkness. You can use this precious item in your bedroom, then your room will shine with your beautiful photos.

Personalized Photo keychain is an another gift item.

In further reading, we will get to know about different varities of this product and many more things.

Rotating Feature

Rotating is basic feature in most of the lamps. Along with LED lights, there is a motor connected with it which helps it to rotate. There is a cable connected with it for electricity.

Rotating feature is available for all types of photo lamp, including long, cube and music feature. Basic lamp is of cylindrical shape, can be up to 17 inch long.

It is hard to make rotating in your self made lamp. You can make your own photo lamp at low cost but you can’t rotate it until you are an engineer. I will show you how you can make this in the last of this post.

Photo Lamp With Music

Photo lamp with music at best rate

This is an another great type of Music Photo Lamp that gives you any music which you want. This product is like square in shape and smaller than regular lamp in size. It also includes LED lights for amazing shine.

You can add photos from 4 sides here and there is a speaker inside this and there are lots of option for playing music. Now we will discuss about its options for enabling music.


It has an antennae by which you can listen FM channels. Radio makes this lamp a classic item. It is best item which you can put in your bedroom and enjoy music on FM with its awesome look.


Music lamp has another great feature of inbuilt bluetooth, in which you can connect your mobile phone to the device and can play any music or any sound of your mobile in it.

USB Pendrive and Memory Card

There is a port of using pendrive and memory card by which you can access music which you have stored in your usb or card.

There is a remote control for controlling music while playing from pendrive, memory card and FM.

Photo Lamp Cube

Cube box

Cube is the smaller version of photo lamp. It is a cube size lamp in which you can add 4 pics.

This also has feature of rotation with beautiful LED lights, made up of acrylic material and its weight is approx 1kg.

Cube lamp needs some power from electricity or batteries to make rotation. It will give you relaxing lights with no harm, but it will look better in dark room.

This is very light weighted and can be placed on any surface. You can put it on more than one side, as it is very comfortable all around.

Print of the lamp is waterproof and if it gets wet in water, you can clean it quickly with any cloth. Price of cube version is similar to cylindrical version.

How to make Photo Lamp at home

These photo lamps are made in large and medium size factories and this require awesome design, finishing, project, labour, hard work, large cost and much more. Thousands of pieces get made in factories, after that these pieces get available in the market.

All we can say is that it requires many things to make a cool photo lamp and this is an industry level project, but you can also make it on your own. You can’t make well designed and perfect but you can make something like that.

So, if you think price of this lamp in the market are so much high, then here is a video for you, in which you can learn how to make a good photo lamp by using your photos, transparent sheets, LED lights and some tape. This is a cool video by ARTSHUB Handmades.

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