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Photo Retouch Service with Face Clear Editing

Photo retouch service with face clear

We provide Photo Retouch Service and Face Clear Editing with the powerful photo editing software Photoshop.

Our company has experienced photo editor employees, that knows all clearing techniques of normal photos to make them HD quality.

We have good knowledge of editing, because we are in this industry since 1928.

In this article, you will get to know about Photo Retouch and Face Clearing editing service, step by step.

What is Photo Retouching?

Photo retouching means to edit and make color correction in photo, removing bad part of the image like pimples, scars, spots, set brightness or darkness, sharpen or contrast to look beautiful with editing software like Photoshop.

What is photo retouch

We provide best solution for all type of photo editing and retouching in different types of photos, from solo picture to wedding albums. Yes, wedding albums also need retouching and clearing correction before printing.

Difference Between Photo Retouch and Face Clear?

Photo retouch means to editing any part of a photo from face to leg, or doing correction in the background of the image. It means full photo correction.

Face Clear means to editing in face, retouching every micro part of the face. It’s usually used in close up pictures. Pimples, scars, black heads, wrinkles, etc healed in face clear correction.

After Face Clearing in Photoshop, your face will look like you have done a facial massage on your face. Your skin will glow and shine.

Which Software we use for Photo Retouch?

We use the best software Photoshop for retouching and face clearing of the photos. There are number of different online and offline tools for photo editing but Photoshop is the best editor’s choice software.

Photo retouching and face clearing

Photoshop is an offline software but it is used over 90% of experienced and professional photo editors.

Adobe company owns Photoshop. Adobe has many other softwares that used by large numbers of the editors all around the world. Photoshop has millions of users worldwide.

Photo Retouching With Printing

At our photo lab, you will get the complete pack, means you will get photo print after retouching it. You can order print in different size of photos. See all photo size at photo printing page.

Order now for retouching photos, contact us.