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Piaggio Ape Spare Parts Price List PDF

Piaggio Ape spare parts price list in PDF

Piaggio Ape spare parts price list PDF details are available here. Piaggio is India’s leading three wheeler cargo vehicle which is getting popularity in all over in India.

Piaggio Ape Fork Lock Washer Ape spare parts price list is Rs. 19/- per piece and Fork Cone No. 5 ape is Rs. 55/-.

Check out full detailed rate list of Piaggio Ape with part no. and check out more about modern electrical 3 wheeler vehicles.

Piaggio Ape Spare Parts Price List PDF

Here is the full price list chart of Piaggio Ape spare parts.

Part NamePart No.Price
Fork Lock Washer Ape108873Rs.19/-
Fork Cone No. 5 Ape108874Rs. 55/-
Elastic Hub Small Ape111498Rs. 360/-
Speedo Meter Pinion Ape117404Rs. 36/-
Stop Lever Ape119928Rs. 28/-
Clutch Lever Bush Ape125181Rs.16/-
Reverse Gear Liver Ape125411Rs. 80/-
Bevel Gear Pin Ape132129Rs. 88/-
Differential Lock Ape132244Rs. 54/-
Rear Wheek Hub Ape136888Rs. 419/-
Brake Drum Ape152580Rs. 750/-
Clutch Lever Ape164906Rs. 90/-
Brake Show ADJ Lever LH Ape179056Rs. 250/-
Brake Show ADJ Lever RH Ape179057Rs. 250/-
Frame Joint Clip Iron Ape190462Rs. 20/-
Axle Boot Ape198618Rs. 97/-
Triangle Bush Big Ape226661Rs. 86/-
Engine Mounting Rubber Ape265091Rs. 148/-

Modern 3-Wheel Electric Vehicles

Three-wheel electric vehicles targeted for use primarily in urban and suburban markets.
The major concerns in personal transportation include pollution traffic congestion fuel prices and the effect on our climate statistics show that 77 of all vehicles on the road travel with only one person aboard commuters IA repetitive travelers account for 90 percent of these motorists.

Moreover in a typical vehicle up to 40 percent of the energy is used to push air out of the way which makes the aerodynamics of any transportation method absolutely critical in the search for energy conservation and thereby ecological improvement.

Number 1 – Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle

1000 mile Aptera never charge solar supplemented ev the three-wheeler boasts 700 watts of solar capacity which can harvest 4.4 kilowatt hours of energy per day on a sunny day in california, optional solar panels covering the rear hatch enable up to 40 miles of range per day.

In those conditions aptera claims even in the decidedly less sunny climate of ireland 20 miles of range per day from solar charging is still possible aptera claims it will offer versions with up to 1 000 miles of range but so far a 400 mile version has been the most popular among reservation holders the company claims to have more than 10000 orders for the three-wheeler which starts at thousand 25 hundred dollars aptera is targeting 2022 for production.

Number 2 – Daymax Spiritus

Daymax avenires spiritus is a fully loaded two-seater electric car with optional autonomous driving features wi-fi connectivity ac 12-speaker stereo system solar panels for additional trickle charging additions to add ultimate comfort to your daily commute with a super fast charging time of under two hours the spiritus also sports a gps alarm system backup camera and so much more.

All while offering a range of up to 480 kilometers or 300 miles deliveries to start in 2023 from 21495 dollars.

Number 3 – Electromechanical Solo

The Electromechanical Solo a motorcycle that looks like a car and wants to revolutionize personal transportation.

This startup’s eighteen thousand dollar electric car only has one seat.

Its CEO told us why he thinks buyers will eat it up F startup electra mechanica plans to deliver its first tiny one seed ev before the end of 2021.

The one c dev is called the solo an electro mechanic is targeting personal and commercial use early solos will be made in china but localized models will eventually be built in Mesa Arizona get the latest tech trends and innovations delivered daily to your inbox.

Today electric cars are all the talk whether it’s the tesla model 3 sedan or the mustang maki crossover evs have taken the market by storm but nearly all of the popular electric cars have one shared trait their passenger cars.

Canadian F startup electromechanica wants to change that in 2015 investor and motorsport enthusiast jerry crowell co-founded and formerly led electro mechanica with a goal of challenging the concept of urban transportation instead of building a traditional commuter car.

Crow aimed for something far less conventional kroll’s idea to rethink the automobile was to develop an affordable electric city car with just one seat and electromechanical’s current ceo paul rivera emphasized that electromechanical’s creation would blend the space between micro mobility and traditional transportation in micro mobility.

You’ve got everything from the little electric scooters and you’ve got little electric bikes rivera said then on the other side you’ve got passenger cars and even in the electric vehicle space you still have three or four empty seats.

Number 4 – Saunders have Prototype Electric Car

Saunders is usually known for its electric bike company but what happens when ceo and founder storm saunders decides to go from two wheels to three.

The saunders ev looks premium the design of the car is inspired by performance vehicles as opposed to the wacky more fun designs we’ve seen from other revs the saunders have almost looks like a standard car from the front but from the back things get way more interesting sports car in the front motorcycle in the back.

The back of the saunders have reminded us a little bit of a light cycle from tron there’s one thing that’s certain this ev turns heads and makes a great conversation starter the interior is surprisingly spacious.

I’m almost six feet tall and i have plenty of headroom plenty of legrooms this prototype is powered by a single rear wheel hub motor.

The charging port is hidden away in the rear of the vehicle just above the back tire.

The charger is capable of plugging into standard 110 volt and 220 volt outlets the single rear wheel hub motor in the prototype could change in the final production model the interior doors match the dash and seats with a beautiful red and black color combination red stitching accented.

The surprisingly comfy seats gear shifting is as easy as turning a simple button two pop-out cup holders hide just beneath the main cluster of primary controls the dash looked polished but many features like the ac vents and the stereo were simple facades saunders is going to build an excellent production model and offer a ten thousand dollar rev to the masses it might just have a hit on a chance.

Number 5 – Ampere Electric Shove Ampere

Electric sports roadster bringing stylish innovative electric vehicles to the modern consumer invest in ampere motor ampere motor aims to produce vehicles that are as stylish as they are affordable.

Ampere electric sports roadster is just nine thousand nine hundred dollars making ampere accessible to everyone not just the wealthy people love that our roadsters are sophisticated sleek and fun to drive we have seen that many environmentally conscious people are consumers who have opted to trade out their traditional gas guzzling vehicles for cleaner alternatives.

The body of the ampere roadster combines vintage race car elements as well as futuristic curves and lines even the sharks on shark tank said it looked amazing and everyone who sees it will most likely want to get behind the wheel.

Ampere three wheeler offers up to 160 kilometers of range in its most basic configuration while owners who wish to take more extensive trips can upgrade to up to 240 kilometers regardless of battery life the sprint from zero to 60 miles per hour takes about eight seconds and top speed checks in at about 100 to 120 kilometers per hour 60 to 75 miles per hour.

Recharging the three wheeled ones battery takes about five to six hours when plugged into a regular household power outlet about two hours via level two charger once charged.

The charge will last for up to 160 kilometers before requiring another charge.

This post was about Piaggio Ape Spare parts details and its price list PDF.

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