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Pillow Photo Print at Low Price | Personalized Cushions

Pillow photo print price

Everyone use pillows and cushions in their life, but if you get customized pillow with photo print then you will definitely love this. There are many types of photo gift items in market, and photo pillow is one of them.

In this post we will get to know about pillow photo print and it’s rates. There are some varieties of pillow in market, some of them we will covered in this post and will know their price.

Pillow Photo Print Price

Pillow photo print price

Basic price of pillow with your photo print is Rs 350/- for normal square and heart shaped pillow. Magic and LED pillows are worth Rs 700/- each.

On mostly online stores, you may have to pay shipping charge extra with pillow’s price, but here you will have to pay less than others.

You will have to send your photo to be printed on pillow, you will get instructions by email on contact page.

Heart Pillow photo print

Heart pillow photo

Heart shaped printed pillow is the most common type of pillow. This variety is used more often than other pillow types. Generally heart shaped pillow are small in size and it is used mostly on sofa. You photo will also be in heart shape.

This item is mostly used for couples, taking care of relationship. This is most often used in gift item, you can gift your loved one with their photo on it.

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Square Pillow Photo Print

Square Pillow

Square shaped pillow is also mostly used pillow. These 2 types of pillow are cheap and best. Here you will need to send your photo that can be cropped in square shape. This type of pillow is well designed to be offered in gift item. Price of this item is not costly, you can check above.

You can have varieties of colours in both heart and square shaped pillow. Both types has different variety of materials like fur and fabric. Fur is the best material for softness of pillow.

Magic Pillow

Magic pillow photo print with baby pic

Magic pillow is also a printed pillow with different colours and quality. In this pillow, your image will be visible and invisible on moving basis. If you move pillow then its printed photo will also be shown and hide.

Photo is printed only on one side of the pillow. Magic pillow is made from material like sequin and polyester. This pillow can be washed by hands and dry naturally. Don’t use iron manually to dry it, this will destroy your pillow.

This is not costly at all, see price for magic pillow in beginning of this post.

LED Pillow

LED Pillow

LED pillow or cushion is an another beautiful product for your indoor decoration. Unlike other types of pillows, this is but different because you have to use electric power in it. It doesn’t mean you need to plug in to electrical board, you will find small battery in it.

LED pillow will glow like star in night sky when you off lights in the room and switch on pillow LED, you will get amazing scene in your room. This is best gift item to give your wife or husband and your lovable ones. Price is also not high, as I have mentioned it rates above.

You can wash it manually by your hands, don’t wash it in machine because it will get damaged. And after that you should let it dry naturally in sunlight.

Watch on YouTube – How LED Pillow Looks Like?

Photo Size for Pillow Cover

There are many size of printed pillows in market. You can make photos of sizes 10×10, 12×12, 15×15 in inches. Different type of cushions needs separate cropping and designing to be set in pillow.

For long time use, you should choose small and medium size of pillow, because big size often used for sleeping. You should choose cushions for your sofa, because if you use it for sleeping it won’t be long lasted.

Price may be differ for various sizes of pillows. You can choose which size you will like most. If you want pillow for your sofa then you should choose small size, but if you want pillow for sleeping on bed then you can take big and comfortable pillow size.

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