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Plastic Bag Sealing Machine Price in India

Plastic bag sealing machine price in India

Plastic Bag Sealing Machine details are available here in this post. There are different types of bags made by plastic used in every country like India and most of them needs sealing.

Plastic Bag Sealing Machine price starts from Rs. 850/- in India. There are more models which cost up to Rs. 8,800/- that are used for large scale work.

In this article I will give you all related information about sealing plastic bags with machine and other techniques.

Portable Plastic Bag Sealing Machine – Overview

portable sealing machine

I have got to show you here today a plastic or a pouch sealing with mini machine.

I bought this product from one of the e-commerce site.

Let me show you around the box before I unbox the product, nothing much in the box to show you the product is made in China.

Let’s go ahead and unbox this and then see if it really works also I will share my opinion after testing this machine if it really works.

Now this is the product that we got and as you can see the branding sealing on the top of the machine, this is a safety lock which they have given but I don’t think so it is of much use because it just falls off this product uses two AA batteries which has low price and available in India.

Let me open where you can put the batteries, so here one goes and the other one pretty much simple at the bottom of the product you can see there is a magnet or you can attach this product to the fridge or just keep it in the drawer whenever not in use.

Let me show you whether the magnet really works, the magnet does work for the cost that this product comes out.

I think this is quite okay but however the product quality is not that great in just a normal plastic that they have used.

Now let’s go ahead and test this product and see if it really works.

This product is of only one single use wherein it is used to sealing the plastic bag or the pouch in machine.

Let’s see if the product really works and sealing this plastic bag for that what you need to do is press it down for some time for about say five seconds or six seconds and then this is how you seal it in machine.

Swipe it towards your right and similarly your half portion on the other side which is towards a lunch.

Now let’s see in case if it worked, you can see that the plastic bag is sealed and it’s quite strong.

If you look at so let’s try sealing another pouch in machine and see if it really works and that’s done on your left hand side.

This is how you can see all your plastic bags whenever not in use you can see that it is sealed.

I think for the price point and the purpose that this machine is made for it serves the purpose.

There might be better quality machines than this particular product which I have unboxed today however in case if you are looking for something cheap I think this is one product that you can go for.

Heat Seal Plastic Bags Without Heat Sealing Machine

Today I am going to show you how to easily heat sealing your pouch bags with a flat iron and you don’t need any machine.

I searched online on how to do this and I found website saying oh you can’t do it, it will ruin your flat iron, it will ruin your packaging.

This heat treat sealing machine instead and I am like now I don’t want to pay for that right now maybe in the future as its price is little high in India but I have discovered it is very easy to sealing your plastic bag with a flat iron safely and easily without melting the plastic.

The simple trick is putting a tin foil barrier on the top, flat irons are exceptionally hot they are way hotter than typical irons.

So all you have to do is get this bad boy turned on, I only have one heat setting which is super hot and I don’t want to go over the knotch area.

I just simply place my heat for five seconds flip over the plastic bag because my flat iron isn’t long enough to do the whole bag and five seconds let it cool down a little bit because it is quite hot and then I take off my plastic.

I have a nice sealing without machine, I mean this thing, this is mega sealed and it looks good.

Nothing is melted, it is sealed and I did it with my flat iron that I already own.

So I just saved myself you know a couple hundred dollars on an expensive tool to that and the product I am sealing actually is my heirloom survival seed kit that I made and this has varieties over six thousand seeds in it.

You can see the sealing has held perfectly and it is airtight which you can tell the air has not been escaping so it worked out really good.

So save yourself some money and get your flat iron ceiling on have a good one.

Sealing Bags With an Iron

Here We have an open plastic bag with no sealing in it right now.

This is just any kind of bag that doesn’t have a zipper.

You can also use cellophane to make your own bag without machine at lowest price in India.

You will need a piece of foil something that fits around the size of the plastic bag and this is what we are going to put on the either side.

You can also use parchment paper that iPhone file works a little better.

So you are going to need an iron as well I have mine on to a number two setting out of ten or just low depending on what your iron is.

So you are going to go head and put your plastic bag into the foil and press it for about ten seconds.

This will help you create the first sealing then be cooled and fold it over twice more and then we will create the second, which will be the final sealing.

This is a really quick and easy project to do especially if you just don’t have the type of Ziploc style plastic bag and don’t have special machine that you need and I use them for beads and other things.

Our first level is about done, we are just going to let it cool a little bit.

It will start pulling away from the foil as it cools, you don’t want to pull it off too soon or it is going to rip your plastic sealing that you just created without any work from machine.

So you can see that it is starting to kind of curl up just a little bit right there.

Now we can go ahead and just pull it off gently.

So we have our first sealing, now we are going to go ahead and fold it over in half and then in half once more go ahead and put it back in your foil like you did the first time.

Press for your second seal each time you are going to do it about some seconds.

It is just enough to melt the plastic bag together manually without sealing machine which has high price in India and other countries.

How to Reseal a Plastic Bag

Sometimes the kids can get to sealing opened items and think they are a toy.

This is what I do to reseal those equipment, I use the package where I run everything in aluminum foil and your flat iron.

I fold it, I have to give it whatever fold I need piece of aluminum foil even i don’t have any costly machine which you can find in market at high price in India.

Make sure you are only getting the aluminum foil, you do not want to get the plastic with your flat iron because we all know what will happen.

You don’t have to be there forever, it all depends on the plastic waste.

This would do the trick make it a lot easier than I am doing it.

You should wait a few seconds but I don’t have a few seconds to spare and you just do the same thing.

Again I am gonna hold this a little bit more makes me it better.

You just go over the area so didn’t seal but this was a little trick not obviously it will be hot that I mean it’s not the perfect but you can do it.

This is how I show you how can you make your plastic bag resealable.

This one is thicker this one is a whole lot thicker, so it is not gonna be as simple as any other like sandwich plastic bag or anything else.

So you want to see them but it will sealing doing this for a while and I am working on it.

There is no air coming out and there is obviously not gonna be anything going in.

I am pressing the iron you can see my fingernails and voila we are done.

You can use the same technique if you make any like baked goods you can do by sandwich bags to it without using and plastic bag sealing machine.

I mainly came up with this because of the need of having to reseal a lot of medical equipment and smaller packages so I can store them away properly and that’s it.

This article was all about Plastic Bag Sealing machine details and its price in India

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