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Pre Wedding Photoshoot Price and Tips to Improve Your Skills

Pre wedding photoshoot price and tips

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Price and Tips to improve your photography skills. Now a days, Pre Wedding Photoshoot is more common as everyone wants to make their wedding event more charming and memorable. Photography in wedding is most common from many decades, but now everyone wants more fun in their wedding photoshoot event.

Price for a normal budget Pre Wedding Photoshoot is Rs. 10,000 ($137), and this may go up to more expensive for high level which is Rs. 80,000 ($1065+).

If you are a photographer or you are hiring photographers in your wedding, then this is the perfect post for you because in this post, we will discuss all about pre wedding photoshoot ideas, tips and many more things about photography.

Pre Wedding means to shoot photo and video in cinematic style before the wedding event. You can say this is the trailer before the wedding photo or video shoot.

Before click the shoot, you should learn some tips and ideas to make your photography more powerful. You should have knowledge of camera, lens and flash. Update your skills and get some useful ideas for perfect photoshoot.

Choosing Location

When doing photoshoot in pre wedding event, choosing beautiful location is an important task. This event needs beautiful nature and scenery type location.

Mostly pre wedding photoshoot is clicked on beautiful hills, lakes and on the locations that are naturally look nice.

Here we will discuss best locations in different countries of the world at affordable price for pre wedding photoshoot.

Coorg (India) – Coorg is the most beautiful natural place in southern India in Karnataka state. It is known as the Scotland of India for its most beautiful hills and valleys, you can enjoy here in low cost. Coorg will be the best location in India for Pre wedding photoshoot.

Pre Wedding Shoot Location India Coorg

Dzukou Valley (India) – Dzukou Valley is the beautiful place in Nagaland in India. This place has beautiful green forests grasslands and flowers land and is not costly. Best season to go in this valley is winter.

Srinagar (India) – Srinagar is located in Kashmir in northern India. It is most popular city of India in terms of natural beauty among Indian and foreigners. This city has beautiful mountains and lakes. You can do amazing photography at this location at very low price.

Zurich (Switzerland) – Zurich is the beautiful city in most beautiful country of the world Switzerland. Zurich lies in northern part of the Switzerland and is historical too. If you can go to Switzerland, Zurich will be the best location around the world for pre wedding photoshoot.

Zurich is the Best Location For Wedding

Portree (Scotland) – Portree is the largest town and the most beautiful place in Scotland. It is situated in Isle of Skye in Scotland. You will find beautiful mountains, sea coasts on beautiful island. Scotland is in our top list for shooting pre wedding.

Portree is one of the best location

Alesund (Norway) – Ålesund is a port town in western part of Norway. This town was rebuilt after a fire in the year 1904. Mount Aksla is the main destination of Alesund for travel and for photography. You can do perfect pre wedding photoshoot in the regions of Alesund.

Beautiful Wedding Location

Reykjavik (Iceland) – Reykjavik is the capital and largest city of Iceland, situated on the coast of Iceland. This beautiful city is the home of man made and natural places, having beautiful landscapes, mountains. Reykjavik will always be in top list for the purpose of shooting outdoor and pre wedding.

Beautiful Location on earth

San Martin de los Andes (Argentina) – This beautiful town is located in northwest Patagonia in Argentina. It has beautiful national park, volcanoes, wildlife forests. Photoshoot for pre wedding or any other outdoor event will be the perfect shoot besides the lakes and mountains in this place.

San Martin de los Andes in Argentina

Queenstown (New Zealand) – Queenstown city is situated beside the lake Wakatipu in New Zealand. This city has historic mining towns, rivers for adventures and jet boating. Queenstown has beautiful landscapes for amazing cinematic photography.

You may get high price when travelling to abroad for clicking photos.

Natural Beautiful pre wedding location

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Selecting Dresses

When we are talking about photography, then we must talk about the dresses wearing in the photoshoot session.

In pre wedding session, dresses may be vary with the different regions of the world because clothing changes with the regions.

Like in India, wedding wears are very unique when comparing to other countries of the world. Here we will show pre wedding dresses with different regions.

Indian Dresses

Pre Wedding Photoshoot is most common in India, because in this country people celebrate and enjoy wedding event more than any other country in the world.

Western Countries Dresses

Pre Wedding is less common in western countries than India, but some people wants to make their wedding event memorable with photoshoot.

How to Make Poses

When we are shooting photos for pre wedding or any other event, we should look at the poses before clicking photos. Unlike candid shoot, we should make great different poses for great photos.

Here, we will show you best different types of pre wedding shoot poses. Check out the pics below.

Using Props


Balloons are beautiful and basic props in low cost for every pre wedding shoot. Balloons are the symbol of happiness, makes your shoot joyful. Holding group of balloons would be a great pose and release in the air at last.

Boat and Water

Sitting in the boat and taking great romantic pics. Water makes your moments more enjoyable. Precaution is must while shooting in water.

Picnic Style

Picnic style prop is the beautiful prop in the garden. You can make picnic scene set in a garden or grass, and use it in photoshoot of pre wedding. Take all useful things for picnic set to make it more realistic.

Music Style

Taking shots with music instruments like guitar or violin makes your photoshoot more romantic and lovely. Music is great symbol of expressing love.

Cars Prop

Using well modified and decorated cars as prop in your shoot will make it more memorable. Old car or a luxury car will be the best choice, but price may be high.

Bicycle Prop

Old or luxury decorated bicyles can also be great props like cars. Sitting on bicycle, both girl and boy look so romantic.

Beautiful Lights in Night

Lights will make your shoot glorious in the night. When shooting in the dark at night, beautiful set of lights will make your pre wedding so wonderful.

Best Camera For Pre Wedding Photoshoot

When we are talking about photography for any event, first thing is to choose best camera. Here we will find out best camera for pre wedding shoot.

Pre wedding photoshoot is an event that is clicked outdoor. So in the case of camera here, we will choose camera for outdoor event photography.In today’s world, everyone is familiar with DSLR camera.

DSLR is the best camera to click photos in outdoor events. Almost every camera’s companies produce DSLR cameras as this is the first choice of everyone on planet.

Below is the list of best DSLR camera for outdoor events like Pre Wedding Photoshoot at affordable price. You can use these cameras in any outdoor photography event.

Nikon D5300
Nikon D850
Fujifilm X-T1
Fujifilm GFX 50S
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Sony Alpha a7R III

Best Lens For Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Just like choosing best camera for your pre wedding event, you should choose best camera lenses to make perfect photography.

Choosing right camera and lens shows that you are the professional photographer, you will get more fame and your name will rise if you do photography like a professional.

Again we will select lenses for outdoor photography. When using these lens, you will need more information about camera and it’s equipment.

You should have great experience in photography. Below is the list of some best lens to be used in pre wedding photoshoot in low price.

Canon 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM Mark II
Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8E AF-S
Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 Art
Canon 16-35mm f/4L IS USM
Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS

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