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RHL Gold Saria Price List in Lucknow Today

RHL Gold Saria price list in Lucknow today with chart

RHL Gold Saria price list details for Lucknow today are available here in this post. RHL saria company is located in Kanpur and its products are widely used in Uttar Pradesh and all over in India.

RHL Gold Saria price list starts from Rs. 80,416/- per metric ton in Lucknow today for the size of 12mm TMT bar.

In this article I will give you all rate list details of RHL Gold Saria, see the chart below.

RHL Gold Saria Price List in Lucknow Today Chart

Here are the price list details of RHL Gold Saria.

RHL Gold Saria SizePrice List / MT
12mmRs. 80,416/-
8mmRs. 83,965/-
16mmRs. 81,595/-
10mmRs. 82,775/-
20mmRs. 81,595/-
25mmRs. 81,595/-

More Details about RHL Gold

Company legal name – R H L Profiles Limited
Company Category – Private
Address – 63/2, City Center Mall, The Mall Road, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208001
Established – 16 Dec 1987

Steel Production Explained

This reading is taken from an European steel making company.

Duisburg is the largest steel production site in Europe.

Our iron and steel mill is like a giant machine we produce flat carbon steel here around the clock 365 days a year.

This requires iron ore coal and other raw materials delivered by ship or rail.

The coal first enters the coking plant and is baked at a high temperature for 25 hours.

The resulting coke is cooled down with water until it is hard and porous just right for the blast furnace in the sintering plant fine iron ore is prepared for further processing in the blast furnace.

Extremely hot air is used to cake the iron ore into coarse lumps in the sintering process.

Now the smelting can begin iron ore coke and additives are continuously filled into the blast furnace from above up to 25 000 tons of material per day.

Hot air at 1 250 degrees celsius is blown in from below this leads to complex reactions at high temperatures.

The oxygen is removed and the ore is reduced as they melt the various components move steadily downwards resulting in molten big iron and slag in the tapping process the finished.

Iron and slag are discharged from the blast furnace every two to three hours at a temperature of 1 500 degrees celsius.

The actual steel is produced in the melt shop to make flexible forgeable steel from the brittle iron.

The amount of carbon must be reduced this is done in the converter steel scrap is mixed into the molten iron.

This environmentally friendly process is used for cooling oxygen is then blown in which reduces the amount of carbon and results in crude steel.

Not all steel is the same secondary metallurgy allows the chemical composition of the molten steel to be controlled with great .

The steel is boiled with small amounts of chromium molybdenum or other additives to form an alloy.

This process is used to produce some 2500 different grades of steel and every year we develop new materials and research different applications for steel.

How is sheet formed from molten steel, there are two options the casting rolling line and the continuous caster.

In the casting rolling line the steel is cast into a thin strand that can be rolled directly to strip the steel strip is wound into a coil that weighs up to 45 tons.

The continuous caster produces thick slabs these are massive blocks of steel that can be subsequently rolled into sheet and plate.

In the hot strip mill the plate mill transforms the slabs into steel plates with a thickness of up to 18 centimeters.

These heavy plates are used for large cranes and other heavy duty machinery.

The hot strip mill produces thinner steel a red hot steel strand is reduced to a thickness of a few millimeters by powerful rollers at the end of the nearly 500 meter long production line.

The steel strip is wound into a coil and can be sold as hot strip.

The cold rolling mill is where even thinner materials are produced before processing the scale is removed from the steel strip in a pickling line afterwards the steel strip is rolled down to thicknesses of less than one millimeter.

Precisely defined mechanical properties are achieved by special rolling processes along with selective heating and cooling of the steel hot dip galvanizing protects against rust.

This is especially helpful for car manufacturers in the hot dip coating line.

The steel strip is heated and dipped into a bath of liquid zinc.

The protective sink permanently bonds to the surface of the steel other finishes can be applied to the steel in the coil coating line paint films and other coatings.

Ensure that the sheets can be processed immediately into finished products for example for building facade construction or the household appliance industry heavy plate hot rolled and cold rolled strip uncoated coated hot dip and coil coated.

We supply a wide range of steel products working together with our customers.

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This post was about RHL Gold Saria details and its price list in Lucknow today.

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