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Satin Rose Salon Price List 2023

Satin Rose Salon Price List details for 2023 are available here.

Satin Rose Salon Price List in India: Luxurious Beauty Services at Affordable Rates


In a world where self-care and grooming have taken on paramount importance, finding the perfect salon that offers top-notch services at reasonable prices can be a game-changer. Satin Rose Salon is one such gem in the Indian beauty industry, providing a wide range of luxurious beauty treatments that cater to the modern woman’s needs without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Satin Rose Salon’s price list and the exceptional value it offers to its clients.

Satin Rose Salon: A Glimpse of Luxury

Satin Rose Salon is a renowned beauty and wellness destination that has carved a niche for itself in the Indian beauty industry. With its elegant ambiance, highly trained staff, and an array of services, it offers clients a luxurious experience without the premium price tag.

Hair Services

  • Haircuts:
  • Women: Starting at INR 500
  • Men: Starting at INR 300
  • Kids: Starting at INR 200
  • Hair Color:
  • Global Color: Starting at INR 1,200
  • Highlights/Lowlights: Starting at INR 1,800
  • Root Touch-Up: Starting at INR 800
  • Hair Spa and Treatments:
  • Basic Hair Spa: Starting at INR 1,000
  • Hair Smoothening price starting from INR 2,500
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment: Starting at INR 600
  • Keratin Treatment: Starting at INR 3,500

Skincare Services

  • Facials:
  • Classic Facial: Starting at INR 1,200
  • Anti-Ageing Facial: Starting at INR 1,800
  • Brightening Facial: Starting at INR 1,500
  • Waxing:
  • Full Body Wax: Starting at INR 1,800
  • Face and Body Wax: Starting at INR 1,200
  • Threading and Bleaching:
  • Eyebrow Threading: Starting at INR 100
  • Full Face Bleaching: Starting at INR 600

Nail Services

  • Manicure:
  • Classic Manicure: Starting at INR 500
  • Gel Manicure: Starting at INR 800
  • Pedicure:
  • Classic Pedicure: Starting at INR 600
  • Gel Pedicure: Starting at INR 900
  • Nail Art:
  • Nail Extensions: Starting at INR 1,500
  • Nail Art (per finger): Starting at INR 100

Why Choose Satin Rose Salon?

  1. Affordable Luxury: Satin Rose Salon offers a wide range of beauty services, and what sets them apart is their commitment to providing a luxurious experience at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  2. Expert Staff: The salon boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry.
  3. Quality Products: Satin Rose Salon uses only premium-quality products to ensure that their clients receive the best possible results.
  4. Customized Services: Whether you need a quick touch-up or a complete makeover, the salon offers personalized services tailored to your specific needs.
  5. Hygiene and Safety: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Satin Rose Salon adheres to strict hygiene and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of its clients.


Satin Rose Salon is not just a salon; it’s a sanctuary for those seeking top-tier beauty and grooming services without the premium price tag. With an extensive range of services, highly trained staff, and a commitment to affordability, Satin Rose Salon has become a go-to destination for individuals across India looking to enhance their beauty and well-being.

So, the next time you’re in need of some self-pampering or a beauty makeover, check out Satin Rose Salon’s price list and experience the luxury you deserve, all while staying within your budget. Your journey to beauty and relaxation awaits at Satin Rose Salon!

(Note: Prices mentioned in this blog post are indicative and subject to change. It’s advisable to check with the salon directly for the most current price list.)

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