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Siemens MRI Machine Price in India 2023

Siemens MRI machine price in India

Siemens MRI machine information and all related details are available here in 2023. This brand is one of the most popular brand that provide MRI machines in India and all over the world.

Siemens MRI machine price starts from Rs. 35,00,000/- (35 Lakh) in India. There are other models available in Rs. 8,00,00,000/- (8 Cr) which we will discuss further.

In this post we will discuss deeply about MRI machines, it’s types, cardiac scan and even more details about MRI scan.

Siemens Machine and Evolution of MRI

Here we will cover the beginning of MRI machines, what are MRI machines and the types of MRI machines like Siemens.

Lets begin with the history of MRI machines. A magnetic resonance imaging machine better known as an MRI has a long and complicated history beginning in it all started when swiss physicist named felix block conducted an experiment regarding a new method of nuclear induction, a study of nuclear moments in solids liquids or gases.

It was by pure chance that at this same exact time the same experiment had been made by edward mills purcell and his collaborators at Harvard university.

Purcell was an illinois native with a degree in electrical engineering and together both purcell and block won the nobel prize for physics for their published papers on nuclear magnetic residence which is the science behind the MRI.

A year later raymond damadian created the first full body MRI machine and the first MRI body exam was operated on a human.

It took almost five hours to produce one image, but in today’s MRI machines like Siemens, it takes only 30 minutes average.

In the years following the first MRI machine, full body exam technology has come along way the machine uses magnetic fields to scan the patient and then sends the signals back to be converted into images by a computer.

Today an MRI scan machine like Siemens can take anywhere from minutes to over hours depending on the size of the area being scanned. This is available in India in affordable price.

Lets know about what are MRI machines, during an MRI scan you lie on a flatbed thats moved into the scanner depending on the part of your body being scanned.

You will be moved into the scanner either head first or feet first.

The MRI scanner is operated by a radiographer who is trained in carrying out imaging investigations.

They control the scanner using a computer which is in a different room to keep it away from the magnetic field generated by the scanner.

You will be able to talk to the radiographer through an intercom and they will be able to see you on a television monitor throughout the scan at certain times.

During the scan the scanner will make loud tapping noises, a coil might be placed around the part of your body being scanned such as your head, knee or abdomen.

This coil is really a special radio receiver that improves the picture and is usually contained in hard white plastic.

If the coil begins to become uncomfortable during the scan tell the MRI technologist.

This is the electric current in the scanner coils being turned on and off, you will be given earplugs or headphones to wear.

It is very important to keep as still as possible during your MRI scan.

The scan lasts 20 to 40 minutes depending on the size of the area being scanned and how many images are taken.

Lets talk about the different types of MRI machines. A magnetic resonance imaging or MRI machine like Siemens is a sophisticated medical imaging and diagnostic device.

They create a low level magnetic field which causes a specific reaction inside the atoms of the body.

The atoms inside each type of tissue in the body react in different ways the computer hooked up to the scanner senses. These different reactions and then turns what it senses into a visual representation of internal functioning of the patient’s body.

In the past all MRI machines unlike Siemens not only worked the same but also looked the same today, though there are four different types of MRI scanners available to patients.

The first type of MRI machine is the traditional closed MRI machine is a large tube that a patient lies in this style of scanner almost always produces images that are of very high quality.

Patient comfort in these machines is sometimes a problem. The small tube that a patient must lay in can cause a patient who is claustrophobic to panic.

The MRI machine requires the patient to lie very still someone who is moving around can make scanning almost impossible. Siemens makes very comfortable inner system in which patient can lie easily for almost an hour.

The small opening size of some closed MRI machines means that the overweight patients simply cannot be scanned.

The second type of MRI machine is open MRI scans in an effort to allow claustrophobic patients more comfort and to allow obese patients to be scanned the open MRI was developed older open type scanners did not produce very good quality images due to a reduced number of magnets.

The new machines come very close to matching those seen in a closed MRI.

These still require a patient to lie down but do not completely enclose the patient.

The third is the standing or sitting MRI comfort is a very important part of patient care the desire to increase comfort led to the development of MRI machines that allow patients to stand or sit.

While these machines help with patient comfort they currently don’t provide a good image quality.

In the future these machines may improve in quality which will make them much more useful and Siemens MRI machine will also be upgraded and it is always available in India in standard price. Right now they are only useful in very specific circumstances.

The fourth is the portable MRI machine hyperfine a company with offices in new york city and St. Gulford.

Clearance for the first MRI scanner that can be wheeled to the patient bedside its not exactly light weighing in at pounds kilograms, but it is an order of magnitude lighter than a conventional MRI.

A motorized wheel array on the bottom makes it quite manageable to drive the scanner from room to room without actually having to push it manually.

Siemens scanner includes all good features in it, and this machine price is also good in India.

Cardiac MRI Test

Cardiac MRI test machine in India

A cardiac MRI or CMR test is an evaluation of your heart using a specialized MRI camera and Siemens machine is capable of taking this test.

The test provides a very accurate assessment of your heart structure and function as well as an evaluation of the status of the major blood vessels within your chest, with the injection of contrast or gadolinium information can be obtained about the blood supply to your heart and about the amount of heart muscle scarring.

If any common reasons to have this test to investigate further any structural abnormalities or unusual findings noted on other heart imaging tests to monitor heart muscle thickness and function and heart size and conditions.

That require repeat interval assessments of these parameters including valve disease cardiomyopathy or chemotherapy.

To assess if heart function may be improved with bypass surgery or angioplasty.

In patients with previous heart muscle damage including heart attack to evaluate the structures immediately around the heart.

Including the aorta pericardium and pulmonary arteries preparing for the test you should fast for at least three hours prior to your exam.

In case contrast injection is required, not all CMR tests require contrast injection but the need to use contrast is not always known prior to the start of the study, unless instructed otherwise by your physician continue to take your usual medications as prescribed.

Because a few electrodes will need to be attached to your chest and because you will be instructed to change into a gown wear clothing that allows you to get undressed easily from the waist up the test.

The actual test will take approximately 1 and a half hours you will change into a gown and remove all metallic objects such as watches jewelry and belts electrodes will be attached to your chest to monitor your heart rhythm.

You will lie down on an imaging table and a special imaging coil will be secured over your chest.
You will then be moved into the MRI scanner, your head will be inside the scanner.

The technician will try to make you as comfortable in the scanner as possible and can provide you with earphones to listen to music, such as a radio station of your choice or a personal CD.

If you would like to bring one in most of the time you will be lying quietly in the scanner intermittently you will be asked to hold your breath for several seconds while pictures are taken of your heart.

The actual time in the scanner can range from 20 minutes to 1 hour, after all of the pictures are acquired.

The electrodes will be removed and you will be free to go home.

If your particular examination requires contrast injection, an IV will be started either before or sometime during the examination and contrast will be injected when required the IV will be removed before you leave.

Cardiac MRI test is very safe, there is no radiation exposure and side effects are very rare. Siemens MRI machine provide safe test.
Sometimes people can feel anxious or even claustrophobic inside the scanner.

This is not dangerous but can be uncomfortable, closing your eyes and concentrating on the music while in the scanner is helpful.

The technician will be in constant contact with you and will let you know what is happening and what to expect as the test is taking place.

Siemens machine is being used in India for Cardiac MRI test in very affordable price.

What’s the Difference Between an MRI and a CT

I think it can be confusing, we get a lot of questions everyday CT is in an X-ray machine hooked up to a computer.

When we are scanning the patient we lay the patient flat on the table.

CT uses a thin pencil, thin beam to take cross sectional images of the patient’s body.

The beam rotates around the patient’s body and we slice the patient’s body like a loaf of bread.
That’s how CT scans work. It’s utilizing radiation to take the images.

We have talked about price of Siemens machine in India in beginning of this post, lets talk further about MRI scan.

It needs to be quick because in this day and age of course the biggest concern we have being in imaging and radiology is to keep the doses as low and as safe as possible, but still give us that good quality diagnostic study of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).

MRI scan images of the water molecules in the body and it does that with a very strong magnetic field which is the big round cylindrical tube that s the magnetic field in there.

So if the patient were to lay down on the table right now, we would place their shoulder into that coil and between the radio frequency.

I think that’s one of the things most people get the most confused. On a typical Siemens machine, it is going to take at least 30 minutes.

A CT scan is typically of around 15 minutes.

CT is using radiation just like X-ray, MRI on the other hand uses no radiation at all.

It is using a strong magnetic field and radio frequency and its speciality is soft tissue.

I hope you got all details including Siemens MRI machine price in India and other details about scanner.

This post was about Siemens MRI machine details and its price in India in 2023.

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