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Siscon TMT Price List Today 2022 – 2023

Siscon TMT price list in Jharkhand, Ranchi, Daltonganj, Dhanbad and Bihar in 2022 and 2023.

Siscon TMT price list details for 2022 and 2023 are available here today. Siscon TMT is one of the best products used across Jharkhand, Ranchi, Daltonganj, Dhanbad and most parts of Bihar.

Siscon TMT price list is from Rs. 59,755/- per MT for 8mm size and Rs. 58,855/- per MT for 10mm bar size.

In this post you will get full rate list of Siscon TMT bar and other details about the steel.

Siscon TMT Price List Jharkhand, Ranchi, Daltonganj & Dhanbad

Here is the price list chart of Siscon TMT bar.

Siscon TMT SizePrice List / MT
8mmRs. 59,755/-
10mmRs. 58,855/-
12mmRs. 56,355/-
16mmRs. 56,455/-
20mmRs. 57,355/- 
25mmRs. 57,355/-

Difference Between Cast Iron and Wrought Iron Antique Hardware

Today we’re going to go over some pretty simple stuff but also pretty important.

They’ll be stamped steel hand wrought iron and then we’re going to show some cast iron things and the difference between them all.

The first one we have on the end here is a piece of stamped steel these are made pretty simply.

Basically a big machine will come down and stamp on it it stamps a faux antique kind of finish and it’s a simple.

A little bit thinner piece of just steel so that is stamped steel the two in the middle are hand wrought iron.

They are made of steel but these are hand produced their hand cut and they also.

If you look really close they’re a lot more authentic than the stamped ones in my personal opinion it’s hand hammered.

Along the edge there will be some imperfections these items will look just like antiques just like originals.

So these are kind of my favorite in the run of iron stamped is great but the hand brought far better if you ask me okay.

Last one we have here these are cast iron with cast iron basically basically what happens is it’s iron that is heated to a molten t’ level to molten moving metal and poured into a mold.

So you’ll get a really thick finish and it’ll be actual poured iron and so this is almost an exact replica of some of the original turn-of-the-century or a Victorian style.

This happens to be a four and a half by four and a half Victorian hinge.

So when you see something that’s cast iron it’ll be thicker it’ll be heavier in my opinion better quality.

There are some people out here that are selling things like these out of white metal and other very inexpensive things.

The cast iron is a nice quality heavy duty hand wrought iron really good for colonial homes and and a more authentic and antique situation and the stamped which are nice and all usually less expensive because they’re just damped by machine and moved along and so that should do it for our wrought iron hand dryer hand wrought iron and stamp steel.

Carbon And Alloy Steel

Here we’re gonna have two parts, the first part we’re going to be looking at carbon steel.

There are basically three types of steels when it comes to product manufacture carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.

In this first part we’re gonna be concentrating on carbon steel and alloy steel.

So each of these types of steel has a variety of grades that comprise of different amounts of iron and carbon, the basic elements of steel and additional alloys when selecting the right steel for your job.

There are several factors that you need to consider hardness which is the capacity to resist abrasion but also difficult in being coupled drilled a strength which is the amount of force necessary to deform the metal toughness.

The ability to resist to stress in other words not to break we’ve got malleability.

The ability of the metal to deform and weld ability which is the ability to be welded it’s a function of melting point heat conduction etc.

Like I said on the right hand side here we’re gonna be focusing on the top two steels carbon steel and alloy steel.

Let’s have a look at carbon steel, so carbon steel which is an alloy of steel and carbon gets corroded but it is hard.

The more carbon content the harder the steel.

Low carbon steel is strong and tough and can be case hardened if neither’s.

High carbon steel can be heat treated to make it a lot harder.

However, in this condition it tends to be more brittle and more difficult to work with.

There are tubes plates boats science furniture fencing and many other common metal parts are made in low carbon steel.

Professional kitchen knives, cutting tools and CNC machines drill bits source masonry nails are all made of high carbon steel.

The high hardness gives blades and cutting tools a sharp edge that lasts however with this hardness comes brittleness which means products tend to break easier.

The disadvantage of high carbon steel is that it is more expensive and harder to machine than alloys with less carbon.

It is appropriate when rust is not a concern and when the product doesn’t need to withstand tensile strength.

It doesn’t really Bend and it breaks more easily in other words.

Let’s have a look at alloy steels, so alloy steel has additional chemical elements added to improve certain properties.

Some of the most common alloying elements are manganese, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, vendôme, silicon and boron.

The improved properties that alloy still have over carbon steel are better strength hardness toughness wear resistance corrosion resistance and harden ability.

Common applications for alloy Steel’s construction and architecture where strength toughness and corrosion resistance are a prerequisite for the material also jewelry, household items, cutlery cookware are all manufactured from alloy steel.

So alloy steels can be split into two categories low alloy Steel’s and high alloy steels.

Low alloy Steel’s have less than eight percent total alloying elements in the composition these Steel’s have better hardness and resistance to wear over carbon steel but tend to have less tensile strength.

The high alloy Steel’s more than 8% alloying elements and have better properties than those of low alloy Steel.

This post was about Siscon TMT saria details and its price list in Jharkhand, Ranchi, Daltonganj, Dhanbad and Bihar in 2022 and 2023.

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