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Sleepwell Mattress Price List PDF 2023

Sleepwell Mattress price list PDF in 2023

Sleepwell Mattress price list PDF details in 2023 are available here. Sleepwell is a famous company in India for mattress like single bed, double bed with different size including 4, 5, 6, 8 and 12 inch and it is widely used in cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Chennai, Surat, Indore, Dehradun, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Kerala, Guwahati, Vadodara, Bhopal, Patna, Goa, Lucknow, Nagpur, Kanpur, Jabalpur, Udaipur and Amritsar.

Sleepwell Mattress price list starts from Rs. 15276/- for Sleepwell Latex Foam Mattress Duet Air 3×6 ft and there are more luxury models available.

In this post I will give information about full rate list price range of Sleepwell Mattress for different classifieds models like Spinetech Air Luxury, Starlite, Feather Foam Mattress, Admire Sleepwell, Dignity Sleepwell and size like 6×6 and king size.

Sleepwell Mattress Price List 2023

Here is the price list chart of Sleepwell Mattress 3×6 ft.

Sleepwell Latex Foam Mattress Duet AirRs. 15276/-
Sleepwell Tranquil PU Foam Spring MattressRs. 15276/-
Sleepwell Duet Luxury Mattress – Memory FoamRs. 23610/-
Sleepwell Harmony Royale Boxtop – PU FoamRs. 23610/-
Sleepwell Mattress Memory Foam RegalRs. 33333/-

Check here for full rate list of all size.

Five Things You Shouldn’t Do When Buying a Mattress

You’ve got a lot to consider when buying a mattress from the size to the type to the materials to the cost and my goodness what is up with all of these brands.

You can get a little scary out there but it doesn’t need to be if you know what to avoid.

So we’re going to take a look at the five things not to do when buying a mattress.

Okay so a couple of years ago I was in the market for a new mattress after about two days of research I was so overwhelmed by all of the jargon all of the options all of the brands everything just kind of blended together.

I was just ready to close my eyes and like pick one but don’t do that seriously there are some really important things to avoid in order to make you the most insightful mattress shopper you can be. So let’s get into it.

Tip 1 – Don’t Buy a Bed That’s Too Soft: It can be really tempting to want to buy a bed that’s plush and soft and cozy and one that you just kind of sink into.

But look, the reality is that most of us need something that’s a little more firm.

The key here is support; your body and your spine need to be kept in a really healthy alignment, and that’s honestly going to be best achieved on a bed that is medium firm to firm.

Now, keep in mind if you find that your bed is too firm, you can always add a mattress topper to adjust the firmness. Just don’t get seduced by a bed that’s too soft.

Check out another post for Sleepwell Mattress size chart and other details.

Tip 2 – Price Does Not Equal Quality: The second tip is that price does not always equal quality.

And here’s what we mean by that.

There are plenty of inexpensive mattresses out there, and in some ways, you’re gonna get what you pay for.

Depending on how it’s constructed, you could just be getting cheap layers of memory foam that are glued together and therefore not very supportive.

On the flip side, though, spending thousands of dollars on a bed may get you something that has higher quality materials, maybe it’s better constructed, but it might not actually be right for your specific body.

In our experience, let your body be your guide and make your decision based on what’s going to support your body weight and your sleeping style.

Tip 3 – Don’t Buy a Bed JUST For Cooling: Next, if you’re a hot sleeper, it’s going to be really tempting to look for a bed that sleeps cool, and man, brands are really going to sell you on their snow and ice memory foam to keep you frozen cold all night long.

But look, on its own, a bed isn’t going to be the sole factor to keep you cool.

It is one factor of many. If you really are someone who’s concerned about temperature control, if you’re a hot sleeper, the first thing to note is that a hybrid bed is a great place to start.

But then think about the role that your pillow plays, your sheets, the comforter, even what you wear to bed or don’t wear to bed.

All of these are going to contribute to helping you stay cool at night.

Tip 4 – Don’t Make a Judgment Before 21 Days: Don’t make a quick judgment on your mattress, which is to say you need to give your body time to adjust to that new bed.

Give yourself at least 21 days.

There’s a reason that all of our reviews on C Foundation recommend a trial period.

If you’ve upgraded to a new bed, it’s probably because you had one that was sagging or lacking good support, or you just kind of woke up with aches and pains in the morning.

If you’re sleeping on a new surface, you need to give your body time to adjust to that surface.

Now, most mattress brands offer very good trial periods, so take advantage of them.

If after about 60 to 90 days you still don’t like your bed, most brands will arrange a replacement or a return for you. So the key here is, take your time.

Tip 5 – Don’t Buy at Full Price: Don’t buy a bed at full price. Really, buying a mattress is a little bit like what buying a car used to be, which is to say there’s the MSRP and then there’s kind of the price that most people pay.

Mattress brands are very similar; they offer all different kinds of discounts, especially around holidays like Memorial Day, President’s Day.

Outro: Buying a mattress does not need to be as overwhelming for you as it was for me.

There are some really good hacks to make sure you get the best mattress that’s right for you at the best price.

Stay sane during your shopping and sleep well on Sleepwell Mattress.

Memory Foam Vs. Latex Mattresses

First off, if you want more information about memory foam or latex mattresses, just head over to Mattress Clarity.

But what are these types of mattresses?

Well, basically, starting with memory foam, it’s made of something called polyurethane.

It’s known for having a very slow moving feel. It’s great with pressure relief and with pain relief as well.

Now, latex is made from, you guessed it, latex, either all naturally sourced or synthetic.

It’s going to be formed into some type of foam.

That foam is known for being on the bouncier side, definitely more resilient and durable as well. So now let’s talk with the pros and cons best memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Pros

Starting with the pros, they’re very good with pressure relief and with pain relief as well.

Lying on a mattress, some people feel pressure in certain areas, like their shoulders and their hips, but this can relieve that pressure if you have pain in those areas.

It’s also a good option as well. They’re very good at cutting down on noise. Latex mattress are noisier than others.

Specifically, older inner spring mattress can be quite noisy when you’re moving around.

Memory foam is known for being very quiet.

They’re also known for having very good motion isolation.

So if you’re lying on one side of the mattress and someone else moves around on the other side, you’re going to feel less of that motion on a memory foam mattress.

Speaking of cons, memory foam is known for being a hotter sleeping material.

Memory Foam Cons

Memory foam can trap heat, direct back at sleepers, and make them sleep hot at night.

It’s also not the most responsive material, so it might be difficult for some people to move around on memory foam mattresses.

And then last but not least, memory foam, especially if it’s a lower density memory foam and cheaper memory foam, it can sag quite quickly.

And now let’s talk about the pros and cons of latex mattresses.

Latex Mattress Pros

Well, first off, they are known for sleeping quite cool like Sleepwell Mattress.

They don’t trap heat the way the memory foam is known to do.

They’re also quite bouncy and responsive, making it very easy to move around on top of the mattress. Latex is also a very durable, resilient material.

They’re known for being longer lasting like Sleepwell Mattress.

They don’t sag too quickly and then last but not least, they’re very eco-friendly.

Usually, while some are made with synthetic materials, many are made with all-natural materials that are very good for the environment.

Latex Mattress Cons

First off, latex is a very heavy material.

So latex mattress can be quite heavy, not that easy to move around.

They’re also not the best with pressure relief.

They’re usually on the firmer side, not the best relieving pressure on those troubled areas.

Lastly, speaking of price, while they are quite durable, they’re a good long-term investment.

They’re definitely on the pricier side.

There are definitely more affordable options out there.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, which type of mattress should you get?

First off, speaking of memory foam, it’s going to be a better option for those who like to slowly sink into their mattress.

Lying on top of a memory foam mattress definitely feels more like you’re sleeping in the mattress versus on top.

If you prefer this feel, definitely go with memory foam.

It’s also going to be a better option for side sleepers.

Again, memory foam is very good with pressure relief, so when you’re lying on your side on a memory foam mattress, you should feel little pressure on your shoulders and your hips.

It’s also a good option for couples because memory foam is so good with motion isolation.

So if one partner moves around on one side of the mattress, the other partner shouldn’t feel it so much on a memory foam mattress.

Ultimately, the choice between memory foam and latex mattresses depends on your personal preferences, sleep style, and specific needs.

This Post was about Sleepwell Mattress details and its price list PDF 2023.

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