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Spin Salon Price List 2022 – 2023

Spin Salon price list in 2022 and 2023

Spin Salon price list near me details for 2022 and 2023 are available here. Head office of Spin Salon is in Bangalore and it has many other branches across India includes cities and regions like Bagalagunte, Mysore, Kengeri, Andrahalli, Mogappair, Hesaraghatta Road, RR Nagar, Basaveshwara Nagar, Vidyaranyapura, Nelamangala, Indiranagar and in many other places.

Spin Salon price list starts from Rs. 200/- for Child haircut, Rs. 300/- for Men haircut and Rs. 500/- for Women haircut.

In further post, I will provide you full menu rate card list of Spin Salon with different services like hair color, waxing, bleach, threading, facial and much more information about your hair and skin.

Spin Salon Price List 2022 and 2023 Chart

Here are the price list details of Spin Salon with different services.

Spin Salon Haircut Price list For Women and Other Services

Women Haircut and ServicesPrice
Hair Cut Rs. 500/-
Child HaircutRs. 300/-
Shampoo + B’dryRs. 350/-
ShampooRs. 200/-
IroningRs. 700/-
Root Touch UpRs. 700/-
GlobalRs. 1200/-
Inoa RootsRs. 800/-
Inoa GlobalRs. 2200/-
Hair SpaRs. 800/-
Aroma Oil Head MassageRs. 400/-
Almond Oil Head MassageRs. 400/-
Olive Oil Head MassageRs. 400/-
Coconut Oil Head MassageRs. 400/-
HighlightsRs. 1500/-
Rebounding / StraighteningRs. 3500/-
SmootheningRs. 4000/-
PermingRs. 3500/-

Spin Salon Haircut Price list For Men and Other Services

Men Haircut and ServicesPrice
Hair CutRs. 300/-
Child Hair cutRs. 200/-
Wash + StyleRs. 100/-
GlobalRs. 600/-
Root Touch UpRs. 500/-
HighlightsRs. 800/-
Inoa RootsRs. 700/-
Rebounding / StraighteningRs. 2000/-
SmoothingRs. 2200/-
Hair SpaRs. 600/-
Dandruff Treat / Hair Loss TreatRs. 700/-
Shave / Beard TrimRs. 50/-
Beard StylingRs. 100/-

Spin Salon Waxing Price List

Full ArmsRs. 150/-
Half ArmsRs. 125/-
Full LegsRs. 250/-
Half LegsRs. 175/-
Under ArmsRs. 50/-
StomachRs. 300/-
BackRs. 300/-
Full BodyRs. 1500/-
Kotori WaxRs. 200/-

Spin Salon Bleach Price List

Face and NeckRs. 300/-
Front / BackRs. 400/-
Full ArmsRs. 350/-
Full legsRs. 450/-
Upper Lip and ChinRs. 50/-
Under ArmsRs. 100/-
Full BodyRs. 1500/-
Full Body PolishingRs. 2200/-
StomachRs. 300/-
Half Back / Half FrontRs. 300/-
Round Neck BleachRs. 600/-
Gold BleachRs. 400/-

Spin Salon Threading Price List

Eye BrowRs. 30/-
Upper LipRs. 20/-
ChinRs. 20/-
Eyebrow U/L/ChinRs. 70/-
Full FaceRs. 150/-
Fore HeadRs. 40/-

Best Food For Healthy Hair and Skin

It’s you are also what you drink not just what you eat.

So a lot of people I see in the morning because I’m commuting I’m taking actually the train and I see them already in the morning with their kind of coke or kind of energy drinks. Let’s talk about the energy drinks.

There is no energy except that they are taking energy of you because the most thing is sugar.

So you get your glucose level up your insulin level up and then you fall into a big hole and your totally tired. Why doing this sugar is?

Caramelizing so really how does sugar works? It’s a big molecule. It’s big caramelizing your cells and we said everything destroying your cells is bad for your skin and therefore let you ate and you don’t want this.

So therefore if you drink something try to drink water if it’s really too boring for you and a little bit fresh lemon add a little bit of orange inside add a little bit of Lemon juice inside even make cucumber.

These natural food makes your hair and skin healthy.

It’s so much better than everything else and just look at labels don’t say because organic and pure and natural means it’s good if there’s sugar inside it doesn’t matter where you think the sugar comes from Its from a cane & cane is very organic?

So even if you buy orange juice and think oh you you read it. It’s something good for you guys.

If it’s not freshly present, you’re drinking the orange juice just right away after pressing believe me all oxygen all UVA destroys everything inside and believe me. There’s so much sugar inside look at the labels.

Look at the carbohydrates compare them and you believe me in orange juice.

It’s more in 100 gram most of the time more than 50% as pure sugar. You really need this. So stick with the water then you get okay.

Actually, I love Tomatoes, why tomatoes because tomatoes or any kind of colorful vegetables are high in antioxidants or something.

What is preserving yourselves.

It’s like a kind of like Like a protection shields these are antioxidants for yourself, and it doesn’t matter.

It’s so important because you’re taking in or everything to kind of protecting yourself, so there was a nice research showing actually in the Berlin and the university that people who aid or like farmer eggs or free ranged eggs compared with people who ate like this kind of cheap eggs right from stress chicken.

They showed and the skin with microscope microscope, they could label the antioxidant level and yes these guys who aid free-range eggs had almost a tenfold higher Antioxidant level than these guys who ate these kind of very cheap eggs.

So nowadays, I’m probably buying the most expensive and most Free-range eggs or just going next to my farmer and buying them freshly there so I love eggs of course in a certain amount because they have a high intake of Antioxidants, but they have to be fresh and why tomatoes tomatoes also have a big kind of a high antioxidant level but tomatoes are actually so much better if you fry them why because with frying process you get this Lycopene and like is a big Antioxidant, which is protecting yourself Okay.

So what I want to say is you are what you eat you can spend tons of tons of money on skincare if you’re not eating the right thing, that’s it and in somebody over you probably say, yeah I’m eating so good, but I’m still having bad skin. Okay, I don’t say that just by eating you get a great skin.

I say it’s one wheel so it is like a Swiss watch a couple of wheels have to move before the big hand is moving and believe me skin food or food is a really really big one so I hope you like that.

I hope you’ve got a couple of things in your mind so next time take some almonds.

This post was about Spin Salon details and its price list in 2022 and 2023.

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