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Symphony of the Seas Ticket Price in India With Details

Symphony of the seas ticket price in India

Symphony of the seas ticket details are available here. This ship is owned by Royal Caribbean International and it is so popular across the world included India.

Symphony of the Seas Ticket price starts from Rs. 8,984/- in India per person in a day for basic cabin and it is high as Rs. 75,000/- for premium ticket.

In this post I will share some useful details with you about Symphony of the Seas from a trip inside cruise ship and see information about the ticket.

Symphony of the Seas Cruise Ship Tour and Review

Symphony of the Seas is an oasis class cruise ship with Royal Caribbean. Its maiden voyage was in April of 2018.

Its length is 1184 feet, its max beam is 215 feet, its hike is 238 feet.

Symphony of the Seas is a two hundred twenty eight thousand two gross ton of cruise ship with a cruising speed of 22 knots.

Symphony has a capacity of 550018 at double capacity and a crew of 2200.

I hope you enjoy this deck by deck tour of Symphony of the Seas it is cruise fever here and we had a chance to go on the inaugural cruise of symphony of the Seas out of Miami and found its low price ticket.

Starting at the top decks and working our way down in what is currently the world’s largest cruise ship.

There are three water slides on Symphony of the Seas together they are known as the perfect storm.

You go up a spiral staircase as you can see right there and you are right to get to the top there one of the water slides as you see ends in what’s called a champagne bowl. You can enjoy all this as price of the ticket is not so high in India.

We swirl around a few times then go down another tunnel which ends in a splash and the other two are kind of racing water slides.

Water slides are usually open in day time. There are three good sized pools on the pool deck of symphony of the Seas right here is the main pool with a whirlpool on each side of it plenty of loungers all around.

This is the forward side of the Symphony of the Seas and across the way on the starboard side is the beach pool. The beach pool has loungers that have the water from the pool kind of go right up to it from the first or second row of loungers on a ship with over 5000 people.

One concern can be loungers being available especially on the sea day but because of the layout there’s a lot of loungers on deck as well right above the pool deck so wasn’t really theon the show.

This is the sports pool where they would play water volleyball and other sports or just a regular pool.

Now there are lifeguards on duty by the way women to his article but this is splash away Bay the kid area and if you go up one deck from the pool deck to deck.

That is where you will find the wind jammer the buffet on the Symphony of the Seas nice hand washing station.

There plenty of free drinks available like lemonade and flavored water that was either strawberry and mango flavor.

This article was about Symphony of the Seas ticket details and its price in India.

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