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Tata Durashine Price List 2022 – 2023

Tata durashine price list 2021 and 2022

Tata Durashine price list details for 2022 and 2023 are available here. Tata Durashine sheets are very popular in India now a days specially for roof.

Tata Durashine price list starts from Rs. 1012/- in 2022 and 2023 for 0.35mm with 8 feet and as the material goes heavy then rates will also increase up to Rs. 4091/-.

In this article you will get to know about the huge rate list of Tata Durashine with lots of varieties and qualities. Read the chart below.

Tata Durashine Price List 2022 – 2023

Here is the detailed rate list of Tata Durashine roof.

Tata Durashine Price 20222023
Thickness X Overall Width0.35mm0.45mm0.50mm
8 FeetRs. 1012/-Rs. 1239/-Rs. 1364/-
10 FeetRs. 1266/-Rs. 1549/-Rs. 1705/-
12 FeetRs. 1519/-Rs. 1859/-Rs. 2046/-
14 FeetRs. 1772/-Rs. 2168/-Rs. 2386/-
16 FeetRs. 2025/-Rs. 2478/-Rs. 2727/-
18 FeetRs. 2278/-Rs. 2788/-Rs. 3068/-
20 FeetRs. 2531/-Rs. 3098/-Rs. 3409/-
22 FeetRs. 2784/-Rs. 3408/-Rs. 3750/-
24 FeetRs. 3038/-Rs. 3717/-Rs. 4091/-
Sq Ft Rate36.0144.0748.50

Roofing Ideas and Low Budget Method

We have already discussed about infinite possibilities of roofing products like Tata Durashine but there is one which we have missed to introduce that’s called metal roofing.

Metal roofing is a process practiculased with respect to the climate and weather conditions in Kerala Whenever I thought of having a video based on metal roofing its quality was a significant factor Such is the case with rain and sun in our country.

Today I have reached an institution where metal roofing is done in such a perfect manner I ll show you the institution and thus describe what metal roofing is and how it should be layed etc.

Such details will be vividly explained through this video I m Ajay Shankar Home Commercial Interior Consultant Once again welcome to another new episode of Dr Interior I ve Mr Faizal with me today. Hello I was just mentioning in the introduction about this product Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing is actually a product emerged in Kerala in accordance with the climate and economic conditions of Keralites.

It is something like Tata Durashine roof sheets.

I wanted to be associated with the best person when doing it anyway There was only one difficulty in getting to Kannur What OXY ROOF is
Oxy Roof is actually a specifically designed ppgl or pre painted galvalume steel sheet which is made in higher GSM and higher thickness with respect to the climatic concerns of Kerala When it comes to PPGL rest are GI right Yes they are Pre painted Galvalume Iron Pre painted Galvalum contains more Aluminium contents As well as provides enough strength due to the presence of iron too As it is a product which is perfectly suitable for Kerala climate it can be used for long fifteen years without any complaints.

It means we provide maximum importance to the quality Further comes a very important fact regarding this When it comes to metal roofing several kinds of products are available nowdays There are many known and unknown metal roofing products in Kerala itself What are the unique features of our roofing sheets As we have discussed earlier our roofing sheets have gsm coating In Kerala during the time when it rains for six months and keeps sunny for rest six months it is designed with a coating so that it should last corrosion free for atleast long fifteen years Further comes the problem with wind It is provided with mk strength to withstand in the windy season And hence both wind issues and corrosion issues are solved With respect all other metal roofing sheets Oxy roof provides the most better product We ve the product right here Lets move into them.

It is available in different colours nowdays There are certain displayed varities too Which all colours are available actually This is traditional brick red colour This is a traditional colour which has been available in marketplace since long years Further comes this grey colour which is popular since last few years Further comes chocolate brown colour Then comes pepsi blue colour.

Then comes off white and green colours There are several such colours We ve enough stocks of each and every available colours We ve stocks of each and every colours in all concerned thickness Further comes the designs available Designs are the next factor after colours There are numerous companies providing multiple designs Which are the available designs right here We mainly have three different designs First comes this design as a premium pattern This pattern contains stable curved designs A thousand sheets can be arranged with same curving area Those machines are designed.

I am big fan of Tata Durashine roof sheets and all other Tata products.

So due to this specific design the roofing sheets will never bulge outwards or inwards And hence maintains the quality machines are almost contained with to chambers So that we could receive unique products without any kind of manufacturing variations Does it have any kind of specific size or thickness to be described in detail The laying width is almost one meter and the supply width is about to meters But we should give importance to the laying width which is one meter Length is about feet up.

It is usually provided so to the customers as per their requirement We usually stocks to feets lengthened sheets Some sites may require feet feet etc For that customized requirement we have two major supply units It is at Kannur for the Northwards supply in Kerala and in Ernakulam for Sourthwards supply too We thus maintain those units for all kind of supply and support for the customers throughout Kerala There we have supply units as well as machinery units too That is we can provide in any required size Yes we can provide but we have to consider the transportation method too We can provide customized products too Further comes the most important process of laying When it comes to roof tiles the perling distance differs with respect to the size and area then there arises a challenging cause too Leakage and related defects are usual in case of roof tiles.

Here these all are metal sheets, can you please explain the required distance which should be maintained when laying in roofs The first part is the designing part The designing part becomes perfect only when it is particularly designed by the concerned designer Each building have its own unique designs The strength and structure is thus designed by the concerned designer But there are certain factors to be noticed don’t screw on this particular area.

People often used to screw on this area This is the most suitable place for screwing When screwing is done in this area no jerking and leakages will happen Further comes the gap in between the perlings We cant define it in a generalised meaurement At the same time slope should be provided properly Otherwise water flow will be distracted such products are hard to be last for a long time It will affect the air ventilation and so on So that the slope and designing should be done properly Usually when it comes to laying at the time of screwing is there any particular specifications to be followed.

There may be people using iron screws on it Is there any such kind of specifications when iron screw are used iron undergo corrosion fastly That rust may spread create complications with the sheets too In order to avoid such issues Aluminium coated screws are available Good quality Aluminium coated screws are available.

Stainless steel screws are also available Four inched screws are available branded screws are available.

If screws are used with washers it will last for a long time without rusting Jerks and such kind of variations are entirely avoided when screwing is done so Washers are very important.

This article was all about Tata Durashine details and its price list in 2022 and 2023.

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