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Toni and Guy Price List in Chennai [Updated]

Toni and Guy price list in Chennai and other cities in India

Toni and Guy price list details for Chennai are available here in this post. Toni and Guy is a chain of British hairdressing salon which is popular in Chennai, Pondicherry, Madurai, Delhi and many cities in India including Thanjavur, Bangalore, Noida, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Lucknow.

Toni and Guy price list starts from Rs. 299/- for Kids hair cut in Chennai and for men hair cut is Rs. 1199/- by style director.

In this post I will give you full rate list of Toni and Guy salons, see the charts below.

Toni and Guy Price List in Chennai Charts

Here are the price list details of Toni and Guy salon for different services.

Toni and Guy Men’s Hair CutPrice List
Style DirectorRs. 1199/-
Top StylistRs. 999/-
StylistRs. 799/-
Kids HaircutRs. 299/-
Toni and Guy Women’s Hair CutPrice List
Style DirectorRs. 2499/-
Top StylistRs. 1999/-
StylistRs. 1499/-
Fringe CutRs. 499/-
Kids HaircutRs. 599/-
Blow DryPrice List
Wash and Blast DryRs. 399/-
Shoulder Length (Straight blow dry)Rs. 599/-
Below Shoulder (Straight blow dry)Rs. 699/-
In Curl / Out CurlRs. 799/-
ColorPrice List
Men’s all over colorRs. 1299/- onwards
Men’s cap highlightsRs. 2299/- onwards
Women’s Root TouchupRs. 1499/- onwards
Women’s Extra LongRs. 6999/- onwards
Women’s Half Head HighlightsRs. 3499/- onwards
Women’s Full Head HighlightsRs. 5999/- onwards
Creative HighlightsRs. 6999/- onwards

Best Foods For Hair Growth and Thickness

I’m going to be talking all about the best foods for shiny healthy hair.

Just like dietary imbalances can impact our skin they also can affect our hair nutrients.

Vitamins minerals and antioxidants from our diet are really important in the health of the hair follicle and they ensure hair thickness strength shine and growth dietary deficiencies can even result in hair shedding.

I am drinking a cup of the four sigmatic mushroom coffee, I start every morning off with a cup of coffee.

It’s packed with antioxidants and the four sigmatic ground mushroom coffee is my absolute favorite.

I’ve been drinking their coffee for years now and over the past several months I’ve been really busy and their new protein powders have really been helping me a lot when I can’t get in a snack or I don’t have time to prepare something.

They are delicious and they lend into smoothies so well they taste amazing and they really help with keeping me focused and on task and not like worrying about where my next snack is coming from.

They’re really satisfying if you are new to four sigmatics I highly encourage you to check out my favorites their mushroom coffee and their new protein powders.

So definitely try them out they are amazing.

Starting out let’s just talk about biotin because I think that’s what comes to everyone’s mind when they’re thinking about dietary factors that are important for hair.

Biotin’s super important it absolutely is what is biotin, it also goes by the name vitamin H.

It is a cofactor that helps various enzymes in the body do their thing including growing long shiny healthy hair in the setting of biotin deficiency patients will present with a eczema like rash and hair loss truthfully.

Though the studies suggest that there is no role for supplementing biotin in your diet for hair in the absence of a confirmed biotin deficiency and you guys biotin deficiency is super super rare.

It’s actually pretty easy to get biotin from our diet and the gut microbes actually make biotin.

The only time you might consider biotin deficiency is in certain rare genetic diseases and in certain diseases where there’s problems with absorption and in one situation where you can actually get biotin deficiency if you are consuming large amounts of raw egg whites.

That’s right raw egg whites contain something called avidin which binds to biotin and can result in biotin deficiency unless you’re one of these people who is consuming a ton of raw egg whites in which case i recommend cooking them.

Biotin deficiency highly unlikely and there is no need to take a biotin supplement and you can get biotin from your diet from avocados you can get biotin from eggs and from almonds.

So there’s no need to take a biotin supplement for your hair the next dietary component that’s super important for healthy hair is protein dietary proteins contain amino acids that have sulfur in them specifically cysteine and methionine that sulfur is super important for building the keratin proteins that constitute your hair amino acids from dietary proteins influence hair diameter growth rate and thickness.

There are amino acids that we absolutely have to get from our diet because we do not make them ourselves one such amino acid from dietary protein is l-lysine.

l-lysine is present in the inner part of the hair root and is responsible for your hair shape and volume furthermore l-lysine is critical for absorption of iron and zinc two other dietary factors that are really important in the health of your hair and I’ll touch on those later on food sources of proteins include meat, fish, poultry, yogurt, milk, eggs, soy beans, legumes nuts, seeds and don’t forget whole grains and vegetables and fruits.

It also contain many of these amino acids as well as a ton of other wonderful vitamins antioxidants minerals and things that ultimately support hair health so don’t skimp out on whole grains and veggies as potential sources of amino acids in your diet.

They contain not only those but tons of other great compounds as well getting your vitamins minerals and nutrients.

It doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t have to overthink it a really quick and easy thing that I like to do is just throw together a smoothening and as I said at the beginning I adore the four sigmatic plant-based protein.

My favorite flavors are the peanut butter and i’ve really been adoring this new sweet vanilla flavor.

It’s a balanced amino acid profile of five plant proteins it blends into water or non-dairy milk really easily very smooth and not chalky there are no gums or fillers it’s a hundred percent grain free and the best part of all the four sigmatic products including their amazing ground coffee is that there are medicinal mushrooms included in these products.

The protein has seven different mushrooms I love that you get an additional pack of antioxidants and guys it does not taste like mushrooms at all one of the things.

I love doing is taking one of their little protein packets on the go and just a shaker bottle and keeping it in my bag that way if i get hungry between meals.

I can just throw in some water and have a quick satisfying snack to stay focused energized and that’s really key for immune support long term and not getting run down.

So definitely give four stigmatic a try if you have not already.

All right next up let’s not forget the vitamins folate and iron these bad boys are essential for the production of red blood cells.

Red blood cells are the cells in your body that carry oxygen around including to your scalp or they’re responsible for nourishing the hair follicle and for hair growth folate plays a unique role in regulating hair follicle regeneration as well as preventing premature graying and it regulates sebum.

Sebum is important in the health of our scalp and our hair follicle without folate those things are just not quite right.

In addition to its role in red blood cell production iron also is a key cofactor in the synthesis of DNA.

So it’s really important in cell proliferation including hair follicle cell growth and subsequent production of the hair shaft.

This post was about Toni and Guy salon details and its price list in Chennai.

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