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Toyan Engine Price in India With Details

Toyan engine price in India

Toyan engine details are available here. Toyan is an international company that makes various type of engines like methanol engines, gasoline engines etc and it is popular in India.

Toyan Engine price is Rs. 38,600/- in India for FS-S100AC 4 Stroke and there are more varieties with different cost according to the model.

If you want to get more details about Toyan engines with lots of models then go to its official site where you will get every related information.

Toyan Engine L400 Beast

We have something really exciting, this is the new Toyan L400.

I have done many different Toyan engine motors.

This is the latest and greatest and I am interested in this engine and all the other components that I will talk about with you.

It is from sterling kit heaps of cool products. They have got the single cylinder, they have got the Toyan engine L400 which is a two cylinder.

They have got the v and of course this one and heaps of other products and parts to get you up and running.

Let’s have a look, so first up we have a little operating manual, you can download the manual of Toyan engine to build the product and build the engine online.

I do believe but this gives you schematics of them, look at all those parts.

When you consider the amount of CNC machining and the actual amount of parts you get with this.

The price of Toyan engine L400 is pretty damn good in my opinion. If you look a few years back or try to build one yourself you would have no chance of building it at the price that these are going for the first over here.

We have some gaskets on the first layer and bearing, I am not going to build this on camera a lot of other people have done it.

Tim Sane and Dennis have done, go check out their channel they have done an amazing job putting it together for you guys to show you the ins and outs.

So you can go have a look at them but got your gasket there next layer here.

We have some tools that we need to put it together in Toyan engine. It is very awesome tool in India.

Let’s look at the next layer, you need that.

That is a part for the carburetor, now there are four cylinders so you need four carbs and these are all the carb components look at these pulleys at the front and like Tim said the quality of these is unbelievable and the price in India you are getting for is a second time like just check out thator aluminium.

Obviously aluminum depends where you are in the world, really nice engraving there as well this camshaft and I am not going to put it together on camera.

Go check out Tim Saint or Dennis double deuce, he has built this on camera and they have got a lot of effort to show you how it goes together with Toyan engine.

I am not going to do that because it is already been done with engine.

I am a bit late for the party but I do have one just check out that.

So well that’s a bar that connects all four carburetors, they go in sync next level you could say check out this.

As we have got an exhausted so four into one that makes it easier to router exhaust a lot of your lifters here and I do believe this is a tool in Toyan engine to insert the pistons into the blocks.

They put this on top of the block slide your piston down check out those cards you have got four obviously.

There’s cool little trumpets you have got to all you have got to put all the cards together and everything.

There isn’t only a kit version in Toyan engine, I don’t believe you can buy pre-built amazing amount of parts.

Let’s pull out one of these cylinders and one thing to note that these piston rings ball match.

So you have got to make sure when you put them together that you put them in the right order but check out that quality look at that stumpy little connecting rod seems like it is a impregnated bushing.

There’s your piston really nicely machined in Toyan L400 engine and you still have to put the piston ring on like I said it is ball match.

You are going to make sure that you put them in the right one jack can’t pull the piston ring out and not put it back into the same sleeve that you got him out of bucket load of part soil little brackets all the individual parts that you need to put it together screw sort of that look.

How nice everything is labeled oh here we go another layer, here we have the sump and the block and some drive belts because it actually does have a water pump in there.

It keeps it all nice and cool not like the Toyan engine L400 or the single cylinder but it relies on the fan.

This one actually does have a water pump look at that sump your flywheel nice and heavy and your pulley for the starter and it is off.

It’s got a one way bearing in there as well all the last layout seams here.

I don’t think there’s anything else under here so we can pull out the actual block, check out that nice.

As I said before these have the rings already inside the sleeves there as you can see they are matched so when you install the cylinders in Toyan engine, you want to make sure you use say this is cylinder one you got to use cylinder one piston ring.

Attach it to the piston and put it in there and don’t change it because that’s how well and how highly machined.

These are believe that quality is really nice as you can see the water jacket around here.
I do believe there it is that’s a housing for the water pump.

There is a inlet or outlet in Toyan L400 engine, I am not too sure exactly but it does have water cooling which is pretty awesome.

If you ask me how cool is that and it is because it is a nitro engine.

The fuel has oil in it doesn’t have a stop or anything like that, that’s why you need to run nitro fuel because it has oil content in there.

Next up crankshaft check out that pulley at the front already been installed with the bearing there as well very nice heavy too heavy unit.

Obviously that would have been machine balance and all that kind of stuff but that coating on there I know that is a hardening coating.

This post was about Toyan engine details and its price in India.

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