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Triveni Almirah Price List in Lucknow and Bareilly

Triveni Almirah price list in Lucknow Bareilly with chart

Triveni Almirah price list details for Lucknow and Bareilly are available here. Triveni is Noida based company that makes steel almirah and it is popular in Lucknow and Bareilly.

Triveni Almirah Price List starts from Rs. 13,100/- in Lucknow and Bareilly for Swati model 2 and its pro model is Bhagya shree 4 that cost Rs. 80,400/-.

In this post I will give you some details about the models of the Triveni Almirah with rate list.

Triveni Almirah Price List in Lucknow and Bareilly Chart

Here are the price list details of Triveni Almirah.

Triveni Almirah ModelsPrice List
BHAGYA SHREE – 4Rs. 80,400/-
SWATI MODEL-2Rs. 13,100/-
SWATI MODEL-3Rs. 14,100/-
DULHAN (NEW MODEL)Rs. 32,400/-
GANGA – 4 (NEW MODEL)Rs. 30,400/-
GOMTI MODEL-2Rs. 14,700/-
MALTI MODELRs. 21,500/-

See the full rate list of Triveni Almirah at their official site with product images.

How to Build Your Perfect Capsule Wardrobe/Almirah

Today I wanted to talk to you about building a capsule wardrobe a capsule wardrobe is really essential when we talk about living a more minimalist lifestyle or just intentional living in general because we’re carefully curating a timeless and concise wardrobe that works for us and our lifestyles.

It’s not only environmentally friendly it’s really good for our budgets and also I love that the focus is on quality over quantity.

So today i’ll be talking to you about what is a capsule wardrobe why do we need one and six really easy and simple steps to get started on building your capsule wardrobe.

Now without further ado let’s get started a capsule wardrobe allows us to have an honest evaluation of our closet so we can hold on to items that we love and edit out what we don’t .

The whole objective is to have pieces in our closet that fit our personalities style lifestyle and day-to-day activities.

So we can feel comfortable and feel like ourselves in our clothes we should be able to wear a combination of our capsule wardrobe all year long and this will encourage us to be creative with the pieces that we have shop in our own closet develop a personal style and get dressed quickly in the mornings also this will save us a lot of money from buying unnecessary clothing items.

So how do we get started well first you can set some rules for yourself you can be really deliberate with the number of pieces that you want in your capsule.

I’ve seen capsules with 33 pieces or 37 pieces and I think that’s really up to you.

You can use this numbering system as a guide to help you build this capsule wardrobe but for me personally I’m just placing a focus on the pieces that work for me and worrying about the number later also for my capsule wardrobe.

I’m not including my swimwear underwear activewear socks or anything like that um because I feel like I’ve minimized pretty well in these categories already so in today’s post I’m just talking about the pieces in our closets.

In our wardrobe I also want to mention that I’m working with what I have I’m not buying new pieces for my capsule not just yet because as some of you guys might already know I’m doing a low by year this year.

As many of you guys are and second because I probably already have everything in my closet that i need already to start building my capsule wardrobe.

I know that it’s really important to fill in the gaps of our capsule wardrobe of the pieces that are missing but this should be a gradual process that shouldn’t be done all at once in one shopping spree.

Now it’s time to get started so take out everything in your closet and i mean everything to place it on your bed and start making three piles your uniform the maybe pile and your letting go pile your uniform is going to be your essentials.

These are your building blocks the foundation to your capsule wardrobe clothes that you wear all the time the ones that you reach for when you’re getting ready in the morning some key questions that you can ask yourself to identify these pieces are how many times have I worn this item have I worn it in the last week or a month and how many times do I see this in my laundry pile when I’m doing laundry and if you’re still not sure then one thing you can do is hang all of your hangers backwards in your closet and after six months.

If a hanger is still backwards then those are probably the pieces that you don’t wear and need to get rid of so the maybe pile are the items that you like but you don’t know how it fits you anymore or you haven’t worn it in a long time and we’ll go back to this pile just in a little bit and the third pile is the letting go pile.

These are the items that you are giving up whether you’re selling it or donating it I think that’s for a whole other post and in fact I’m trying to make a video on how you can sell your clothes online and make some money so definitely look out for that post.

This post was about Triveni Almirah details and its price List in Lucknow and Bareilly.

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