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TVS XL 100 Self Start Price 2021 On Road

TVS XL 100 self start price 2021 on road

TVS XL 100 self start details are available in this post. TVS is a well known Indian company that makes motorcycles with lots of varieties and these bikes are popular in India.

TVS XL 100 self start price is Rs. 52,900/- in 2021 on road. This bike is superb for its mileage as it can go up to 67 Km/L and that is awesome.

For more information about the motorcycle TVS XL 100 and more about the company and all other models then go to its official site mentioned above.

TVS XL 100 Self Start Review

One of the highest selling mopeds in the rural india is the TVS XL 100 self start.

We have got the heavy duty today and we are going to find out why it sells so much.

This is a bare simple motorcycle, this is a bear simple moped, well in the market right now you cannot see any other mopeds there’s just one and this is the only one the TVS XL 100 self start.

Coming to a bit of a history lesson well TVS excel’s life started in many years ago and not specifically in somewhere when they started producing the TVS XL 100 and they entered the racing arena.

They started winning races over there, they went off the road, they went on track and with the moped.

They were bringing trophies home and that is when TVS excel was being accepted in the Indian market.

If I talk about the styling well there is one word that I have heard whenever I have gone with the riding gear with my gloves on that is this a luna.

Well kinetic luna was one of the mopeds which started off 20’s and then came the TVS XL 100 self start at low price and it took over its place this specific model including the whole design complete design compared to the model looks almost the same.

There has been no changes at all actually there are a few changes if you have previous model.
There is a new led drs which has come in the bs variant.

You get a split seat, you get five color options. We have got the green one and that is probably the most selling color for the TVS XL 100 self start heavy duty, well this is the footboard.

It is not specifically the foot board you can keep your luggage there and there are foot pegs on the either side and right below the foot board.

Let me keep it as a football there is the engine and it continues with an exhaust which goes to the back well it gets a chassis right in between and you get a split seat setup over here while the motorcycle oh sorry the moped looks quite decent as it gets a smaller wheelbase too but if I get into the instrument cluster it gets a bare basic instrument cluster.

Again you get just a speedometer and the automator and the set of tail lights and that’s about it.

You don’t even get a fuel gauge you get a fuel meter or basically a fuel telltale led which lights up when it goes into reserve.

Now the fuel tank is of four liters and the reserve is about 4.5 liters so as soon as you hit the number this one lights up.

There’s one thing which I like a lot is this tiny key and it goes into five places.

Number one the keyhole over here, number two the lock switch, number three the fuel lid, number four the luggage rack or a space where you can keep your documents and everything and number five is where you can take this seat off and it goes right over here.

If I talk about the ergonomics well you get comfortable set of handlebars these are raised and ergonomic specifically and you get a comfortable seat as well the seat is not that soft it is hard but if you are tall or short you can ride this motorcycle especially Faisal was able to ride this moped.

Well it is not a motorcycle, it is a moped and it was easy to do.

If I talk about performance in today’s topic we are going to do some heavy duty tasks so let’s get on to those tests.

For the first test we have loaded the TVS XL 100 self start with gauges of extra weight with me as well I weigh some kgs and the total payload now is about 100 kgs which is under the payload capacity of kgs.

Now i have seen people load the TVS XL 100 self start with extra weight and it moves without a fuss the ride is pretty smooth but i have to take care as the boxes are just too wide the xl we have here is the TVS XL 100 heavy duty and it has heavy duty suspension as well as heavy duty rear wheel assembly so for the test we have got our own heavy duty champion mr big ghe weighs kgs or pounds to be precise well you can do the math and now the payload is of excess of kgs over the limit will the cc motor take it let s find, oh my god it freaking does sadly our heavyweight champion couldn’t take out the heavy duty so it s time to take it up a notch.

The next contender is a full size car which weighs over a ton ah don t worry it s not going to be loaded on the bike rather it will be pulled straps on buckle on and here we go yes the single speed gearbox can take it on there is just bsp of power and meters of torque and the xl can pull a sedan without breaking a switch well damn it s a one of a kind moped now for the riding test I have got the TVS XL 100 self start i m kitted up with a bad patch of road i ve got hungry gundam right over there so let s go as i get moving the telescopic suspension does its job so well handlebar is light and i can maneuver through like a snake best of all even though.

There’s deep water the x just does not stop so after testing the tvs excel in a heavy duty manner you get it well i ve come out very impressed this is a robust and a minimalistic moped specifically targeted to that practical audience at rupees you get a good carrier on two wheels so my take is if you wanted you should get it.

TVS XL 100 Dyno

Yes you read the title right we are doing a dino test of the TVS XL 100 with awesome price self start at dinner motor sports today so before we begin subscribe to water beam and don t forget to hit the bell icon so the dyno is ready and so is the TVS XL 100 what do you guys think will this moped have enough punch to get the roller moving well this one gets cc motor which produces bhp of power and six and a half degrees of turn so let s get on to it and find out if this thing really makes sense.

The manufacturers showcase the power and top figures at the crank and due to the clutch gearbox and the final drive which is either the chain or belt there is a decent amount of loss on the dyno test we determine how much is the loss and what is the actual number we receive on the wheel during real time riding condition on the dyno.

We connect a ground port to determine current flowing through the engine and the pipes in the exhaust get us the air fuel ratio which is needed for tuning purposes time for a quick trivia previously known as the moped the tvs xl is the only single gear motorcycle available in India.

It comes in a total of two variants comfort and heavy duty while it is also one of the cheapest petrol power wheelers one can buy in India yes as per public demand we did a dyno test of the xl and we know the talk game of the xl is very strong which is clearly visible on the chart looking at the numbers too there s literally nothing that can beat the TVS XL 100 self start for heavy duty tasks.

Well these two vehicles are completely in a different lake what am i even talking about this is the jaguar and we are not going to do anything about it we just saw the numbers of the TVS XL 100 and I have come out quite impressed because if you have seen our review you were able to pull a car and this one has enough talk to do it we are going to do most of dinners of different kind of bikes and scooters.

This info was about TVS XL 100 self start details and its price in 2021 on road.

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