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Varilux Progressive Lenses Price in India With Details 2023

Varilux progressive lenses price in India

Varilux Progressive Lenses details are available in this post in 2023. Essilor is the parent company of Varilux product that makes incredible lens and it can be found in India.

Varilux Progressive Lenses price is Rs. 15,500/- in India in 2023 for basic model and there are more varieties with extra cost.

In this article we will highlight some details about Varilux Lens models like X series.

Varilux X Series – The Extented Progressive Lenses

Varilux has a lot of different products on SLO research goes into making each and every one of these products.

Varilux line of products is our progressive lenses and you know our newest progressive lens design as the verilux X design.

With X series do you find that we have reinvented the mid zone if you wear bifocals progressive lenses.

This lens will give you the true feeling of a natural vision in that mid zone ever before and that’s actually specifically designed to help improve the intermediate zone even in very affordable price.

So that patients aren’t having to move their head to find that sweet spot.

It’s been doing really well in the market, patients have been loving it and it has been a good product to really help them see better through the natural course of life.

Once we all reach a certain age the lens and I no longer expands and contracts therefore we need help in the near zone.

So many patients can choose to wear a progressive lens to help them see much more naturally near in the mid range and also for far away and then we also have the Aisin plus for our single vision wearers.

The Aisin plus is a great lens. It is a single vision digital enhanced product and what that lens allows patients to do is actually be able to see you know have more relaxed vision in the near zone when they are spending tons of time on digital devices.

It also protects them against the harmful blue light eyes and lenses are another major breakthrough.

Essilor is a digital company that design digital break through lenses for those patients who are not presby.

Many presbyopia nonpareils be ups today live in the near zone so basically we are making lenses that adapt to the way that we are using our eyes.

Essilor is spending a lot more time on digital devices and make lenses to help both protect your eyes as well as help you see better.

This post was all about Varilux Progressive Lenses and its price in India.

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