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Vimal Wire Price List in Jaipur 2.5mm – 1.5mm

Vimal Wire price list in Jaipur for 2.5mm and 1.5mm

Vimal Wire price list details in Jaipur for 2.5mm and 1.5mm are available here. Vimal company has good position in the electronic items in India.

Vimal Wire price is Rs. 2,380/- for 2.5 sq/mm with pack of 90 meter wire. Quality of Vimal wire is superb.

In this post, I will give some details of Vimal wire rate list and more information about the product and the company.

Vimal Wire Price List in Jaipur 2.5mm and 1.5mm Chart

Here are rate list details of the Vimal wire.

Vimal Wire SizePrice
2.5 sq/mm (90m)Rs. 2380/-
1 sq/mm (90m)Rs. 1669/-
1.5 sq/mm (82m)Rs. 1399/-
1 sq/mm (45m)Rs. 728/-

Information about Vimal Wire Company

Vimal wire company is 40+ years old company based in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. It is a private company but its products are widely used in Rajasthan and many part of India.

How Electric Wires are Made

We’re so used to them, we barely notice that their electrical wires can be aerials underground cables and electrical appliances running beneath our feet and in our homes and behind our walls.

They carry the juice that gives us power to make color-coded electrical wires.

Solid copper or Aluminium is used in cable form known as rod. The rod is fed into a machine that draws it out through a series of new brocaded pulleys and dies stretching, lengthening and thinning it out and eventually winding it onto a large bobbin.

What was once a rod ten millimeters in diameter is now just two millimeters in diameter.

The bobbin is loaded, the ends of the bobbins are cold welded to one another guaranteeing an uninterrupted flow.

Once the machine start-up at high speed the stranding machine twists seven wires together forming an electrical conductor.

This is a low voltage conductor under 1,000 volts the carrying you will find in cables that run electricity to your home.

Their conductors need to be insulated so a plastic extrusion machine coats the conductor with polyethylene or PVC.

This is what the polyethylene looks like in its raw form, as the conductor exits the machine with its new insulation a precision laser gauges the diameter to make sure the insulation is uniform and the right dimensions.

The extrusion process has heated up the conductor so it has to be cooled down with water.

Sometimes two or more conductors are twisted together when that’s the case a printing machine applies a white stripe to identify which is which the client who’s ordered.

The conductor’s chooses the colors of insulation, several conductors are often grouped together to form a cable.

This plant performs a voltage test immersing the cables in water to make sure they soak it.

These medium voltage cables can carry anything from one thousand to forty six thousand volts of electricity.

They’re insulated the same way low voltage cables are the plant prints, the date of manufacture, the voltage and any other information.

The client has requested the cable goes into a reel to be tested before it’s shipped out to its destination.

In the middle of the cable surrounded by copper grounding wires and a host of other components is the heart of the electrical cable, the bare conductor.

This post was about Vimal Wire details and its price list in Jaipur.

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