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Vivo Y20 Price Haryana With Details

Vivo Y20 price in Haryana

Vivo Y20 in Haryana details are available in this post.

Vivo Y20 price in Haryana is Rs. 13,960/- as from the lowest Flipkart store and it has 6.51 inch Display with 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage.

Vivo Y20 Unboxing and Review

Here we will talk about the new Vivo Y20. This is the newest addition to the Vivo Y series line up and I will be taking you through the specs and features and all of the things about this device I found quite interesting.

This is Vivo Y20 in my hand and there’s a lesser version with RAM and storage for Naira.

When it comes to the unboxing experience of the Y the first thing you get is a smaller box with paper work and the sim ejector tool.

Right underneath it is the device itself and you do get a protective film on the inch front display of course it s a glass and plastic mesh and we will come to it later.

As far as accessories you do get a huge charging brick and Vivo Y20 phone is capable of W flash charge aka fast charge so it gets that huge mAh battery up to in just a little over an hour.

Specifically in hour and minutes which is cool You also get a regular USB cable and wired headphones Booting into Fun touch OS on the Vivo Y20 took a little over seconds which is just good enough and the OS seems smooth with the custom skin When it comes to the build quality design and materials of the Vivo Y20 as I mentioned you get a glass screen and a polycarbonate back or plastic which is good in case it dropsIt s only grams.

So it is pretty fair Color options for the Vivo Y20 are mainly the Obsidian black Dawn white and Purist Blue and this is super phone in very low price in Haryana.

I only got to play with the black and blue but the dawn white seems quite premium based on these ones in my hands When it comes to Ports and I O we ve got the fingerprint reader which is also the power button I m a fan of this design and it s become popular of late and I also like that it s a different shade of blue for the Obsidian Blue version Above it is the volume rocker keysOn the left side we ve got the SIM and Micro SD card slot It s the dual sim kind and no hybrid.

So you can put your micro sd and sims with no issues Underneath the Vivo Y20 phone is the headphone jack microphone charging port and speaker Up top is where you have the earpiece with the camera in the water drop notch beneath it and on the back is where we get the rectangular camera array section with the Designed for Y Series Inscription and logo right below Indeed the back of the Vivo Y20 and even the display are fingerprint magnets.

So there s that to note Speaking of the display on this guy you do have a inch LCD IPS display pretty industry standard for the midrange market.

It is put in a water drop notch screen and it s got the D curved glass screen going onThe aspect ratio on here is Resolution is HD set at by p and it s a medium density screen at PPI or Pixel Per Inch You ve also got dark mode on here I found watching and streaming to be good and overall enjoyable For a market like ours where data can get quite expensive.

This is a consideration for people who would be conserving their data since maximum streaming resolution is p up to fps so there s that to note You do notice the bottom bezel there too I also found gameplay resolution to be sharp as well despite being a p screen.

I didn’t feel like I missed anything Sound quality on the Vivo Y20 is okay as well it s got a single speaker at the bottom and you can actually block it if you place your hands over it during gameplay or when you re watching videos so that s something to note You might want to invest in a wireless headphone or use the headphones that Vivo Y20 includes in the box.

It sounded decently loud and it wasn’t scratched up or anything Call quality was fine text and voice over internet was fine as well people on the other side will hear you clearly You have got Android on here skinned with Fun Touch OS Processor on here is the Qualcomm snapdragon an nm Octa core processor Similar to a couple of midrange devices in this price range RAM and ROM options vary for the Y as I mentioned earlier in this video this version in my hand here the GB RAM and GB storage version retails for Naira or and there s a lesser version with RAM and storage for Naira or If anyone is buying I would suggest the higher version.

It is pretty responsive and worked smoothly for me and Funtouch OS wasn t limiting for me and I did find more useful features especially in the settings and when I wanted to game In facts there s a feature where you can slide your fingers up to access text message during gameplay if you don t want to quit the app immediately or slide fingers down to take a screenshotSpeaking of gameplay and gaming quality on the Vivo Y20 was at a default medium for call of duty which we always use for our tests.

It is best phone for gaming in affordable price in Haryana.

I didn’t notice any lags It did get slightly warm to the touch but nothing serious at all and gameplay was enjoyable overallGraphically and in terms of performance Now you do get mAh battery on here which has been good enough for me personally I found standby time to be good and I also found usability for day to day quite good as well Light use is find and heavy use would get you up to a couple of hours left during the day minutes of gaming.

Call of duty specifically took only of battery out From it went down to on the matters of charging I found the fast charger to be fast of course although I do wish we had USB C but it does the job You should get enough power to last you for over of the next day till you need to charge again and I really did like the standby time performance of the Y Something interesting that you also get is Reverse charging.

Basically with an OTG cable you will be able to power up your other device I mean you have got a mAh battery so not only do you have enough power for your own Vivo Y20 phone but you have got enough for another deviceAs far as the other features that come with the Vivo Y20 you ve got Bluetooth again the fingerprint reader that s side mounted works pretty fast Same with Face Unlock but I preferred using the Fingerprint reader more especially in these times where we re wearing masks and people might not want to remove it.

When it comes to the camera Up front it s a modest MP camera that would shoot a maximum of p video in frames per second The back has a triple camera setup MP wide MP macro and MP depth sensor Okay but how does it perform.

I would say that the selfie quality alongside front facing portrait mode was actually impressive when there’s enough light.

During the day you will get the best selfies especially if there s not so much exposure or the background is not so far from the subject There are still more modes in the front camera panorama mode for group selfies and Live Photo mode which does a short video along side the photo taken and you can press and hold to play it.

When it comes to the back camera you do get some decent shots out of this camera the reds are a bit more pronounced in enough light you would notice the punch in colors and the reds as I mentioned do stand out In portrait mode the same flower can get the background blurred in the shot and you can also adjust the blur level of the shot before you share and as you can see you can adjust it all the way from f with no bokeh up to a super open f which simulates a lot of light coming in and allows for a lot of background blur In macro mode.

You do get the opportunity of being as close to your subject as possible as you can see here with how the texture shows on the YouTube pillow For this rose I was super close and if you don t pixel peep and look at it from a distance it looks usable I took another macro mode shot and I practically had the camera lens on the stones and it still picked the texture of them this was consistent among all the shots I took and I think that s a commendable thing.

This info was about Vivo Y20 price details in Haryana.

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