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Vivo Y20 Price Jaipur With Features

Vivo Y20 price in Jaipur

Vivo Y20 in Jaipur details are availableĀ in this post.

Vivo Y20 price in Jaipur is Rs. 13,960/- on the Flipkart store and it has 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage and 6.51 inch Display that is awesome.

Vivo Y20 Review and Unboxing

Vivo Y20 has a 8MP macro camera which I would have loved to be higher and with the shots I took.

You can get a usable image out of this camera as far as textures and shooting a larger subject you can notice the clarity in the clouds and the grounds.

There’s no telephoto camera so it s all digital zoom on here which is up to X but with and x selection modes.

In x mode in Vivo Y20 it gets a little blurry and you do notice some noise to compensate this is the same with x.

Again with textures and zoom you get the quote unquote best image with the x lens or the still Megapixel camera when it s not zoomed.

The same pattern is noticed when you zoom however here in this image with more sunlight the texture is more apparent and lines can be noticed in the tyres.

Here you can see the video recorded right out of the camera Its maximum recording capacity is p at frames per second and it s not too shaky.

Although there’s no mention of whether it s got electronic stabilization Also no mention of night mode but I took shots at night with the Vivo Y20, it is very good phone in low price in Jaipur.

How to Hard Reset In VIVO Y20

Hey guys welcome back and today we have learned about how to hard reset in Vivo V20 phone uh first of all turn off your Vivo Y20 phone and wait few second now you take physical key a volume up and power button together like that remove power button like you can see now recovery mode just click on it.

Use power key now your Vivo Y20 to go in inside of recovery mode you can see now on recovery mode box now yeah clear the click clear data and click clear all data just click ok.

Your Vivo Y20 now reset reset this is calling hard reset click return and go back from here yeah click restart your phone wait few seconds few minutes for this yeah now your phone is ready first of all set your click set up your phone and click next click next you choose your region also and click agree and skip you can connect network no problem you have but can I think skip click upset more next and you can put it your fingerprint or password anything.

I can’t just skip click next and click skip wait for a second yeah use now now your phone is ready friends and that’s all.

This info was aboutĀ Vivo Y20 price details in Jaipur.

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