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Vurve Salon Price List 2022 – 2023

Vurve Salon price list in 2022 and 2023 rate card

Vurve Salon price list details for 2022 and 2023 are available here. Vurve Salon’s head office is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and it has many branches in India including regions and cities like Bangalore, Velachery, Kilpauk, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kerala, Trichy, Salem, Kochi, Madurai and many other parts of the country.

Vurve Salon price list starts from Rs. 750/- for kids haircut and Rs. 1400/- for women haircut by premier stylist.

In further reading, I will provide you all related information about rate card list menu and get more details about the services like keratin treatment, layer cut, smoothening, threading, waxing etc and after that you will get tips about your hair and skin.

Vurve Salon Price List 2022 – 2023 Rate Card

Here are the price list details of Vurve Salon with different services.

Vurve Salon Women Haircut

Hair Cut ServicesPrice
Hair Cut by Premier StylistRs. 1400/-
Hair Cut by Top StylistRs. 1700/-
Hair Cut by Salon DirectorRs. 2000/-
Hair Cut by Vurve DirectorRs. 2200/-
Hair TrimRs. 1000/-
Hair Wash & ConditioningRs. 600/-
Kids CutRs. 750/-
Oil MassageRs. 1200/-

Vurve Salon Threading

Eyebrow / Chin / ForeheadRs. 100/-
Upper LipRs. 100/-
Full FaceRs. 500/-
Side FaceRs. 200/-

Vurve Salon Waxing

Upper LipRs. 150/-
Under ArmsRs. 250/-
Half ArmsRs. 350/-
Full ArmsRs. 550/-
Half LegsRs. 550/-
Full LegsRs. 900/-
Brazilian WaxRs. 2000/-
Full BodyRs. 3000/-
ChinRs. 150/-
NeckRs. 250/-
Side FaceRs. 400/-
Half BackRs. 600/-
Full BackRs. 800/-
StomachRs. 600/-

Useful Tips on Growing Long Healthy Natural Hair

When you’re trying to grow your hair out healthy and long or just healthy it doesn’t have to be long either way.

So the first thing is something that I you know I’m like a broken records thing I feel like I say it all the time and I think it’s probably one of the most important things keeping your hair moisturized and night.

Basically you know your hair needs water just like your body does it’s a part of your body you need to keep it hydrated inside and out.

So you know I spritz my hair day and night just a little bit of water it’s not going to make your hair pop up you know uncontrollably lightly mist your entire head.

You can seal it in with an oil based sealant like a shea butter or mango butter or whatever is appropriate for your you know the thickness and density of your hair.

It’s not something that you can do like for a month and then awesome your hairs moisturize for then on no it’s daily moisturizing just like you need to drink water every day.

You need to hydrate your hair everyday and by the end of the day my hair usually is dry like right now it’s pretty dry and I’ll just spray it again at night before I wrap it up for bed I’m keeping it moisturize is number one it’s really important.

Number two trim when necessary, obviously trim your hair is important for your hair health especially if you get split ends or lots of single strand knots in your hair but I say trim when necessary.

Some people you know they trim every month or they’re on a specific regimen and that’s great you’re keeping your hair healthy but I don’t think that doing it every month is really necessary I just pay attention to the health of your hair and trim when you need it I should my hair about it seems like once every eight months since it’s been growing longer I’ve been trimming a little bit more often.

So just kind of pay attention to you know if your ends are splitting or if you’re getting more knots than it’s time for you to trim your hair I just say that because if you’re trimming every month then you might not need to trim your hair and you’re just cutting off your leg, if your goal is to grow your hair long.

Number three is don’t over shampoo, co-washing is really great when I used to use shampoo and conditioner.

I go to the store buy three bottles of conditioner for every like one bottle of shampoo because I’d like to co wash more often than I like to shampoo because shampoo the ones from your hair which is why you have to put the conditioner back on to remoisturize.

So it’s very drying to your hair and I don’t think it’s necessary to shampoo every single time you can cleanse your hair with the conditioner alone and it’s a lot more moisturizing.

You know just don’t over shampoo think about adding more co-washing into your routine if you do use shampoos and conditioners.

Number four low manipulation styling this is I think really important because our edges are so fragile our hair is so fragile that’s really important not to you know tie your hair too tight into ponytails.

Don’t slick your hair back you’re doing great age style like cornrows or twists or whatever just be very careful not to pull too tightly at your scalp it’s not only can that rip out your hair but you might actually damage your follicles and it might not grow back.

So just really low manipulation styling loose ponytails you know loose up dude I wear my hair out a lot more than I wear it back just because I like wearing my hair out but I think that’s the the hair like really benefits from just being free sometimes.

So but if you don’t like to wear your hair out just you know keep it loose if you’re using ponytail holders just wrap it around one.

So they know you don’t need to have it wrapped twice and extra tight to hold your hair and just wrap it around once keep everything nice and loose so that there’s room to breathe and it’s not pulling too out of your room.

Number five is protective styling and wear my hair out a lot but you know my does get dry like I told you at you know there are times when I realize that okay.

Well sprints in my hair every day isn’t working you know it’s actually more dry than usual and that’s what I know you know it’s time to do protective styling so I think that that’s important doing a protective style every once in a while.

You can even you know just wear your hair and protective styles you know forever if you want to but I think incorporating them every once in a while is important just to give your hair a break from the stress of styling and also to protect the ends and I have a whole blog post about protective styling and moisturizing all that kind stuff up.

This post was about Vurve Salon details and its price list in 2022 and 2023.

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