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Wall Clock Photo Frame at Best Price

Wall clock photo frame price

Wall clock photo frame price and full details are available here. Now a days, people watch time in mobiles but wall clocks with different beautiful designs also has good value in most of people’s life. It’s a standard that people use beautiful well designed clocks, wall clock with photo frame is one of them.

Price for single photo frame with wall clock starts from Rs. 500/- and collage photo frame starts from Rs. 700/- and this may go up to more than Rs. 1500/- and more according to the design and quality.

As there are many varieties in wall clock photo frame, price may also differ. If you want to give gift to someone, then you can give wall clock with single photo frame because single photo frame is cheapest in all wall clock frames.

Along with wall clock, there are 2 other types of clock photo, digital clock and table clock. These 2 clock types also include photo. Digital photo clock is very costly but has awesome look, we will talk about their price in another post.

Wall Clock Frame Price Comparison with Normal Frames

Wall clock frames price depends on design and quality of frame. It includes quantity of frames in it. Single photo frame has low charges, but these frames are costly than standard photo frames.

Normal frames price depends on size of the frame. For example, a big frame 20×30 will be costly than a normal frame size 10×12.

Wall Clock Photo collage Frame

Wall clock photo collage frame price

This clock includes many photo frames to become collage. There are many designs of collage in this product, in which you can put your photos in various shape according to frames.

As there are many photo frames in this clock, it will be bigger according to it. There may be minimum 4 frames to maximum 15 frames. It includes clock mostly in center of the frame. You will get it in lowest price, mentioned above.

You can use photo collage frame in very big space of wall due to its big size. Even its big size, it weights can be nearly about 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg. This product is not heavy in weight even it looks big and heavy.

Frames of the clock could be square, rectangle or both shaped according to its design. You will have to make prints according to the space of the frames. Magic mirror photo frame is a similar product like this.

Clock photo collage is best suited for family pics and its price is not so high. You can give it as a gift to your friends on their birthday with various pics of you and your friend. You can gift it to a wedding couple with their beautiful photos in it.

Single Photo with Clock

Single Photo with Clock

Beside clock with collage frame, single photo with clock is also available in the market with tons of beautiful designs. There is only 1 photo in this product along with analog clock. Photo can be inside clock or in separate frame with separate clock.

Single photo clock is available here with vast designs at affordable rates mentioned above. This clock is usually small in size in compare to collage frames because it includes only a single photo in it.

This is very light weighted item. Most varieties are made up of plastic, which you can gift to any person whether it is your friend, son, daughter, father or mother.

When photo is inside clock, it shape will be according to clock usually it is round shaped. When photo is in separate frame, then it will be according to frame. It may be square, round or rectangle.

Wooden Clock Photo Frame

Wooden Clock Photo Frame

Some clock and frames are made up of plastic and some are wooden. There may be better designs in wooden clock than plastic material. Wooden clock and frames are made up of finest finishing. Border of the clock and all frames attached with it are made up of wood.

Wooden clock is available for both types single photo and multiple photo collage frame in affordable price. Some frames needs glass for covering photos in frames and clock and some doesn’t need glass.

There is an another type of wooden photo clock, on which photo is printed on itself. These photos are like sketch printing, and doesn’t related to normal prints.

Wooden clock frame are some benefits over non wooden frame, these are:

  • Wooden frames have better finishing and look
  • They are long lasting
  • Variety of shapes and designs available
  • It can be bigger than plastic frame
  • Wooden clock look like classic

Get to know deeply about wooden vs metal frames.

Wall Clock Photo Frame Size

When we talk about full size of frame included clock, then its width may be around 35 inches and height may be around 10 inches. But when we talk about clock only then it could be like normal clock size like 10×10 inches or 12×12 inches.

Photo collage clocks are bigger in size because it includes many frames in it but single photo clock is smaller as like clock itself or twice to it’s size if single photo is separated from analog clock.

Along with wall clocks, there are 2 more types of clock with photo. They are digital clock and analog clock with photo for table. These are usually table based clocks, smaller in size because these clocks includes only single photo.

Digital Table Clock with Photo

Digital table clock shows time in digits form and it includes digital photo in it. You can have different photos in different time and you can change your photo in this clock anytime because it is digital.

It is usually small clock with single photo in digital form for table or anywhere you can put it. It run by electricity with attached cable in it.

Analog Table Clock with Photo

Analog table clock is also similar to digital table clock but it is not digital. In analog table clock, photo will be printed on paper. It is same as digital clock in size and almost in weight. It includes single photo at a time like digital photo clock.

In some varieties, photo is separated from analog and has led lights in it. Price for table clock is low than wall clocks. More details of table clocks will be discussed deeply in another post.

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