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Wedding Photography Tips and Guide For Photographer

Wedding photography

Photography is an important part of every wedding especially in India. More than 90% of wedding includes photography in it.

This post is for those people who want to learn clicking photos in a wedding. You will learn different parts of photography here.

In a wedding event, there are many type of photo session like clicking photos of couple, guests, decoration, relatives of wedding couple and much more.

In this post you will get to know about top camera for wedding photography, best wedding poses, technique and some tips of clicking photos in wedding event.

Best Camera For Wedding Photography

best camera for Wedding photography

Camera is a basic thing in any photography, so we should have to select best camera that suits for your photo session.

There are tons of camera companies and models in the market, but you should choose latest and quality camera for your good photography career.

You shouldn’t compromise with camera quality in wedding because without good camera, you will lose opportunity to get marriage booking photography in future. Try to get best quality camera, don’t find cheap camera, try to build your value in market.

Here is a list of top latest camera for wedding photography.

These cameras are from very well known companies, so you shouldn’t be confused before purchasing any camera from this list, but you can check out all features and reviews for each camera on their website, it will help to select best camera of your choice.

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

Wedding photography couple

Wedding couple is the main part of photography in this event and you should know how to take pics of couple. This is must in every wedding that you take photos of couple, it will give amazing photos for wedding album.

You can take couple photos when they are on stage, but you have to make separate setup with plain background, so that you can edit couple photos in album easily.

You can use backdrop of any colour in couple photo session. Remember in mind that this session is very important, as you can see couple pic in any wedding album’s cover page.

In this photo session, if you are making good poses of couple then this will be best. You have to learn different beautiful poses of couple in this event. Check out some wedding poses in last of this article.

Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

bride wedding photography

After taking photos of couple, bride is also an important part of this photo session. As you take photos of couple, you have to take seperate photos of bride in plain backdrop.

Bride photos gives album a different look, you can add bride’s photos in various places in album.

There are many beautiful and amazing poses of bride which you can see in this post.

As like you take photos of bride, you can take various photos of bridegroom. It is also an important part of this photo session but not so much important like bride photography.

Indoor Wedding Photography

Indoor Wedding photography

You may familiar with Indoor Photography in our recent blog post. In indoor wedding, it is just like couple photo session, but you can take pics of other family members with couple.

In our recent indoor photography post, i have mentioned all tips and techniques of about taking indoor pics. These tips and techniques will work same in wedding indoor. You will lean types of indoor, lighting tips, choosing best camera and amazing poses ideas.

Wedding Photography Equipment

Now let’s talk about required equipment for wedding photo session. Here is a list of useful equipment you should use in this photography.

1. Two cameras (1 for backup)

Yes you are reading right that you should have 2 cameras for this photo session because this session consumes hours, so you should have 2 cameras for better outcome. In case your primary camera get damaged or something else like that, then you can use backup camera.

2. Two batteries

As like backup camera, you should have a backup battery. In case you forget to charge your primary battery or it get discharge, you can use backup battery.

3. Medium zoom lens

You should have lens with your camera. Just take medium zoom lens with 24-70 f2.8 zoom.

4. Umbrellas and studio strobes

As some people thinks that this is not essential in most photography, but you should use them for better results in your photo session.

Wedding Photography Lighting Techniques

Lighting in any photography is essential when you want to shoot pro photos. There are 2 type of lights. Natural light and artificial light. In some places like in outdoor or near an opened window, natural light will be best, but in a room or wedding hall, you have to set manual lighting setup for your photography.

Use back lighting for giving you photo a different look. You will see amazing shades in photo after using back lights. This back light may be natural from sun or it may be an artificial light.

Use side lighting for giving more beautiful look in photos. Use side lights from different positions but you have to take care of shadows.

Use reflector for bounce back so much light on the scene. If you want to avoid back light that are coming from the back of the couple, you should use reflector.

Use flash but not on auto mode. You should set manual flash in your camera for getting better results.

Wedding Photography Poses

While you are learn these helpful tips of wedding photo session, you must see some best poses to get some idea of this photography. Below you can see some poses.

Wedding Photography Price in India

Price for wedding photography in India starts from Rs 15000 in villages to Rs 150000 in cities. Your rates will depend on your quality, equipment and skills.

You can increase your wedding package rates by adding more stuff like using more than 1 camera, drone and LED plasma.

You can book a pre wedding photography just before wedding. Price of pre wedding is so high, so that you will earn good income.

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