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Woop Ticket Price List 2023 Zirakpur, Chandigarh, Surat and Mumbai

Woop ticket price list in 2023 for Zirakpur, Chandigarh, Surat and Mumbai

Woop ticket price list details in 2023 for Zirakpur, Chandigarh, Surat and Mumbai (Andheri West) are available here. Woop park is the best fun park in these regions.

Woop Mumbai ticket price list start from Rs. 300/- per person for an hour session. See full rate list for Zirakpur, Surat and Chandigarh.

In this post I will provide you full entry price list details of Woop fun park.

Woop Zirakpur Ticket Price List 2023

Ticket TypeWeekdays PriceWeekends Price
Rope Course and Wall ClimbingRs. 649/-Rs. 749/-
Laser WarsRs. 299/- per sessionRs. 299/- per session

Woop Chandigarh Ticket Price List 2023

Ticket TypeWeekdays PriceWeekends Price
TrampolineRs. 799/- for an hour per personRs. 899/- for an hour per person

Woop Surat Ticket Price List 2023

Ticket TypePrice
Entry FeesRs. 800/- per hour

Woop Mumbai Ticket Price List 2023

Ticket TypeWeekdays PriceWeekends Price
Trampoline Only – 1 Hour PassRs. 599/- per personRs. 699/- per person
Woop Combo – 1 Hour Trampoline + 1 GameRs. 699/- per personRs. 799/- per person
Woop Plus Combo – 1 Hour Trampoline + 2 GamesRs. 899/- per personRs. 999/- per person
Power Pack – 1 Hour Trampoline + 30 Minutes VR + 1 GameRs. 1,049/- per personRs. 1,149/- per person

Top 10 AMAZING Indoor Parks in World

Well, everyone, summer is just around the corner, and what better place to be on a hot day than a water park. But not all water parks are weather-permitting, whether rain or snow.

These incredible water parks are built indoors. Though some aren’t currently open, I figured it was time to give these incredibly engineered parks the exposure they deserve.

So, as voted on by the fans, here are the top 5 most amazing indoor water parks out there.


Number 1 – Kokpunkten (Westeros, Sweden)

Imagine if Nicholas Winding Refn created a water park.

You’d get this multi-colored wonderland located just outside the city of Stockholm.

Kokpunkten, or the Boiling Point in English, is by far one of the most dreamlike water parks out there.

Its name comes from the fact that it’s actually built inside a former steam power plant.

This space is also home to Sweden’s iconic Steam Hotel, making this a much sought-after tourist attraction.

Kokpunkten has a wide variety of attractions surrounded by bright, vibrant neon lights.

These include thrill rides like the Boomerang slide and the Double Racer, as well as a rock climbing wall and an incredible panoramic pool theater.

There’s also a unique attraction called Turbine, which uses artificial water currents to spin swimmers up for a bit of a challenge.

Like other parks on this list, the design and engineering are absolutely spectacular, and if you plan on making a visit to Stockholm in the future, see if you can visit this park.

Happy Magic Water Cube

Number 2 – Happy Magic Water Cube (Beijing, China)

When Beijing held the Summer Olympics in 2008, aquatic events were held in the all-new Beijing Aquatic Center.

The exterior of the building alone is eye-popping, with a bubble-like exterior that looks like it’s made out of plastic.

Specifically built for the Olympics, this building has since been partially repurposed as a fantasy-like water park with jellyfish and bubbles hanging from the ceiling.

This park has slides both big and small to appeal to all ages.

The blue, orange, purple, and green color scheme gives the park an atmosphere that’s both relaxing and visually appealing to park-goers.

According to Canadian manufacturer Whitewater West, who built many of the park slides, the Water Cube is the second most popular tourist destination in all of Beijing, with only the Great Wall attracting more crowds.

From a design standpoint, its reputation as one of the most unique indoor water parks in the world is well deserved, and it’s no wonder why it’s so popular.

World Water Park

Number 3 – World Water Park (West Edmonton, Canada)

Remember the show “16”? That show was based on the West Edmonton Mall, a massive shopping and entertainment complex in Alberta province.

It currently holds the record as the largest mall in North America. In addition to a massive variety of shops, the complex features an amusement park named Galaxyland, as well as the enormous World Water Park beneath a gargantuan glass dome.

This park packs in over 20 slides and other attractions.

One such attraction is the astounding Blue Thunder wave pool, currently the largest indoor wave pool in the world, holding 3.3 million gallons of water.

In addition, the park features a towering behemoth of a slide complex that you’d have to see to believe.

From trapdoor slides to bowl slides, there’s truly something here for everybody.

And for you thrill-seekers out there, the tallest slides at the park are the 83-foot-tall Twister and Cyclone.

Although the park is temporarily closed as of now, it’s absolutely worth checking out as soon as it reopens.

Wings Waves Water Park

Number 4 – Wings and Waves Water Park (McMinnville, Oregon)

Aviation and water park thrills don’t seem like a common combination.

However, one Oregon water park manages to combine the two in an amazingly memorable experience.

Located in McMinnville, Oregon, this water park is part of the Evergreen Aviation Complex.

This complex features an extensive aviation museum and several educational exhibits for young airplane enthusiasts.

The water park itself integrates its water features with several replica aircraft, including fighter jets and the space shuttle.

But the most defining feature by far is an actual Boeing 747 aircraft placed on top of the building. Building the 71,000 square foot water park was truly a challenge in engineering.

The building had to be able to support the weight of the massive aircraft, which wasn’t an easy feat. But the result is undeniably impressive.

The complex features 10 water slides, with four of them being built into the aircraft on the roof. Each of these slides features varying levels of thrill, with perhaps the most thrilling being the Nosedive.

This 350-foot slide is the fastest in the park, getting its name from its steep angle of descent.

As if all this wasn’t awesome enough, the water park is also substantially educational.

The park’s H2O Hands-On Science Center features 20 interactive exhibits that can be experienced while still in your swimsuit.

From spacecraft water landings to submarines, this collection of exhibits adds an informative element to this already awesome water park.

Now, just imagine how awesome of a field trip this place would be.

Dreamworks Water Park

Number 5 – The Dreamworks Water Park (East Rutherford, New Jersey)

Built into the recently opened American Dream Mall, this water park serves as a companion to the mall’s Nickelodeon Universe theme park.

This enormous indoor water park is jam-packed with slides and attractions all themed to Dreamworks movies.

With the help of Canadian manufacturer ProSlides, this complex features a whopping 40 water slides.

Yes, 40. These include a How to Train Your Dragon-themed water coaster, a Kung Fu Panda play structure, and the towering Madagascar-themed slide complex.

This complex features a replica of Madagascar’s iconic military aircraft stuck in a baobab tree. Going through this plane are two enormous record-breaking slides: Thrill Gaz Car and Jungle Jammer.

These trapdoor water slides stand at an incredible 142 feet.

Not only are they the tallest trapdoor slides ever built, but they are also the tallest water slides in all of North America.

And that’s not even mentioning the other amazing attractions this park has to offer.

If you’re both a water slide and animation fanatic, this place is a must-visit. Now, if only there was a water slide themed to Bee Movie.

This post was about Woop park details and its ticket price list in 2023 for Zirakpur, Chandigarh, Surat and Mumbai.

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