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Yamaha Boat Engine Price in India With Details

Yamaha boat engine price in India

Yamaha boat engine details are available here. Yamaha is a well known company that makes vehicles specially known for bikes and its products are popular in India.

Yamaha Boat engine price is Rs. 165,000/- in India for E8D Enduro Marine model and there are various models with different rates and quality.

If you want to know more about Yamaha motor boats with its lots of engine models then go to its official site and grab all related information.

Yamaha Boat Engine 425 XTO

In the spring of Yamaha dropped up bomb on the outboard market with something truly unexpected we were invited south for a secret media reveal so we re here in Bridgeport Alabama to get an early peek at Yamaha’s new tudor xt o this engine is brand new from the ground up and it was really designed to push bigger boats and the ultimate set up of course would be running quads so this foot Jupiter now has horsepower the development story behind this engine is fascinating when determining how to approach the power demands of an offshore market where boats over feet now weigh well over pounds and high price Yamaha an engine company didn’t start with a new engine instead they started with propellers very big propellers.

When he’s prod he as much as a hundred and forty percent more the profinet big propellers help get big Yamaha boats moving but they also generate huge loads containing these loads in a hostile environment for long periods of time is no easy feat everything on the XTO is bigger and stronger but also more efficient stronger shafts and gears for example were part of bigger inch gear case while larger than the f gear case it actually produces less drag by spraying fuel on the Pistons direct fuel injection helps cool them following a very high twelve point two to one compression ratio while at the same time burning less fuel so what does that really mean we all know quarter quarter horse but the real story is torque is to push a big prop you need lots and lots of torque and that torque turns into acceleration.

The pound boat loaded up that mid range acceleration it s just unbelievable to increase power you typically add more air and more fuel but Yamaha spent considerable effort optimizing engine efficiency and the horsepower XTO manages to burn less fuel than an f five to ten percent less at cruising speed and a whopping percent less at wide open throttle there are so many secondary stories here the electronic power steering for example it is incredible but it s variable based on speed so at low speeds.

You have almost no resistance to the wheel the faster you go it generates resistance and slows the ratio down to make the Yamaha boat feel more planted this steering system is faster than a hydraulic system without any cumbersome fluids it was designed to work with helm master for precise digital control and easy docking it also allows the engine to swing degrees to either side for extreme maneuvers in fact we were almost able to submerge the gunnel on a foot bay Yamaha boat the attention to detail in this engine is fantastic it will tilt up degrees and come completely out of the water but the front of the cowl is designed to make sure it didn’t interfere with the transom at all.

Now if you notice the nose cone is sitting completely out of the water in this Yamaha boat with low price in India and that nose cone will sit about five point three inches higher than an f that might not be a big deal in freshwater but it is a huge asset against corrosion in salt water another challenge with outboard engines is reversed thrust exhaust gases exiting through the prop hub mixed with water causing the prop to ventilate or slip Yamaha has come up with a very ingenious solution got a secondary exhaust port above the ventilation plate what that does allows the propellers to grab very clean water when you go into reverse.

There’s so much clean thrust that he ll master limits rpm in Reverse Jason McCole offshore is so high they double their durability sting winner for the event and there was hours of firebird s e they doubled it to a thousand boat companies like Jupiter and Grady white power their boats exclusively with yamaha outboard sas a package the xt o provides OMS with more power and a very clean in for those of us looking to re-power it may even allow you to reduce your engine count regardless of application XTO certainly has changed aim.

Yamaha Boats — The Most Perfected Jet Drive Technology

When it comes to marine propulsion systems Yamaha jet drive is the envy of the boating industry powered by Yamaha marine engines this premium power package has become the gold standard by which all letters are measured.

Yamaha is the number one selling jet boat brand in the and foot categories outselling the competition s jet drive boats three to one because the propellers of Yamaha jet propulsion system are housed internally there is no exposed lower unit beneath the waterline making it one of the top features for families who spend lots of time near the stern of the Yamaha boat with awesome price swimmers enjoy peace of mind while getting in and out of the water the compact placement of this proprietary internal propulsion system eliminates the need for a bulky engine hatch opening up space or an expansive swim platform roomier cockpit and abundant storage without the need to trim an engine.

Yamaha jet drive boats get on plane quicker going from zero to miles per hour twice as fast as competitive stern drive boats less bow rise gives drivers better visibility the shallow draft characteristics give you the freedom and versatility to go where you want to go all Yamaha jet boats feature a reverse thrust that turns the boat in the same direction as you turn the steering wheel much like steering a car.

If you turn left the boat goes left turn right the Yamaha boat goes right it s that intuitive and easy the simple design of Yamaha jet drive offers the benefit of wess maintenance time and expense compared to an inboard or stern drive boat year round use of your boat is easy as the compact drive line is virtually maintenance free requiring only simple annual mate and fluid refills Yamaha s patented pump clean out ports feature an all new twist lock design for located in the wet storage compartment at the stern platform these ports are easy to access and simple to use without ever entering the water Yamaha jet drive boats better design better performance a better way to go boating.

This post was about Yamaha boat engine details and its price in India.

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